The Galaxy Dragon and the Straw Hat Pirates

Nezu and a Startling Revelation....

After Nezu talked to Luffy, he agreed to let Valora stay with them as long as she pulled her weight with ship work, she could stay as long as she wanted. They were rapidly approaching the Grand Line when a storm came in and it began to rain heavily. Everyone was in the kitchen and gathered around the table to talk about how to navigate Reverse Mountain.

”Im telling you guys, its the only logical explanation for how this works. ” Valora argued with Zoro.

”Call me a skeptical but I just don buy into the whole idea that the ocean can just flow up the side of a mountain so easily…. ” Zoro argues back.

Nezu giggled softly as she then turned her gaze out the window, ”Well darling, you might need to get the binoculars cause we are now swiftly approaching Reverse Mountain. ”

The crew and Zoro rushed on deck as the ship accended the mountain while Nezu and Valora made sure to take care of the rudder. As they began to descend the mountain at a very fast pace, a loud wailing noise could be heard. Nezu and Valoras eyes widened, they knew exactly what that sound was… and if it was what they thought it was they had little time to react before the slammed their ship into the broadside of an island whale.

Valora gave Nezu a stern look, ”Nezuka, I need you to rush out there and warn them and take your mate somewhere safe! Don worry about me, I will take care of the ship plus the whale… by the sounds, it must be huge! Go, now! ”

Valora only uses Nezus full name when things are dire and this must be one of those times, Nezu ran out on deck, but instead of waiting for everyone to notice her she used her super Draconian speed to wrangle everyone together as she summoned her cosmic power to teleport them somewhere safe…. yet the only place she could think of on such short notice was her cosmic bedroom in the cosmo plane.

once everyone realizes what has happened, they were torn between anger and confusion but after a quick explanation on Nezus part everyone calmed down… only there was one problem… where was Luffy?!

Nezu wobbled a bit on her feet and Zoro steadied her, he touched her forehead to find she was running a fever, ”Hey you don look so good Nezu, you
e also burning up, why don you lay down and rest. ”

”Valora…. the ship…. and Luffy is… ” Nezu was breathing heavily as if she wasn getting enough oxygen and that concerned everyone.

Zoro picked her up and carried her to the bed, ”I don want to hear it, you
e obviously sick and need some sleep so, as your mate, Im going to make sure you get better and only when you
e a 100% better will I allow you to go back to the ship or do any pirating of any kind. Got that little lady? ”

Nezu nodded her head in understanding and then let out a loud sneeze, to which Usopp handed her a handkerchief to blow her nose, ”Ok, Darling, but just forewarning, I can teleport anyone back till I get better and if you need anything the room will provide… its designed that way. ”

Sanji steps forward and asks, ”Does this place have an area for cooking? You are going to need healthy food for you to recover faster. ”

Nezu pointed to a door that appeared out of nowhere and said, ”That will lead you to the kitchen and pantry area… it never goes empty and it has everything a chef could want so make yourself at home there. ”

She was already starting to get a stuffy nose and sounded as sick as she was beginning to look. Nami was already making herself at home as she sat in an armchair and was reading a book that was titled History of Draconian Queen Zivian Van Hansle, while Usopp was admiring the scenery outside in the cosmo plane.

Zoro sat in a chair next to the bed where Nezu was laying, ”Get some sleep starlight… Ill wake you when the food is done. ”

Nezu rubbed her eyes in a sleepy manner as she let out a big yawn. Zoro smirked at how she looked so adorable at that moment as she laid back in the soft bed and he tucked the blanket up to her chin in a very caring manner.

”Awwww, ” softly came Namis voice from across the room as it was obvious that she saw him tuck her in, ”if I didn know better Id say our fierce swordsman, Zoro, has found love. ”

He knew she was teasing him, but when he gazed down at Nezus sleeping form his heart pounded hard in his chest and he smiled softly, ”You know what Nami, you just might be right for once on this matter. ”


[author notes]: ok so soon there will be sirens but for now this is a filler and I want to get Nezu being sick outta the way… please comment what I can do better or what youd like to see happen… I want to hear from all of you.

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