21: Fanged Shark Mysterious Being Samegaro

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「This is the end de gowasu, Death Green! Inazuma Hariteee!!!」

Alone and helpless, an oncoming attack, and an immobilized body.
Rintaro’s death was now inevitable.

(Damn it, so this is it…!)

Rintaro Kuriyama’s name will be engraved as a rising villain.

He will remain stigmatized and given no opportunity to explain himself.
He will die for the honor of others, while being shunned by the world.


What kind of hero would come to the rescue of a man who has been forsaken by justice? There is no such thing as a hero who will come to the rescue.
There is no such thing.


Memories flashed through Rintaro’s mind.

A grandfather who was a lenient man.
A brother who was full of a sense of justice.
A junior who he made crying when he was in hero school.

A hot-blooded man with a loud voice.
A second-rate guy who only cares about being popular.
A fat guy who eats curry all the time.
Someone who wears heavy make-up.

An old man in a cloak who laughs loudly.
A tall but timid porcupine.

No common sense, dumb, clumsy, vulnerable to temptation, and doesn’t listen to others.
A remora that adores a hero despite being a Mysterious Being and followed him all the time.


She was like a torpedo, splitting the dark-colored sea.
She struck Yellow, who was about to slaughter Rintaro, from the side.


The mass shot out from under the sea at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, knocking Yellow’s huge body away with ease.

A huge shadow stands between Rintaro and Yellow, blocking the way.

「Samechi… Is it?」

「Samechi? Who might that be, ssuka? Samechi is the Fanged Shark Mysterious Being Samegaro, ssu. Ah, That was wrong, ssu! That one didn’t count, ssu!」

Because of the loss of his glasses and the dimness of his surroundings, Rintaro could only see the shadow vaguely.
However, she did not look like the girl who was two heads shorter than him that Rintaro knew well.

The triangular dorsal fin, the pointed nose, and the rows of sharp fangs peeking out of the large mouth.
The silhouette, reminiscent of a huge shark, was truly a Mysterious Being with a vicious appearance.

「Damn it, It was so close! I knew you were hiding your friends, de gowasuna, Death Green.!」

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The blown away yellow slowly stood up.
Yellow was hit by a blow comparable to the impact of a large trailer, and surprisingly, he was unharmed.

「It’s not fair that he’s unharmed, ssu! It’s cheating, ssu!!」

「Gahahaha! The impregnable wall of Strong Mower Shield is invincible!」

The unique weapon attached to Yellow’s waist is the ‘Strong Mower Shield’.
It is activated by taking a “stance” and deploys a barrier of absolute physical protection around the wearer.
Yellow had deployed the barrier just before he was attacked.

「This is a tricky opponent, ssune…..
Aniki, leave this to Samechi and run away, ssu!」

「……What are you saying, Samechi?」

「Ah geez, Aniki is so insensitive! Samechi is embarrassed to be seen fighting in this appearance, ssu! Ecchi!」

Even Rintaro didn’t want to be told off by someone who walked in on him naked in the shower.

「Samechi is a smart woman, ssu.
Samechi has arranged for a car to pick you up, ssuyo. Come on, Hurry up and go, ssu!」

「A- Aah、I got it!」

「……Aniki, be well!」

A flash of light bursts and a violent impact reverberated behind Rintaro as he ran out.
The hero and the Mysterious Being collide with all their might.

「I’ll chew through the barrier!」

「Naive! I won’t be intimidated by a mere Mysterious Being’s feeble attacks!」

–Rintaro desperately ran away.

As a hero, Rintaro is well aware of the fear of being forced to exchange lives.
That’s why he was deeply relieved when Samechi told him to run.

He felt that he could still be a hero, no matter what the world or Yellow said.

「Going out of his way to let his enemy escape, he is such a stupid person..
that guy」

The headlights of a mini-car illuminated Rintaro’s face.
A tall woman, Sword Minas, got out of the cramped driver’s seat.

「Rintaro! Oh, thank god, I was worried when I heard you suddenly disappeared.
By the way, where’s Samechi? She’s not with you?」

「Samechi is fighting Victor Yellow.」

「What did you say? Why did you leave her there! Awawawawa, what should I do! Rintaro, what should I do!」

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「Calm down, Swordminas, Samechi will be okay.
Besides, she can escape by jumping into the ocean.
She’s a shark.」

Yes, Samechi told him to leave it to her.
So he was not doing anything wrong.

「Hey…… Rintaro, Can’t you go back and help her?」

There’s no way he is going, it’s like he is going to his death.
It’s not a good idea to go toe to toe with a brain muscle opponent.

As long as he stayed alive, he would get another chance.
In other words, this was the best move for Rintaro.

「Why do I have to save a Mysterious Being?」

「Isn’t Rintaro Samechi’s Aniki?!」

The word “aniki” pierced Rintaro’s heart more deeply and sharply than any blade.

「……I’m not, I am not her Aniki.
I mean, It’s just weird……」

There is no way that a hero can be the aniki of a Mysterious Being.
As he was about to say this, Rintaro swallowed his words.

Even if their positions are somewhat different, they can still exchange sake cups.
But Rintaro and Sametchi’s place in the world is justice and evil, day and night, front and back.

They were far too opposite to be called brother and sister.

「She was just saying that on her own.
Said she is my little sister, wanders around me without permission, is strangely friendly for a Mysterious Being, she’s a nuisance.」

Rintaro spoke quickly, as if seeking for agreement.

「Why do Mysterious Beings behave like humans? That isn’t right, Mysterious Beings attack people.
It’s an evil that tramples on the rights of others, so it’s natural to be defeated by a hero of justice …」

The words spun from his tongue gradually became excuses for himself.
Rintaro himself was unable to stop the vileness that flowed from his mouth.

A hundred words and phrases are just an excuse to say, ‘I’m right’.

When he had finished spitting everything out, Swordminas hugged Rintaro by the shoulders.

「Rintaro, you’re smart and you’re stronger than anyone else.
So I think Rintaro made the right judgement.
But if you are…., why do you look like you’re suffering?」

「Suffering…… me? What a joke…….?」

The sky in the distance flickered like lightning.
She should have run away as quickly as she could, but Sametchi was still fighting with Yellow.

For the sake of Kuriyama Rintaro, the man she respects more than anyone else.
She risked her life for one man, Kuriyama Rintaro.

「Samechi…… I……」

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–A failure as an Aniki—

His trembling lips did not allow him to say the word.

Rintaro ran away, not because he was afraid, but because he was dazzled.

Even though she’s a Mysterious Being, her single-mindedness, her willingness to put herself in danger to protect someone else.

Just defeat the Mysterious Being and win.
The justice he had built up just for that purpose looked terribly distorted like a tower made of junk.

So he could only hide behind excuses and sophistry and cower from the overwhelmingly bright light.

「……Alright, then Rintaro, take care of this, it’s the key of the car.
I- I- I- I- I will g- g- g- go.
Let’s go! I- I am really going! Aah, but it’s impossible after all.

The trembling legs of Swordminas entered Rintaro’s line of sight.


A huge pillar of fire, so huge that it looked like the afternoon sun, hit the sky.


Meanwhile, at the pier—

「Gunuu, You are quite capable, de gowasu na, Samegaro!!」

「Fufufu, Samechi, despite appearance, is actually very strong, ssu!」

Samechi was battered and bruised, but she was fighting well against Yellow.
Yellow’s strongest pike, the Inazuma Harite, and his strongest shield, the Strong Mower Shield, are certainly troublesome, but they also have their weaknesses.

The barrier could not be activated at the same time as the Harite, because it needed a stance to be deployed.
In other words, if she kept attacking without pause, Yellow would become as helpless as a turtle.

By the time Samechi realized this, she had already taken more than a dozen hits.
Actually, it’s also hard to keep attacking like this.

「Unununu, Just break the barrier already, ssu!」

「You as well, just give up already, de gowasu!」

The battle was turning into a battle of attrition.
In that situation, Samechi is at an overwhelming disadvantage because she is attacking without pausing for breath, while Yellow is just holding his stance.

「Oryaryaryaryarya, ssu!!」

「Fumu、It’s about time, degowasu na? It’s time to tie the knot, de gowasu.

「Zee、In that state! Zee、What do you think! Zee、You can do!」

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At that moment, a bright red flame flickered behind Samechi.
When she looked back, what she saw was a fist covered in flames.

「One-shot deadly move, ’Burning heat Glove’!!!」

「Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ssu!!!」

The shark’s body was wrapped in a bright red pillar of fire that reached the heavens(sky?).

Samechi, who had been roasted to a crisp, was barely alive.
If it hadn’t been because she was an aquatic creature Mysterious Being, she would have exploded and scattered.


The Mysterious Being form as if threads unraveled, dissolved and returned to the body of a young girl.


At the edge of her tear-blurred vision, she saw the shadow of someone’s foot approaching.
Yellow, Red, or whomever, Samechi would be caught here.
No, that’s still good.

Maybe she will be ‘processed’ here.

Samechi struggled to escape with her battered body.

She wanted to see Aniki, Rintaro again.
She wanted to see him and apologize.
‘I am sorry that I lost’.

She wondered how her Aniki would respond.
Will he praise her for her hard work?

As she thought about this, she couldn’t stop the tears from overflowing.


A shadow mercilessly lifts Sametchi’s light body.

「You bastard! Let go of that Mysterious Being!」

「As expected, you’d show up, de gowasu na!」

The man gently, but forcefully, hugged Samechi like he was hugging a precious family member.
The man brushed his cheek against Sametchi’s burnt hair.

「You’ve done well.
I’ll take care of the rest.」

Samechi heard the voice and fainted as if asleep.
The man said quietly to the confused Red and Yellow.

「I am sorry to break it for you guys but it’s overtime.

–From here on out, the Heinous Mysterious Death Green will take care of you.」

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