18: The Undying Death Green-san

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 By Effugium June 3, 2022

The next time Rintaro woke up, he found himself on a bed surrounded by white curtains.
He tried to sit up, but there was intense pain all over his body, and his torn skin was burning.

“Ah, Already woke up ssuka? Samecchi was worried ssuyo, Aniki!”

“Ouch ouch ouch ouch! I’m dying! Samecchi, let go, it hurts so much that Aniki is dying!”

As soon as Rintaro regained consciousness, he was hugged by Samecchi.
He almost lost consciousness again due to the pain coursing through his body, but he managed to hold on.

Hearing the commotion, a tall, beautiful woman appeared in a flash.

“You’re awake, Rintaro.
I’ve given you some first aid, but it seems like you’re still in pain.”

“Swordminas, what is that outfit you’re wearing?”

“This? Umm… I was forced to wear it…”

Swordminas blushed when her appearance was mentioned, she was wearing a white coat like what a doctor would wear.
The coat seemed to be a little short due to her height, but combined with her long black hair, she looked like a good-looking female doctor.

“Swordminas did everything by herself, including treating Aniki and all the other fighters ssuyo.”

“Hahaha… It’s not to the extent of being a doctor.
That… In the past….
Just a little.”

Swordminas looked down as if she had difficulty saying more than that.
Maybe it’s a past she doesn’t want to talk about.

Perhaps sensing this, Samecchi said she would change the water in the vase and left the infirmary.
Looking at her small back, Swordminas muttered to herself.

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“I even made a kid like her worry about me….”

“You shouldn’t say that in front of Samecchi.
If you treat her like a child, she’ll get upset.”

“I see, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Swordminas furrowed his brow into a ハ shape and chuckled a little sadly.

According to Samecchi’s “Mysterious Being Dictionary” database, Swordminas awakened as a Mysterious Being two years ago in Hokkaido.
Before that, she was just an ordinary medical student at a medical college according to the record.

When Rintaro saw the bandages carefully wrapped around his own body, he was convinced that the record was true.

However, it is ironic that a budding doctor who aspired to heal injuries turned into a Mysterious Being who shot out blades and hurt people.

When he thought about it, it seemed natural that Swordminas would be reluctant to talk about her past.
The fact that she used to be a medical professional may be connected to the bad memory of her Mysterious Being awakening.

“Swordminas, thank you for your treatment.”

After saying that, Rintaro was surprised at the words that came out of his own mouth.

It wasn’t because he felt sorry for her situation as a Mysterious Being, but because it was natural for him to be grateful.
That’s what he told himself, that it’s natural because he’s a ‘human’.

“No no no, it’s fine.
It’s the only thing I’ve got going for me.”

“…… That’s not true.
I almost died after all.”

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“No, really, you don’t need to thank me or anything…….

Rintaro wondered why Swordminas was being so humble, and looked down at his arm.
He was slowly bleeding from the bandage on ‘the place I don’t remember being injured’.

“I see, they also offer a discount on treatments.”

“I’m so sorry! Ugh…… I didn’t mean to do that…..”

“I’m kidding.
Thanks for the help, Swordminas.”

When Rintaro thanked her again, Swordminas turned bright red and fell silent.
He was amused by her reaction, and his sarcasm increased, but he may have teased her a little too much.
When Rintaro saw Swordminus….
Kenmochi Minato fidgeting shyly, he almost forgot that she was a Mysterious Being.

Maybe it’s because, like Samecchi’s shark fangs, many Mysterious Beings in their human form have parts of their Mysterious Being characteristics, but Swordminas doesn’t seem to have any.

After a moment of reflection, Rintaro forced his aching body to move.

Rintaro has a goal to bring the information about the Ark Dominion secret base back to the Hero Headquarter and return to Victor Rangers.
Fortunately, no bones are broken, so he can’t just lie here forever.

“Hey Rintaro, don’t overdo it.
You should still be resting.”

“Don’t worry, I train differently than those noob Mysterious Beings after all…… Oh?”

Rintaro mustered up the strength to stand up, but his legs were not strong enough and he lost his footing.
It was not because of the injury, but the dizziness that came from the mental strain that had accumulated over the past few days.

“Watch out!”

Rintaro fell down on the bed, together with Swordminas who was trying to support him.
Rintaro’s injured body covered Swordsminus on the bed like he was pushing her down.
Their eyes met a distance where they could be touching each other noses.

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“Awa- awawawa! Riri- Rintaro! Doing that all of a sudden, I’ll be in trouble!”

“No! It was a misunderstanding! I’m sorry, I’ll get you out right away!”

“Ha- Could it be that you want to repay me for helping you with your body, is it that kind of thing?! Are you a beast?!”

“Who are you calling a beast! Despite my appearance, I am actually a pacifist gentlemen you know!”

Rintaro strained his arms to sit up, but his wounded body was unable to move as he had hoped.
His palms slipped on the sheets, and his head, which he had lifted up to get away from her, lost its support and fell toward Swordminas.


“……..! ………!!!!!!”

The tall beauty, Swordminas, made inaudible noises.
Rintaro was preoccupied as his cheeks were wrapped in the soft touch of heavenly clouds.

Before the issue of sexual harassment, which is very serious these days, his life was at stake.
There was no way to avoid it if a blade were to be launched, it would be more than just another bandage.

No matter how much you love animals, who would be foolish enough to hug a porcupine with a sword mountain on its back and say, ‘How cute!’.  Rintaro’s whole body would be stabbed through like the Iron Maiden, and that’s exactly what he was doing right now.

“I didn’t do it on purpose! I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“Nn Stop….
don’t move, or i-it’ll come out….!”

The threatening words that sent chills down his spine were strangely moist.

As she twisted and writhed, Swordminas’ face turned red as if she was on the verge of exploding as she fought against the “thing” coming out of her body.
Her eyes were streaked with tears, her breathing was ragged, and her thin hands were trembling as she tried to push Rintaro back.

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It was the moment that Rintaro shouted ‘namusan(It’s a Buddhist prayer, I don’t know how to translate this)’ in his heart.

“I’ve changed the water ssuyo… Wawaa! Aniki and Swordminas are in deep trouble ssuuuu!!”

Shark’s startled cry echoes through the Ark Dominion secret base.
Hearing her voice, all the Mysterious Beings in the secret base rush to the infirmary.

“What’s wrong! Did something happen?!”

“Samecchi, what was that scream just now?!”

“What happened to Swordminas and Death Green?!”

What they saw was a patient and a female doctor passionately intertwined on a bed.
Rintaro uses his hands and face to rub Minato’s breasts, despite the public gaze.

“No, listen everyone, this is just a little accident……”

“….U, Uuu….
A beast after all….

There were countless holes in the bed and a large number of blades were protruding from the floor beneath it.


Word of Rintaro’s victory over countless fully armed noob fighters and his death-defying savagery with the reversal blade technique spread in an instant.
He was so powerful that the Mysterious Beings referred to him as “The Undying Death Green-san” in awe.

That undying man did not come out of his room for two whole days.

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