The Genesis Experiment

Dingdong Morales

Current Year 2022

George Gomez calmed the car into the narrow lane, very crooked and dark. ”Im sure its just next door, ” he said.

”Maybe we should just forget about it and go back to the hotel, ” said his companion, who was fed up with his boss wasting all this time in search of the perfect view.

”No. No, there it is. Thats the way Im looking. ”

Emily thought the back road looked more like a path than a road, but remained silent, praying that George would not get stuck in the middle of it.

”Are you sure up here, George? ”

”Positive, ” he said once nodding quickly.

”Just a minute and there we are. ”

George was delighted. He had been chasing his secretary for eighteen months, trying every trick in the book to get into his pants. Emily was a stunner, the men in the office followed her with every move she made when she passed. She has full lips, light brown hair and the most impressive blue eyes.

Emilys figure is straight out of Penthouse magazine, and most of all, she has the most mischievous smile she has ever seen.

Tonight, he was sure. He didn exactly agree to sleep with her, there was no such way, but she agreed to come along to see the view over Bayo-bayo Point from the headland outside the Linapacan Island ravines.

When the path suddenly disappeared, Emily placed her hand on the dashboard with alarm. The only thing she sees in front of the car is a long drop on the beach below.

George laughed as he stopped the car, turned off the lights and engine. ”Here we are, ” he said.

Emily looked at the shore, catching her breath as she watched the scene. The night sky was clear, a bright moon threw a yellow stripe on the smooth surface of the sea towards them. She got out of the car and stood on the edge of the ravine looking out at the water.

”I told you it was great, wasn it? ” George said as he hugged Emilys waist. ”What view, hey? ”

Emilys hobby is photography and she takes it seriously.

When George first told him about the view from the Bayo-bayo Point gorge, he thought it had just come to bring her here for a little hanky-panky. Not that he objected to that, he was so handsome. She was married of course, but that didn bother him. If her husband can keep her at home, thats her tough fate.

”Get your camera and go here, ” George said.

Emily followed her boss across the thick grass and watched as it ignited from the bits and pieces of branches lying in the middle of the bushes. He got back in the car and came back with a blanket and two glasses. When he raised his eyebrow, he told her he would be back in a second, and he was, holding a bottle of Champaigne.

He laughed happily and kissed her on the cheek. ”Why don you prepare the things we
e going to use while I take some pictures, ” he said.

Half an hour later they hug, savoring the view and sipping from their glasses.

”George? ”

”Uh huh? ”

”I hope you didn think I was one of your easy ladies. ” She saw the frown on his face. ”Ive heard all the gossip, you know that? ”

”But Emi— ”

He put the cold finger to her lips, he smiled. ”Just shut up and kiss me. ”

George rolled on his back, pulled him over her, and when he put his tongue in her mouth, he felt its hardness in his thigh. He kissed her deeply, fingers running through her hair. He kissed her back, moaning even more.

He snorted again, then pulled away, lifting himself up with one arm, tapping him on the ground. ”Shit! ” he said. ”Someone bit me. Fuck it hurts ah! ”After a short pause, he cursed again, slapping his leg. His voice rose to a shout. ” Fuck. Whats that? ”

Emily hurried to her feet, frightened as she watched her boss rolling on the ground. He pulled her arm away. ”George. George. What is happening to you? Whats the problem? ”

George started crying incessantly, clapping his arms, trying to reach his back. ”My back. My back. Its burning. Jesus, help me Emi. Fuck painful! ”

Giving a violent retreat, he pointed his back, only his feet and head touching the ground. Then shouting one last desperate plea for help, he fell back on the blanket and quietly lay staring at her without his eyes focused.

Emily knelt beside him, body trembling. ”George. What? You tell me. ”

When he didn respond, it turned to her, pitying her mouth in fear as it stared behind him. Then her own screams echoed at the top of the cliff, but no one heard Emilys scream of fear.

Covering her face, she screamed repeatedly, her whole body shaking as adrenaline pumped into it. The clothes were gone behind George, the edges torn and bloody. Where his skin and muscles should be is a large hole of blood.

Even his rib was gone. He could see its faint heartbeat, the blood of its life gushing, black under the bright moonlight. But what troubled his mind was to see the creeping creatures bury their way into the depths of his body.

Emily felt a bite inside her thigh. Then another bite, her ankle this time. She jumped to her feet, she looked around at whatever was attacking her, but she saw nothing.

She was almost hyperventilating now, she was swallowed up in the air, she had finally adjusted herself to fix her mind.

He had to ask for help. Call an ambulance.

The car. Her bag and cellphone are in the car.

Running across the lawn, Emily stumbled when she bit her ankle again. It burned, as if someone had poured acid on her skin. She approached the car, she opened the door and got into the drivers seat.

Closing the door behind her, she grabbed her bag, it fell to the floor.

Help. She needs help.

Emilys head seemed to soften, she was becoming disorientated, almost drowsy. Feeling overwhelmed, she turned the car on, trying to find the clutch with her foot.

”Damn! Damn! ”

She pushed and pulled the gear stick, the gears awkward. Then she had it. Dropping her foot on the throttle, she put it on.

When the car jumped over the edge of the precipice Emily realized the enormous mistake she had made.

The vehicle hit the ravine in the middle, which caught fire. Bounce, make it a slow roll, then hit the sea. By the time the car sank under the waves, Emily had burned to death in hell.

At the height of the clifftop, there was little left for George Gomez, just a metal buckle from his belt, a zipper, and some loose change from his pockets.


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