19: Victor Yellow

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Fifteen years ago, a major incident occurred that shook the world of sumo.
A sumo wrestler who was even called the greatest yokozuna(sumo grand champion) of all time at the time was defeated by an unknown high school student.

Of course, this was a local event and not recorded officially.
Despite this, TV, newspapers, and other media outlets were all covering this high school yokozuna.

It seemed natural that he would enter the sumo world upon graduation from high school.
But the path he chose was not sumo, but justice.

He is a veteran hero who graduated with a 2-years program from the hero school at the top of his class and has a track record of more than ten years in various branches around Japan.
He is a kind-hearted giant who is loved by his friends and children.

His name is Kioumaru.
He is Victor Yellow, the third warrior of the Victory Sentai Victor Ranger.

Today, we will take a look back at his life and explore his charms.

『That’s when the historical journey became a history(English).
Japan’s professional~』

Chalalala♪ Chalalalaan♪

“What is this?”

The monitor was showing a documentary program that he had seen somewhere before.

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you will never lose a hundred battles, ssu! That’s what a guy named Song Shi said, ssu!”

“Did he really have a name that sounds like a Chinese youkai?”

“Anyway, ssu… There are only two Victor Rangers left, ssukedo, but they’re tricky opponents! We need to find out as much as we can about them, ssu.”

In the monitor, a man with a familiar face was giving an interview.
What’s more, Rintaro was his colleague and teammate who had his back.
Rintaro was probably more familiar with Yellow than anyone else in Ark Dominion.

In fact, he had watched this video about 20 times already.
Yellow a.k.a.
Kioumaru, always starts showing his films whenever he gets drunk.

Unlike other heroes, Kioumaru did not hide his true identity from the media during his career, and he was especially exposed to the media among his friends.
In short, he took pride in being the most famous among his peers.

As one would expect, he and Rintaro, who was completely results-oriented, did not see eye to eye.

『From the beginning, I saw only the path of justice.』

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“Fumu fumu, So he has been a hero all his life, ssune? He also seem to be mentally strong, ssu.”

“He must have a lot of nerves, huh.”

Rintaro knows.
After defeating the yokozuna, the young man got into a good mood and sold his name all over the world as ‘the man who beat the yokozuna’.
He appeared on TV variety shows as an athlete, and his self-published book ‘Devour a Yokozuna’ became a huge bestseller, selling 300,000 copies nationwide.

As a result, the yokozuna was angered, as was to be expected.
The sumo organization disciplined him, and he was not allowed to enter any of the sumo rooms.

In the first place, the only paths left that he could take were hero, yakuza, or the underground martial arts.

『I try not to forget my gratitude to my friends every day, de gowasu.』

「Fumu fumu, he has a deep bond with his friends, ssune.
He’s surely burning with the desire for revenge right now, ssu.」

「That’s scary.
It’s the power of friendship(kizuna power).
It’s the natural enemy of evil Mysterious Beings.
I’m scared, so let’s not get involved with this guy at all in the future.」

It was Rintaro’s honest intention to stay away from that man as much as possible.
Yellow, perhaps reflecting on the fact that he had not been able to enter the world of sumo, was very good at conducting himself.
Rintaro knew very well that he would always take the easiest part in a fight.

While Rintaro was desperately fighting, Yellow had been hitting on a female college student under the guise of guiding citizens to evacuate.
When he visited the Hero School with Rintaro as an alumni, he became friends with the students while Rintaro was going through the paperwork, and before he knew it, Yellow were having a drinking party without Rintaro.
Rintaro was always the one who wrote the incident reports, and although he thanked him every time, he never once helped Rintaro.

From the perspective of a friend, the ‘hateful beloved character’, that is Yellow.

He has a good public image, is well-mannered, but lacks consideration.
He was incompatible with Rintaro, a pragmatist who was always looking for new ways to get things done.

“Aniki is putting on a really scary face ssu.
Motivated ssune!”

“Hahaha, that’s wrong Samechi.
I am a pacifist who doesn’t kill”

“But Aniki ate Victor Green ssuyone?”

“That’s an Exception because he is living inside Death Green.”

In the monitor, the hateful Yellow was battling a very large serving of curry.

『My daily calorie intake is about 10,000 kcal.
Curry, in particular, is indispensable every day.』

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「Wawa~……Curry, ssu…… It looks delicious,ssune……Anikii?」

「Yes yes、Then let’s have a seafood curry today」

「Yay, ssu!」

As a matter of fact, Rintaro also loves curry.
At Hero Headquarters, with reason like ‘Our character would collide’ he was rarely allowed to eat curry.

「Itadakimasu, ssu!」

When Rintaro saw Samechi happily chewing on his curry, he almost forgot that he was a hero.

A threat to society that harms others, regardless of their intentions.
That is what these Mysterious Beings are, and they are incompatible with the existence of heroes.

“Samechi is getting sleepy after eating, ssu….”

“Hey, if you’re going to sleep, sleep on your bed.”

“Yesh, ssu….”

“I was telling you, that’s my bed.
…… Ah, jeez.
You’ll catch a cold if you sleep on your stomach!”

「ッスヤァ……」(what is the sfx in english?)

Rintaro kept cursing about the fact that he would have to sleep on the sofa again today, while tucking Samechi into the bed.
Before entering the Hero School, Rintaro lived with his younger brother.
That’s why he tend to take care of her, even though he knows in his heart that she is a Mysterious Being.

It might not be a bad idea to turn into a Mysterious Being just like this.

But Rintaro’s deeply rooted sense of justice would not allow it.
He cannot so easily abandon the path of justice he has chosen for the sake of the peace he loves.

「Mysterious beings…… What are they?」

The sound of her sleeping breath is that of a young girl.
But behind those small lips, sharp fangs lie in wait.
The threat lurking behind the peace is the very epitome of society and Mysterious Beings.



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She too must have once been an innocent, ordinary human girl.

The awakening of a Mysterious Being is a misfortune that can occur to anyone, like a car accident so to speak.
Some people are born Mysterious Beings or become Mysterious Beings by choice, but most Mysterious Beings are said to be the result of an acquired awakening.

However, when they are awakened, they are considered a threat to society and are separated from the human world.
This is because their very existence can be a threat to the peace of others.
Therefore, human society has decided that it is justice to eliminate these dangerous foreign entity.

It is Rintaro’s role as a hero to “subdue” or “handle” these Mysterious Beings.
There are many people in the world who are still tormented by Mysterious Beings.
As a messenger of peace, Rintaro Kuriyama can’t keep idling his time away.

「That’s right, remember, I am a hero…… What am I doing in a place like this……」

As Rintaro came into contact with the girls, who were so innocent and lively, he gradually began to feel like he belonged in Ark Dominion.
At the same time, he grew more and more impatient with each passing day, as if he would never be able to return to the person he once was.

Since the day he met the Mysterious Being girl, Rintaro Kuriyama, the “hero of justice,” must have started to break down.
Realizing this was the most terrifying thing for Rintaro.


Rintaro slowly placed his hand on the girl’s vulnerable, thin, white neck.
From his cold fingertips, he could feel the girl’s steady pulse.

A small palm grabbed Rintaro’s hand back.
It was not that she was awake, she was probably just sleepwalking.
What in the world is she dreaming about?

「……Aniki…… I love you, ssu……」


At that moment, the Victory Transformation Gear flashed with an electronic sound indicating an incoming call.
Rintaro, who had forgotten to breathe, let out a gasp and involuntarily put his hand on his neck.
The palm of his hand that touched his neck was much colder than Rintaro had thought it would be.


Hundreds of meters underground, in a quiet, windowless room, the only sound to be heard was that of the Victory Transformation Gear.
Rintaro quietly opened the communication line so as not to wake Samechi.


『Green、It’s me, de gowasu.』

The owner of the voice was Victor Yellow, Kioumaru.

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「What’s the matter, Yellow? Are you going to whine to me about how you failed to kill me?」

『Umu, that’s just the kind of sarcasm I’d expect from Green.
So you are the Death Green after all, degowashitaka.』

These words were what Rintaro had been waiting for There was still someone who recognized the existence of Kuriyama Rintaro, Victor Green.
That was all it took for Rintaro to feel his eyes watering.

「Have you noticed……? Since when ……?」

『I saw a video of Ueno Park and wondered if it was possible.
Half of it is just my intuition, though.』

Rintaro hated Yellow.
Yellow hated Rintaro just as much as Rintaro hated him.
That’s why he was confident in what Yellow said.

There is no such thing as the heinous myterious Death Green.
He is the hero, Kuriyama Rintaro.

『Geez, you really made me worried, gowasuzo.』

「Haha…… If you’re going to worry about me, I’d really like you to show me some of your attitude.」

『Umu, I wanted to talk to you about that, de gowasu.
Green, can we meet right now, degowasuka?』

This was an unexpected offer for Rintaro.
The rope of hope that he had thought was all gone was now thrown to him once again.
And it was from the person he had been rejecting the most.

『……It was hard for me too, de gowasu.
I had to fight as a Victor Ranger in front of the Headquarter, de gowasu.
Green, I’m really sorry for doing that to you, de gowasu.』

「……I can really trust you right?」

It doesn’t feel like there is any lie in Yellow’s words.
That’s probably why he sent the message over a confidential line so that the other members wouldn’t find out.

「Even though it was an accident, I put a hand on one of our people, can the Headquarter accept that?」

『Don’t worry about it, de gowasu.I will surely convince the Headquarter, de gowasu.
Meet me at…』


「Uniyu…… Huh? Aniki?」

When Samechi woke up, Rintaro was nowhere to be seen.

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