The Man Called a Felon

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「「「「「The five of us together, Victory Sentai Victor Ranger! 」」」」」

Nowadays, the Victory Sentai Victor Rangers are an ally of justice that everyone, from children to adults, knows about.

Their activities are always at the top of the internet news.
Whenever they walk around town, they’re asked for autographs.
Even the municipal government seeks them out for events.

Amongst the five warriors, the activities of one of them, Victor Green also known as Kuriyama Rintaro was particularly eye catching.

「The peace-loving green light, Victor Green!」

Kuriyama Rintaro, 26 years old.

He graduated from Hero School at the top of his class and was assigned to the elite “Victory Sentai Victor Rangers” of Tokyo Headquarters.

In his first year of working, he was easily able to drive seven organizations to annihilation with his outstanding abilities, completely changing the hierarchy of heroes and mysterious beings in the Kanto area.
So far, he has received 2 decorations and 14 commendations.

Rintaro’s illustrious list of achievements show that his qualities as a hero truly surpass everyone else’s.

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…… Is not the case.

While Rintaro was extremely loyal to his duties, he was also a man who wouldn’t hesitate with his means when it came to justice.

His methods, such as incitement, torture, and sneak attacks to name a few, were diverse and devious.
He would sometimes even come close to breaking the law while engaging in his hero activities.

If a mysterious being appeared in the mountains, he would burn the forest.
If a mysterious being appeared in the river, he would electrocute the river with a current of high voltage.
If a mysterious being appeared in the city, he would implode the buildings.
If mysterious beings did not appear, he would track down a mysterious being’s son and take him hostage.

An Ashura feared not only by his enemies but also by his allies.
A vicious hero who sold his soul to justice at a rip-off price.

A man with a corrupt soul, one who will never support others no matter how many times he is made to write the word “human”.

A man who would even kill peace for the sake of peace, his name is Kuriyama Rintaro.
The nickname given to him is “The Green Felon”.

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There is no way the Hero Headquarter would ignore someone like Rintaro.

「The Aba… Abashiri Branch?」
「Yes, it’s on the outskirts of Hokkaido.
I heard that it’s a place rich with nature and fresh air, Kuriyama-kun.
The summers there are refreshing and comfortable.」
「Except it’s already December.」
「Snow spreading far across the landscape….
I really envy you.
You will be their leader starting tomorrow.
That said, you’ll be the only member there, though.」
「In other words… It’s a demotion? To Abashiri?」

That place is the Hero Headquarter that unifies all the hero organizations in Japan.

Their official name is “The National Public Safety Commissions Committee, Local Human Disasters, Special Cases, Special Measures Office”.
They are located between the Imperial Palace and the Metropolitan Police Department just on the opposite side of Jimbocho, Chiyoda.

Incidentally, a straight line between Hokkaido and Abashiri would be about 1000 kilometers.

「Call it a promotion.
What? Do you, per chance, feel unsatisfied?」

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「Of course I am not satisfied! To begin with, why me!?」
「That’s exactly it.
I’m well aware of how amazing you are.
Thanks to you, it’s now easier to find Santa Claus instead of mysterious beings in Tokyo’s 23rd ward.
This year’s Best Hero Award will probably go to you.」
「I’m receiving a generous evaluation, yet…」
「Yet, all the higher-ups are saying the same thing, that everyone other than you is incompetent.
It’s unfortunate, but the board members want to hold a relative evaluation.
If you are going to happily throw your colleagues out the window, then we can’t just sit back and watch that happen.」

The conversation ends there.

Rintaro pushes up his glasses which had slide down to his nose during his shock and scowls at the tightly shut door to headquarters.

It is true that Rintaro’s methods are questionable, but he produces better results than everybody else.
That member of human resources is a tyrant and by no means should ever be forgiven.

But surely, if it’s them.

If it’s the members of Victor Rangers who have gone through thick and thin together, they would surely be able to cry out together.

Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink.

If it’s the irreplaceable comrades of Kuriyama Rintaro, Victor Green.

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In a separate room of the Hero Headquarter, The Victor Rangers’ Secret Base.

「Everyone listen to this, Krillin’s transfer to Abashiri has been decided.」
「Finally, that bastard Krillin is being kicked out! Serves him right!」
「Once Krillin disappears, peace will finally return to the Hero Headquarter, de gowasu.」
「Kya~ Being relegated, Krillin is really pitiful~, how hilarious~」

The door of the secret base is so thin, it can’t keep any secrets inside.
Rintaro silently opens the door.

「I’ve heard, a promotion? Yeah, congratulations Kri… Green!」
「You’ve been appointed leader? Geez, I’m really jealous, Kri… Green!」
「Umu, Abashiri’s peace, I will leave it to you, de gowasu, Kri… Green!」
「Uwaa~ I will feel lonely.
Give it your best in Hokkaido, Kri… Green-kun!」

On that day, Rintaro packed up his belongings at the boarding house without saying a word.

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