A few minutes and introductions later, Nezu has learned the names of the whole crew. The girl with orange hair was named Nami and she was the ships navigator, whose goal was to draw a map of the world. The guy with frizzy black hair, tan skin, and a long nose was named Usopp, and wanted to be a brave warrior of the sea like his father. The nicely dressed blonde haired chef who smoked, was named Sanji and was looking for a place called the All Blue and hates people who waste food. Lastly, she already knew about Zoro but when she glanced at him he scowls and she gets the impression he does that alot.

”So Nezu, you said you were an island scouter, right? ” Nami asked with curiosity burning bright in her eyes.

Nezu looked at Nami and tilted her head and she said, ”Yea, I travel the world to add to my kinds, mapping systems… ”

In a flash she was standing up in excitement, ”Really! Your kind must be an advanced race if you can travel without a boat! ”

{Oops! I knew I was forgetting something.} Nezu thought to herself and looked down shyly, {What am I going to do if they call me a demon and try to throw me in the ocean?!}

”Hey Nezzy, why are you wearing such a long cape when its so warm? ” Luffy asked bluntly then he got whacked upside the head by Sanji.

”Get permission before using a nickname on a lady, she may not like it you dumb ass! ” Sanji scolded Luffy then smiled charmingly at Nezu as he set down a plate of delicious looking food in front of her and Nami.

Nezus eyes widened as she saw the chef was striking the person who was supposed to be the captain of the ship and all Luffy said in response was, ”Oh? Really? Do you mind me calling you Nezzy? ”

”Its ok, I don mind. ” She said as she tried to defuse the situation, ”Im just grateful for the food, really. ”

Just then Nezu felt something touch her tail and she let out a startled yelp which in turn caused her wings to open up slightly… and freaked a few people out in the process.

Luffy was the only person who was not freaked out but instead shouted, ”You have wings and a tail?! That is so freaking awesome!!! ”

Nezu looked at Luffy in utter bewilderment, ”You
e not scared? ”

”You obviously don know Luffy otherwise youd already know hes hardly scared of anything. ” Scoffed Zoro to which Luffy just gives a broad smile in return.

”Hey! I got an idea, why don you join my crew, youd fit in perfect! ” Luff asks as he smiles from ear to ear.

Nezu looked at Luffy then at everyone else who were all smiling and she felt warmth straight down to her core, ”Well, I still have to work for the Queen of the Draconians by charting new islands. So I guess working with your crew would benefit my goal and help my kind in the long run… so my answer is yes, I will join your crew. ”

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