Inside the shop a woman with short black hair and glasses was talking to the shopkeeper, ”Here is the loaner sword. Did you finish polishing my Shigure? ”

From under the counter the keeper pulled out a sword with a green wrap on the sheathing and handed it to the woman, ”Here is your Shigure. Now please leave before you knock something over again. ”

The woman winced at his remark but when she turned around to walk away she tripped over her own foot and started to fall. Lucky for her Nezu and Zoro were right behind her to catch her before she fell flat on her face.

”Thank you sir and.. ” just as she was lifting her glasses for a better look at Nezu she pulled her hood lower over her face and coughed.

Zoro took the hint and jumped in, ”Shes very shy and doesn like to show her face… just watch your footing and all that. Have a nice day. ”

The woman looked up at Zoro and nodded then walked out the door. Zoro looked at Nezu and she gave him a grateful smile. She then walked to the counter and dropped a pouch that thumped on the wood heavily.

”As you can see I have plenty of money. ” She then proceeded to show the keeper the content of the pouch, his eyes widened to dinner plates then he immediately calmed himself, ”If you could not tell this young swordsman is in need of two more swords and the best swords you have. Do not think of cheating me for he is an exceptional swordsman as I am at telling who is a liar… so do we have a deal? ”

The shopkeeper stared at Nezu for a moment then sighed in defeat, ”Fine! You win young woman… never in my time have I met an exceptional negotiator like you. Pick any sword ya want and Ill come back with one of my finest sword for ya second one, ok? ”

Nezu smiles under her hood and hands over the pouch to the keeper, ”Pleasure doing business with you, sir. ”

He went to the back to get the sword and Zoro was left smirking at her, ”Do all Draconians have so many berries, or is it just the Queens scout that has a lot to spend. ”

She giggled as she opened her napsack to reveal a bunch of pouches that probably were filled with more money, ”You guys aren the only ones who know how to steal. ”

Zoro lets out a chuckle and shakes his head as he then walks over to a barrel to pick out a sword. As he was searching his hand fell on a red sheathed sword and his grip tightened. Nezu could sense it to… the sword was cursed.

He looked back at Nezu, she simply said, ”I too can feel that its cursed but I know that you are stronger than the curse on the blade… it will accept you as its master, this I am sure. ”

A thump on the counter was all the warning they had before the keeper came back qith another sword and he said, ”You know its cursed and still want it?! Madam, if ya say the sword will accept him I have no choice but to give you the swords and give you your money back less I be cursed too. ”

Nezu looked at Zoro then said to the keeper, ”You can repay me by purchasing your wife something nice. Now… good day, sir. ”

As her and Zoro left the shop with the swords, she could hear the wife of the shopkeeper squealing in delight as she said, ”That is such a darling young woman. Not at all like that Marine woman Tashigi who trashes our store just by walking. ”

Nezu smiled as she walked next to Zoro, {Humans are so easy to read… but Zoro is my favorite human of all. He surprises me so often and his reactions are just so cute.I better take good care of him otherwise he may not mate with me.}

Just then Zoro grabs Nezus hand and leads her to some stone steps to sit, curiously she asks, ”Zoro whats wrong? ”

He then gently cups her face with his hand and kisses her tenderly. Her eyes widened slightly before she closed them in bliss and began to kiss back, she had almost forgotten about how she was teasing him with the fine for the swords. When he pulled away it was too soon for her and she was left wanting more…. Way more.

”Nezu… I-I think– ” Zoro was about to say something that sounded important abut was cut off by Luffy walking up to them smilingly.

”Hey guys, I see you got three swords again… so what are you doing here? ” Luffy asked.

”We are bored, numb skull… ” Zoro said with a deadpan look, ”what are you doing here?

Luffy just laughed then said, ”Im lost. ”

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