After Luffy mentions something about food they all realize that they are hungry and go to a restaurant to eat. Afte Nezu pays for the food they try to help Luffy find the execution platform where the king of the Pirates gold Rodgers died… but Luffys hat flew off his head and got away from him as he went chasing after it without a second thought.

Nezus eyes briefly glowed blue as she got a short vision of what was to come and she didn like it, as she came back to her senses she gripped Zoros arm and looked at him, ”Zoro we have to save Luffy! Hes about to be in serious danger! Hes going to be killed by some red nosed clown! ”

Zoro was confused at first but once she said red nosed clown, he knew she wasn lying, ”We have to go,now! That idiot! ”

They both took off running down the street and they both knew exactly where this was going to happen… the execution platform. As they were rushing they ran into Nami, Usopp, and Sanji… and they were all carrying a lot of stuff including a huge weird looking fish.

”Nezu, Zoro? Whats the rush? ” Nami asked worriedly.

Zoro quickly explains that Luffy is in trouble and that they should get back to the ship just in case. Sanji volunteers to help and Usopp and Nami head off to the ship in just as much of a rush.

”So if you don mind me asking, how do we know Luffy is in trouble this time? ” Sanji asked.

”If you must know I get visions from the cosmos and they are a bit painful but they can come in handy in situations like this. ” Nezu quips as they are running.

”You never told me they were painful, Nezu! ” Zoro semi scolded out of concern.

”Well what was I supposed to do when your first instinct is to scold someone with concern! ” Nezu bites back which makes Zoro blush with embarrassment.

”Shame on you Zoro for making her uncomfortable. ” Sanji glared at Zoro then looked at Nezu with adoration, ”Don worry Nezu, Ill make you a soothing meal and drink when we are back on the ship. ”

She blushed faintly and said, ”Thank you, Sanji. ”

Zoro glared at Sanji… he was competition alright. Once they were at the platform Nezu was horrified to see Luffy held down and a clown like pirate having his foot on Luffys head.

”Now for the public execution of straw hat Monkey D Luffy hehahahha! ” The clown pirate bellowed out.

”HALT THE EXECUTION!!! ” Nezu bellowed back as she earned the attention of the surrounding area and the clown pirate,then pulled back her hood and revealed her face and horns, ”Thats my captain you have there… big nose. ”

The clown pirates face twitched then he ordered his men to attack and all hell broke loose. Zoro quickly made short work of the cronies as Sanji was kicking people down left and right. As for Nezu, she quickly took to the sky and flew as fast as she could towards Luffy but out of nowhere someone shot her in the shoulder and she came crashing to the ground.

Just then the woman with long black hair and a cowboy hat stepped over to her, ”Well, who would have guessed that an ugly duckling like you would be on the straw hats crew… pity that Ill have to kill you for joining the wrong crew. ”

She raised a giant spiked iron club over her head and was about to bring it down… just then Zoro and Sanji came rushing and blocked the club.

”Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Nezu… sorry but, Im dead. ” Luffy called out and smiled ear to ear.

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