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One of the three major sub-centers along with Shinjuku and Shibuya.
It is the heart of the arteries the cross the northern Kanto region.
Ikebukuro Station, the center of the city, is a terminal that symbolizes the city with a total of 1 billion people using it every year.

“Awawa, Aniki please wait a moment, ssu!”
“Why did you accept everything without refusing them?”

Samecchi kept receiving pocket tissues and sample shampoo, and within five minutes of walking from the station, her hands are already full.

“By the way, Aniki.
Where are we going today, ssuka?”
“I haven’t decided yet.
We will just walk around for the time being.”

That’s a lie, of course.
Within the pocket of Rintaro’s jacket is his Victory Transformation Gear.

Unless Hero Headquarters is really stupid, they won’t overlook the signal.
Walking aimlessly through the city is enough for inevitably making contact with hero-related personnel.

As soon as Rintaro meets up with his comrades, he can leave dealing with Samecchi to them.
Then he will be free to safely return to Hero Headquarters.

“Aniki, don’t tell me, you haven’t decided on the location even though we’re on a date, ssuka? Even though we’re on a date?!”
“It’s fine, Samecchi.
The location isn’t that important, right?”

Naturally, there is a reason why he specifically chose Ikebukuro which has a lot of people.

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In Ikebukuro, a densely populated area with many buildings, there are countless ways to escape should he come into confrontation with that shark mysterious being.
It also has plenty of blind spots, making it a perfect home for Rintaro who specializes in sneak attacks.

“If we can spend our time together, it’s the same anywhere, right?”
“‘Men who say that immediately drag girls to hotels,’ is what my onee-chan told me, ssu!!”
“Be quiet.
Everyone is watching.
How about today we go wherever Samecchi wants?”

It is then Rintaro realizes that he is a terrorist carrying a hell of a bomb.

“Then, Samecchi wants to go over there, ssu!”

The place Samecchi points to is the biggest building towering in Ikebukuro.

The Moonshine Aquarium,

Speaking of a famous place in Ikebukuro, that is the place most mentioned.
It truly is the aquarium of the city.
Sometimes the desire for entertainment in people can be intense.
For example, it can lead to the creation of a paradise for aquatic life on the roof of a building in the middle of a city away from the ocean.

“2 adult tickets, ssu!”
“1 adult and 1 child, please.”
“Non! Samechi is already a proper lady, ssu!”
“Oh, no you don’t, Samecchi.
There’s a 1,000 yen difference between adult and child tickets.
That argument is unacceptable.”

At the ticket counter, Rintaro gently discourages Samecchi from complaining while is tugging on his sleeve.

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Adults are adults, and children are children.
Even if the other party is a mysterious being, it needs to be taught that twisting the rules of the world is not acceptable.

“Samecchi has seen aniki’s dick, ssu!”
“2 adults, please.”

They successfully enter the museum, but the smiling face of the onee-san at the ticket counter is frozen in place.
He can only hope he won’t be reported.

“Waa—! Penguins, ssu! Aniki, penguins, ssuyo!”
“Don’t run.
You might break every bone in your body if you fall.”
“Samecchi will eat that fat one, ssu!”
“Is this a fish tank from a sushi restaurant to you? You can’t eat the penguin-san.”

Like that, the two of them somehow or another have an enjoyable trip through the aquarium.
Samecchi is delighted at buying a shark-shaped water gun at the souvenir corner.

Just when the villain girl is getting carried away by claiming she also wants a stuffed animal, it happens.


A small electronic sound reaches Rintaro’s ears.
The source of the sound was, of course, the Victory Transformation Gear.
Rintaro quietly checks while making sure Samecchi doesn’t notice and sees three dots approaching on the screen.



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[Victor Rangers, the response is coming from the aquarium.
There was also the incident with Blue, so be careful.]
“Yeah, payback for Blue and Green.
I’ll definitely settle it here!” (Red)
“I shall pulverize this enemy who deals in underhanded tricks head-on with my Inazuma Harite, de gowasu!” (Yellow)
“Are you guys really that fired up? You’ll kill the fish!” (Pink)

Three shadows are closing in on Rintaro and Samecchi with the intent of killing the hateful mysterious beings.
Within minutes, they appear in front of them.

“Found you!”

That oppressively hot voice is familiar to Rintaro.
The sole Victor Ranger of the same year as him, Red, Kurenai Retto, is there.
Following after him are Kioumaru and Momoshima Ruru, trusted comrades of Rintaro who will rush to rescue him in a pinch.

“Stop right there, you mysterious being! Let that person go!”

Everything up to this point has gone according to Rintaro’s plan.
All that remains is for the Victor Rangers to beat up Samecchi and the plan will be complete.

“Awawawawa, Aniki! Could they possibly be, heroes, ssuka?”
“Yes, they’re here to take care of Samecchi.
Red, Yellow, Pink! Good job coming here! I believed in you!”

At last, there is an end to the nightmare.
Freed from the Ark Dominion, the abominable hive of mysterious beings.


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A peach-colored arrow pierces the tip of Rintaro’s toe as he takes a step towards hope.

“Alchemy Strike Bow…..
That was just a warning, next time I won’t miss!”
“Nuu, taking an innocent young girl hostage is extremely cowardly.
The cost of which is death, de gowasu!”

Pink goes into sales mode, and Yellow lays his anger bare.


“The heinous mysterious being, Death Green! Release that girl!”

Leader Red’s sense of duty is on fire.
It is all to protect the beloved citizens from the mysterious being Death Green.

“Wa, wa, wa, wait… Did you forget my face?”

Yes, no matter what anyone says, he is Victor Green, Kuriyama Rintaro.
He has been looking a bit haggard due to the stress of the past few days, but there’s no way his comrades could mistake him for someone else.
Yet his words, on the contrary, sets their passionate hearts aflame.

“Looks like you really did completely devour Green!” (Red)
“Not only did you kill our friend, but you also taunted us with the appearance… of my friend, de gowasu!” (Yellow)
“Everyone be careful! Death Green has amazing shapeshifting abilities!” (Pink)

Apparently, Death Green has the ability to transform, something which Rintaro himself is hearing for the first time.
Seeing the open hostility of his former colleagues, Rintaro realizes that his plan has crumbled apart from the bottom up.

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