eadily accepted a new bond in his new life.

“Yes, you are mine from now on.”

At a time when no one was paying attention to Roman yet, he found someone who would give his life for him.

Roman brought Kevin along with him.

He then asked Hans to help Kevin adjust for the time being.
Afterward, he went to the place Hans had set up for him.

Soon, he arrived at a shabby workshop in the inner castle.
It was originally the place where Baron Romero used to work at.

Therefore, the entry of outsiders was strictly prohibited.
Also, there was a barrier outside the place.
Due to that, it was suitable for Roman's training.

“From this moment onwards, I will spend a week training and strengthening myself.
While doing that, I won't need anything like food, so make sure to never let anyone inside.
Unless Dmitry's in immediate danger, you won’t need me.”

He gave the order and then went inside.

In the training ground, there weren't many things.

A cool wind blew, and he noticed straw was spread across the floor, which Hans had prepared beforehand.

It was a meticulous detail showing how much Hans cared for Roman, but he didn't need it for his training.
Thus, Roman put all the straw aside and sat cross-legged on the ground.
This was important to absorb as much energy as possible from the environment.

He was previously the Heavenly Demon, so he could easily control the ki surrounding him.

Roman instantly became immersed in his own world, and slowly guided the surrounding mana to accumulate in his lower abdomen.

'The first stage of the Heavenly Demon Martial Arts.'

Roman had yet to begin training his body with the Heavenly Demon Martial Arts.
This was because he needed to lay a foundation for his weak body, and in order to enter the first stage of human (人), he needed to be content with only accumulating mana.

Eventually, Roman's body collected the minimum amount of mana to start using the Heavenly Demon Martial Arts.

In order to perfectly use the techniques of the Heavenly Demon Martial Arts, it was necessary for him to enter the human phase.

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‘The human phase begins with the removal of waste ki from the body.’


Mana suddenly moved.

Mana, which had been moving intensely through his blood vessels, was suddenly blocked by a huge wall.


That wall was the waste ki in Roman's body.

The original Roman had never lived a productive day in his life until he died in his mid-twenties.

There were more impurities piled up in his body than others of his age, and Roman's face grew red as he was blocked by the impurities from the beginning of training.

However, he did not lose his composure.

It was the situation he had expected in the first place, so he made a plan to collect the minimum mana to enter the human phase.

In the future, Roman must be strong.

Beyond making new connections, he needed strength to achieve his goals while protecting them.

The human phase was the beginning of Roman preparing himself for the future.

Roman calmly meditated and focused on his internal energy.

‘I have to remove all of the waste ki at once.’



To Roman's actions and thoughts, mana responded.

The Heavenly Demon, Baek Jung-hyuk.

As he had been training martial arts all his life, the impurities began to melt according to Roman's strong will.

The power of mana originally depends on the user's will.
If someone who did not understand mana could only use one-tenth of the power even with a potential of 100, Roman was a person who would exceed the limit and exerted the power of mana to the potential of 150.

Mana moved strongly according to Roman's will, and blood began to drip from Roman's nose at the powerful impact.


It was a symptom that meant Roman's purification of ki was working.

As the impure ki of the body was discharged, dark blood flowed down his face.

Time continued to pass.

First, a day passed.

Then, two days.

…Later, three days passed.

Nevertheless, Roman was completely absorbed in meditation.

His face was drenched with sweat, and the blood that flowed only out of his nose at first could now be seen leaking through every pore of his body.

Slowly, without rushing his mana, Roman ejected the waste ki from his body to enter the human phase.

And also to regain the power of the Heavenly Demon he was in his previous life.

Eventually, Roman went into a state of trance.2

Due to that, Roman spent his time in a space cut off from the outside.

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Hans headed somewhere hurriedly.

If everything had gone according to plan, he was supposed to meet Roman in the evening, but the events that took place that day did not allow for that.

“Is the young master going to come out now?”

A week earlier, when Roman had entered the training room, Viscount Lawrence suddenly announced that he would visit Dmitry.

The reason was obvious; it was due to the breaking off of the engagement.

The meeting was eventually postponed when Hans reported Roman's situation to Baron Romero, even though Roman should have done it himself by meeting his father in person.

And today, he suddenly received a report that Viscount Lawrence and his daughter had arrived at the Dmitry estate early in the morning.

As a result, he had no choice but to go find Roman hurriedly.

'The atmosphere is not extremely serious.'

The breakup of the engagement had not yet been revealed to the world.

Of course, some people knew about it, but he wondered why Lawrence hadn't revealed it yet.

Nevertheless, he continued running towards the place Roman was training at.

Hans, who arrived at the training ground, stood in front of the door and waited for Roman even though he had instructions to call Roman right away.

Keep in mind, Hans.
If Dmitry isn't in a dangerous situation and I am not needed right away, do not call me.

Hans remembered Roman's orders.

Of course, many people were waiting for Roman in the castle.

However, it was more important for Hans to obey the orders of his master, Roman.

Roman, who had recently changed, was not a person who would speak meaningless words.

He must have had a clear reason to ask Hans not to call him out unnecessarily.
Due to that, even though he was given instructions to bring Roman immediately, he waited for Roman to come out.

How much time had passed?

Several people came to find Hans.

However, Hans, who had sent them all back, only sensed movement from the training ground after the sun began to set.


The door opened.

Then, a familiar face came out.

Hans, who was about to welcome Roman with a bright face, was taken aback when he saw Roman's appearance for a moment.


He noticed his eyes were much sharper than before.

He looked at his skin which seemed as smooth as milk.

And finally, he saw the muscular physique which resembled a warrior.

He became certain.

Roman's appearance and attitude had become utterly different than before.

The boy who cried wolf is a story that teaches us a moral lesson: people refuse to believe a liar even when he is telling the truth. It's a short and fun story, so click on this hyperlink if you wish to read it. ↩️

A trance is a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.
It's often observed in martial artists who are about to break into a new stage. ↩️

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