Lawrence Square.

What was going on there?

In a moment, his heart dropped, and Jonathan's patience exploded.

“Open this door right now, you sons of bitches!”

– – –

Lawrence Square.

Just a few minutes ago, it was peaceful.

It was a place that commonly depicted a normal scenery everyday , but the appearance of a man drowned the people's peace.


“What… what is that?”

Drip drip drip.

Roman suddenly appeared.

After reaching Lawrence an hour before the arrival of the Dmitry Knights and taking care of the situation, he grabbed the man's hair, whose face was covered in blood, and Roman dragged him into the center of the square.

Those who saw it and were terrified ran away.

However, at the unusual sight, people suddenly gathered around Roman, one by one.

“Oh my god.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Shouldn’t we stop this?”

The people were confused.

Still, Roman didn't care about that.

Rather, as he gripped the rebellious man's hair more harshly, the man spoke earnestly with his dry mouth.

“…Please, spare me.”

The man's true identity was Ben Miles.

He was the leader of the Blood Fang.

He hadn't expected anything like this to happen when he gave orders to his subordinates to deal with Roman.

His opponent was known as Dmitry’s Fool.

He decided it would be enough to deal with him quickly and hide, but what happened after that was still unbelievable.

Roman had arrived at the base of Blood Fang.
Soon after that, the massacre began.

Dozens of gang members rushed at once, but Roman didn't back down, and when the sword flashed, the gang members fell while spurting blood.

An unbelievable sight.

His eyes twitched.

The boundaries of common sense have already crumbled within his sight.

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‘Is this really the one who’s called Dmitry’s Fool?’

He couldn't believe it even though he saw it himself.

Since information is everything, criminal gangs knew how pathetic and insignificant Roman was.

If Roman were such a great person, he wouldn't have even dared to fight him.

But the reality was different.

Ben Miles was terrified to see a completely different look from the usual Roman.

‘I have to run away.’

However, his decision was too late.

When he decided to take care of Roman, he already had his options limited down.

As a result, Ben Miles ended up like this.

He couldn't wake up due to the tingling pain and couldn't even see the blood dripping down from his forehead.

‘I am sure that I will die.’

It was instinct.

It was pure instinct.

He grabbed onto Roman's pants and wept while begging for his life.

“I was really wrong.
If you only spare my life, I will do anything for you, Young Master Roman.
I will dedicate the Blood Fang organization to the young master, and I will also give you all the gold and silver treasures I have collected.
So, please spare me.
You can just think of it as sparing a petty dog ​​that doesn't even know its place.
If the young master shows mercy to me just once, he will gain a dog that will give its life for him.”

He was totally desperate.

The people’s stares and his reputation weren’t important to him now.

He struggled and laid down everything he had just to live.

He begged for his life.

Roman stopped walking.

“A dog that will give its life for me…”


Roman laughed.

As soon as he reached the center of the square, he looked down at Ben Miles.

“You should have made that decision before you showed your teeth to me.”

“Young master, please…”


He grabbed his head tightly.

Then, he announced to those who were watching.

“This person I am holding now is the leader of the Blood Fang.
He is the one who sucked up the blood of innocent citizens with usury.
You already should know it well, what a heinous force the Blood Fang is.”

Murmur murmur.

The people agreed.

Conversations began on the two sides.

The identities of Roman Dmitry and Ben Miles forced them to panic.

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Seeing the leader of the Blood Fang, their blood boiled.

In the heightened mood, Roman did what he had been trying to do since he set foot at Lawrence.

“Blood Fang even extended their demonic beasts to Dmitry.
With their obscene methods, they plunged Dmitry's citizens into hell and even showed intent to kill me, who interfered with them.
Blood Fang's sin is clear as crystal.
Therefore, in front of you, I will get rid of this evil at its very roots.”

There was no time for them even to blink.

As soon as the words were finished, Roman slammed Ben Miles' face to the ground.


Blood splattered on the ground.

His face crushed, and Ben Miles' pupils dilated.

That was the end of it.

Ben Miles, who had begged countless times for his life while being dragged along, became limp and did not move.

People held their breath.

Even in a world where death was commonplace, what they were witnessing now was too shocking.

And then.

“Young master?!”

Jonathan and the Dmitry Knights looked at him with shocked faces.

They had arrived late at the scene.

While the incident was happening outside, Flora stood in front of her father's office.


A sigh came out of her mouth.

Immediately after visiting Dmitry's estate, she officially announced her intentions to break up with Roman, and then she returned to Lawrence.
However, she had yet to tell her father anything about it.

For Lawrence, breaking off the engagement will be extremely terrible.

All of her father's plans to solve the problem based on Dmitry's capital power will fail, and his disappointment will be great as a father who raised Flora like a princess.

She couldn't afford to face her father's disappointment.

Even when she announced her breakup, she had judged that this was the right thing to do for her own life, but the reality that befell her was that Flora had become a coward.

‘Yeah, let’s talk.
I am sure he will understand.
It's my life.
I can’t be sold to a man I don’t care about, even if it’s an arranged marriage.’

She finally made her decision.

Even if it's an arranged marriage, she wanted to be with a guy she could respect in the slightest, but not someone like Dmitry's Fool.

This is the right choice.

Just when Flora was about to open the door, a soldier rushed forward.

“Lord! Lord!”

On the way, he found Flora.
He then greeted her quickly and went straight into his office.

It was a situation beyond Flora’s comprehension.

As the door closed in front of her, a question appeared on Flora's face.

“…What's going on?”

She didn't know.

What was shocking was the incident that Roman, the man she decided not to marry, had caused outside the building.

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