The Dance of Deadly Weapons

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 By Effugium November 30, 2021

Rintaro and Samecchi flee Ueno Park as if they are escaping the public eye all while soothing the weeping Sword Minas.

With a mysterious being having made such a loud disturbance, it wouldn’t be long until heroes arrive after receiving a notification.
Rintaro had left his Victory Transformation Gear at the secret base to keep from being tracked, but that wouldn’t matter if things escalated.

“What a mess, it’s as if we’re evil mysterious beings.”
“Aniki, we are evil mysterious beings, ssuyo.”

Rintaro in particular is currently regarded as an enemy by the Victor Rangers and is to be treated with hostility without question.
If he were to openly face the remaining two members of the team, Red, a deadly one-hit kill cheat, and Yellow, a combat specialist, his chances of winning would be slim.

Inside the car that is on its way towards the Ark Dominion secret base, Samecchi turns her glittering eyes towards Rintaro.

“But still, Aniki is really strong even in human form, ssune! Samecchi respects Aniki even more, ssu.
Where did Aniki train, ssuka?”
“I trained in flamenco and Muay Thai in a temple deep in the mountains of China.”

Rintaro remembers his hellish days of special training which lasted from morning to night during his time at hero school.

On hot summer days, he would swap the practice shinai with hot iron rods.
On cold winter days, he would turn off the gas in the shower room after intensive training sessions.
On windy days, he would tie his instructor to a kite and send him flying high into the sky.
He also once used a poisonous dart on a junior who was adamant in begging him for a match and then achieved an overwhelming victory.

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“Man, that brings back memories…”

Needless to say, it was mainly Rintaro who made the hero school hell.
Perhaps it is because he is close to death that such memories were returning to him.
The interior of the car is filled with dangerous blades.

“I am really so, so, so, sorry…”
“Don’t worry about it, ssu.
This happens all the time, ssu.
Right, Aniki?”
“This happens all the time?”

The tall mysterious being, Sword Minas, shrinks further into the back seat as she repeats her apologies.
Rintaro is uneasy.
Gripping the steering wheel, he wonders if he’ll get split in two from behind.

“Once again, Ark Dominion’s Samejima Saya, ssu.
I’d like you to call me Samecchi, ssu.”
“I am Sword Minas, Kenmochi Minato.
Ken-chan… No, Mochi—… How about Mina-tan?”
“No, even if you ask us, that isn’t something you need to compete with, right? I’m Kuriyama Rintaro, nice to meet you.”
“I see, so it’s Krillin.”
“Don’t call me by that name again, alright?”

Sword Minas, Kenmochi Minato, when looked at from there, comes off as an ordinary woman who is a bit taller than average.
Her true form is like a porcupine, as long as the fact that blades arbitrarily fly out of her body whenever she is overwhelmed by emotion is ignored.
The back of the car has already turned into an exemplary armory and the seats are in shreds.

“That is quite the difficult constitution you have there, ssune.
Flying on planes isn’t possible, ssu.”
“You also shouldn’t get into cars either, if you can help it.
Once we get back, I’d like a steel plate installed in the backside of the driver’s seat.”
“Again~, making a joke like that, ssu.”

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“I’m not joking, I’d like one right now.
Before my back starts turning into a Blackbeard Pop-up Pirate.”

After that, the blades fly out one after another at the slightest bump.
Braking is gusari, lane changes are busuri, and exceeding 40 kilometers an hour is dosuri.1

“Last time was a bomb, why does everything we carry have to be so dangerous.”
“There was a movie like this, ssune.”
“You mean the one where they were transporting nitroglycerin.”

The timid person shivering, gata gata, in the back seat is in a sense more troublesome than a bomb.
When a large truck pulls up next to them at a red light, she is so shocked she shoots out a spear that pierces the car’s navigation system.

“Aaaaaah! I just remembered, ssu!”
“Dokiiii!!2 Wh, wh, wh, what is it, what is it!?”

A sashimi knife pierces through the driver’s seat and flashes past Rintaro’s nape by just a few centimeters.

“My taiyaki-kun, you didn’t buy me another one, ssu!”
“Alright, Samecchi, play a game with Aniki.
If you don’t say a word from now until we get back to the secret base, Aniki will make you pancakes.
Now be quiet, okay?”

Fortunately, the car makes it to the Ark Dominion secret base before anyone’s blood is shed.

“How much will it cost to fix this…?”
“I’m so sorry……”

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“No worries, ssu.
Before when Samecchi brought back the lava mysterious being, Magmizer-san, it got burnt to a crisp, ssu, but it was fixed the next day, ssu.
More importantly, the introduction.
Ryuu-chan is waiting, ssu.”
“…Ryuu-chan? Who is that?”

A demonic laughter echoes from the heart of the Ark Dominion, a large auditorium reminiscent of a temple for dark esoteric teachings.

“Kuu kuu ku… Fuhahahaha…. Haaa haa haa haa haa!! Well done coming here, I am Dragius III! The leader of the secret society Ark Dominion!”
“I’m, the Su, Su, Su, Sword Mountain Mysterious Being, Sword Minas! Awabababa, incredible, it’s really you!”
“Don’t be so stiff.
For now, relax and rest your body. Fuhahahaha!!”

The old gentleman, who seems to be the concentration of all the evil in the world, takes Sword Minas’ hand without regard for the inexhaustible supply of butter knives she’s creating and speaks warmly to her.

Rintaro thinks that calling someone with such intensity “Ryuu-chan” is impossible.

Regardless, as expected, even mysterious beings seem to find approaching Sword Minas difficult due to her idiosyncrasy.
In the end, Rintaro and Samecchi decide to look after Sword Minas for a while.

Sword Minas, having taken a shower, has changed into a T-shirt and sweatpants, giving her a very casual appearance— —

“How do I put it? It’s poison for the eyes.”
“They aren’t long enough, ssu.”

Sword Minas boasts a height of nearly 2 meters.
Rintaro lent her some clothes he had on hand in a hurry; her navel is exposed, and the bottom only covers three fourths of her legs.
Likewise, he couldn’t tell when she was wearing her coat, but now that she’s in light clothing, her physique is revealed to be more lethal than her blades.

“D, D, D, Don’t stare so much… isn’t it embarrassing?”

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Aside from having long, slender legs, she is firm where she needs to be firm and stands out where she needs to stand out.
If the envy of all women around the world and the desires of all men around the world were meticulously kneaded and slowly baked by a legendary baker, would that figure be the outcome?

On top of that, her cool but downcast moist eyes coupled with a nervous attitude that fans sadistic desire in others creates a dangerous synergy.
No man would be able to resist embracing her.
That is, so long as he is prepared to have his entire body stabbed through.

“Aaaah! I just remembered, ssu!”

The next moment, Sword Minas’ chest rises up, guguguu, like a tent, and a blade flashes.
A large sword three shaku3 long swings down on Rintaro’s slackened face.

“Whoaa, too dangerous!!”

Rintaro is barely able to stop it by immediately using the blade-catching technique, but had his reaction been even a second late, he would have been split in half down the middle like a piece of bamboo.

“Pancakes, ssu! Aniki said he’d make pancakes, ssu!”
“No Samecchi, isn’t Aniki a bit busy right now? Can’t you see what’s going on?”
“Awawawawa, I’m sorry, Rintaro! Are you alright!?”

Sword Minas’ expression is apologetic as she looks at Rintaro’s face.
However, Rintaro’s gaze falls below her moist eyes.
They are focused on the line created by her collarbone and the profound soft mountain valley exposed from within the torn T-shirt.

“Rintaro? What exactly are you looking… at… Ahh!”
“All hands, evacuate!!!”

The shriek of a maiden who is literally ripping silk echoes throughout the secret base of Ark Dominion.
A countless number of knives fly out as if being fired from a shotgun.
Afterwards, Rintaro counts as many as 250 knives.

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