The Genesis Experiment

Accident-Emergency Call

s back on him so he couldn see what he was doing like that. Getting up, Edward walked into the pit in the middle of the floor and looked over, staring intently at the sticky mess.

Bending down, he grabbed his arm just above and moved it sideways, dropping whatever he got in his hand into the pit.

Something moved under the crusted surface, following his movements. Jiyo was about to run and pull his boss away from danger, but the Old Man faced him, with a big smile on his face.

”She did it, Jiyo Kael, ” he said, admiration clear in his voice. ”He really pulled it off. Damn it, he said he would. I never believed he would do that. ”

Jiyo Kael approached all the rest of the project staff and squatted bones, just as his boss did. When he came down here alone, he didn want to hang out. Now he was curious.

Picking up on what looked at him could be an ulna, or it could be a radius – he had difficulty remembering his biology lessons as a child – he saw the joint missing at one end. It looks like it was attacked by thousands of small creatures. Poking the rest of the skeletons, he saw the small bones missing. The phalanges is it? There is such a thing.

The Old Man was on the other side of the pit, looking at some glass tanks on a wall.

Jiyo Kael felt that coldness on the back of his neck – a sign that there was nothing like it. It served him well in the Special Forces, which saved his life more than once. Jiyo Kael rubbed his neck, wondering what was bothering him. He walked down the corridor, looking up and down.

”Hey, Mr. Wills, ” he called for a moment, ”come and see this. ”

Edward found his PA kneeling on the floor, the lights above reflecting off from his head. His nose almost touched the tiles as he closed his eyes in the corridor. He stood up, took off his pants and headed to the floor. ”Look at yourself, ” he said.

Kneeling, Edward looked up. He could just see the long scuff marks on the tiles, as if something had been pulled along the corridor. He stood up and shrugged, as if to say, ”So what? ”

”They were all gathered in the corner when I came down here, ” Jiyo Kael said.

Edward nodded. ”You
e saying they were dragged somewhere and eaten. Is that it? ”

”There is no doubt about it. Many bones are missing. If I came after half an hour, I don think we would have found anything. ”

Edward slammed the door to The Hole and nodded. ”I think I saw a canteen farther down the corridor. You can make me some coffee. We need to talk. ”

Jiyo Kael followed the Old Mans back as he hurried down the corridor. It was as if he had suddenly come to life, all signs of his fatigue were gone. Jiyo shook his head, went to the coffee maker and opened it, took two cups from under the counter.

Slowly smoking coffee in front of them, the two men looked at each other. ”It was a bloody incident and a mess, ” Edward said.

Jiyo Kael just nodded. Words are unnecessary.

”All right Jiyo Kael , I will give you my decision directly. It could be the end of everything Ive built over the years. ”

Hand raised as Jiyo Kael began to speak, Edward shook his head. ”No, let me finish. ” He thought for a moment. ”Ive been with Jiyo Kael for a long time, you know whats involved here, the thousands of jobs that will be lost in case it comes out. I can let that happen. I really can . ”

There was a long silence as the two men sat and thought about it. Jiyo Kaels brain was roaring. Everything he has now, everything he has been in the last six years, is because of the faith the Old Man has placed in him. He always admired his boss, marveled at the long time he put in, and how he was able to come up with new investments and projects to keep the organization growing year after year. Now all of that is threatened. But this is a huge thing to hide.

”I really need your help here Jiyo Kael, ” the Old Man said quietly. ”If this horrible accident comes out Ill be done. ”

He sat quietly for a moment, then looked at his PA, his eyes glued to hers. ”These people know the risks of working here on this project. Thats why I looked for people without families when I hired them, and I paid them a lot of money. ”


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