22: Heinous Mysterious Death Green

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 By Effugium June 20, 2022

It was almost 2 am.
The deserted Ariake Pier was now a pile of rubble, like a carpet-bombed city after repeated battles.

A man with a girl in his arms stands on a small hill of piled up concrete.

The man’s name is Kuriyama Rintaro.
He is 26 years old and a top graduate from the 49th class of Hero School.
He is a professional hero, or rather a former hero.

He is also known as the Heinous Mysterious Death Green.

「Swordminas, take care of Samechi.」

Rintaro said, and entrusted the girl to the tall woman standing beside him.

「Rintaro, although I was the one who fired you up, but…… are you really gonna be okay?」

「You’re still worrying as always.
Who do you think I am?」

In his usual light tone, Rintaro put on a strong appearance.
Then, with a trembling hand, he gently stroked the girl’s tattered hair.
The unconscious girl had a satisfied smile on her face.

The trembling disappeared from Rintaro’s hands.

「Okay, go.」

「Alright! Rintaro, if you’re in danger, run!」

Rintaro was thinking as he watched Sword Minas’ back as he ran off.
His wicked mind still hadn’t been able to come up with a plan to get out of this predicament.

「Well, there’s no way you’re just gonna let me go, is there?」

Facing him is Victor Yellow, Victor Ranger’s strongest force who excels in offense and defense.
And the fiery leader who united the Victory Sentai Victor Ranger, Victor Red.

「I’ll let the women go.
I’ll let the children go.
But you will pay for the slaughter of my friends! Have you had your last words, Death Green?」

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「Thanks to you.
You’ve got a soft side, don’t you, even though you’re a hero…」

Red’s fist flickered with red flames.
If he received that fist, it’s game over.

「That’s the end of our small talk.
I will avenge my fallen comrades here!」

「Hey, Curry guy.
You should check right now, don’t you think? Whether or not they have king-size beds in hospitals?」

「Gunununuuu!! Why don’t you askkkk!!!!!」

Yellow is enraged by Rintaro’s provocation.
In fact, this is another one of Rintaro’s strategies.
If Yellow, who boasts the absolute defense of the Strong Mower Shield, stands calmly, he has little chance of winning.

(That’s barely a 5 percent win rate.
If you can win once in 20 tries, that’s not bad.)

To be honest, the odds are pretty slim.

The Victor Rangers have their own roles.
The Victor Blue is in charge of infiltration, scouting, sniping, and gathering information on the Mysterious Beings.
Victor Pink, a command tower that is in charge of analyzing the collected information and supports her allies with a bow and arrow from a distance.

And based on the results of their analysis, Victor Red and Victory Yellow fight on the front lines against the Mysterious Beings.

The original role of Rintaro, aka Victor Green, was to be their total backup.
He is a handyman who can do anything, but looking from another perspective, he is a jack of all trades, master of none.

In order for Rintaro to go head-to-head with the two combatants, he had to play all the cards he could.

「You know, I don’t really want to use this.」

Rintaro took out a palm-sized machine from his pocket.
Red and Yellow’s eyes widened in astonishment at its familiar glow.

「Bastard! Could that be!」

「I protect what I want to protect.
My justice is selfish.」

–Victory Transformation Gear.

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In Rintaro’s hands, the V emblem glows green.

「Victory Change!!」

The gears spin at high speed, and the Victory Suit becomes a green light that envelops Rintaro’s body! In a matter of seconds, the light converges, revealing his heroic form!

A green suit reminiscent of the toxic nature! The organic-looking armor that covers his entire body! A meaningful and cool cape that shows off his viciousness! An intimidating mask reminiscent of a terrifying dark dragon! And the evil aura that pervades his whole body!

「The peace-loving green light, Victor Green!

-What the hell is this!!!!!」

No matter how you look at it, he looked like a big executive of an evil secret society.
Unbeknownst to Rintaro, Green’s Victory Suit had undergone an extraordinary transformation.

「You’ve finally shown your true form, Heinous Mysterious Death Green!」

「No, wait a minute, I don’t know anything about this!」

「His appearance vaguely resembles green…… You! I won’t allow you to taunt my dead friend, de gowasu!」

「You’ve already forgotten the time you suddenly smash your friend in the face with that Harite!?」

「There’s no need to talk, de gowasu! Inazuma Harite!」

A high-speed Harite is launched at Rintaro.
The super-heavy blow seemed to have accurately gotten Rintaro’s body….
Or so it looked like.

「Impossible!? He’s gone, de gowasu!」

「Owaa! What is this!」

He had only intended to take a little steps to avoid it, but Rintaro’s body was sent flying more than ten meters to the side.

Originally, Victory Suits were designed to strengthen and assist physical abilities.
However, there was a clear difference in the horsepower of the “physical enhancement” of the magically modified suit, as if one had just switched from a mini-car to a supercar.

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(Light…! No, It’s too light…!)

Even though Rintaro is one of the best in Japan, it should be the same for Yellow.
But the speed of the current Rintaro, the Heinous Mysterious Death Green, far surpassed the common sense of Yellow, who had been in the business for over ten years.

Of course, Rintaro’s common sense as well.

「I can still manage to control it, but i- i- i- it’s going to destroy my body!!」

「Gununu、Impudent! Inazuma Harite! Inzuma Harite! Inazuma Hariteee!!!」

If he couldn’t accurately hit, he had no choice but to hit with numbers.
Rintaro was attacked by a Harite barrage of the angry Yellow.

However, Rintaro made light work of Harite and ran between the attacks to close in on Yellow.
Even the Strong Mower Shield, which boasts absolute protection, is useless at such close range.

「As expected it’s not good to only receive things from others, right? You’re my friend after all…」


Rintaro slammed one, two counterattacking fists into Yellow’s body.

「Gue! Ugh!」

A roaring sound that surpassed even the direct hit of Yellow’s deadly Harite shook the pier at night.

The impact on his fist was the heaviest he had ever felt, and even Rintaro, who had thrown the punch, was confused.
He punched Yellow three, four, and five times in rapid succession.

「Ough! Burgh! Buhgra!」

Yellow’s large body was shaking violently to the left and right.
In the first place, Yellow never imagined that he would be defeated in a close range fistfight.
After six, seven, eight, nine strikes, Yellow was beaten to a pulp before he could even take a stance.

「Gofu! Abaa! Bugyii! Gowashie!」

Like a leaf being swallowed by a waterfall, the blessed body of the man who once defeated a yokozuna went into a frenzy, regardless of his intentions.
Rintaro landed his tenth straight right hand on Yellow’s gaping face, which was croaking like a crushed frog.

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「This is for my cute little sisterrrr!!」


The yellow mask shattered, and the 130 kilogram behemoth fell to the ground, spinning around and around in the air like a toy on an endless backflip.
A heavy impact sound shook the pile of rubble.

「……It’s a shame, de gowa……su…… gaku」

「Y- Yellowwww!! How dare you do that to yellow!!」

In contrast to the furious Red, Rintaro, who had beaten Yellow to a pulp, came back to himself, panting, and was stunned.

「Haa……Haa……Eh……Really, What is this?」

Pipipipopopopi! At that moment, the Victory Transformation Gear in Rintaro’s belt flashed on and off.

『Aah、Can you hear me, Rintaro? It’s me! I asked Tagaraak to make a few adjustments, how is it?』

Rintaro’s ears were filled with a baritone voice that sounded like it was coming from the depths of the earth, or perhaps it was actually coming from several hundred meters underground.

『Hey, Tagarak, I don’t think he can hear us.
Hello, it’s Ryu-chan… Hey!』

「No, yeah, I hear you.
And I’ve got a lot of questions I want to ask you.」

『I know, I know, it’s the specs for the Death Green Transformation Gear, right? Wait a minute, the manual is here…… Uumu, the letter is small and it’s hard to read…… Well, it seems to be awesome! Fuhahahahaha! Good luck!』

The completely meaningless communication from Dragius was cut off one-sidedly.
The only information Rintaro got from the current conversation was the culprit who had carried out this vicious prank.

「Damn it…… What a powerful strength……! What the hell am I supposed to do……!」

「I wonder what I’m supposed to do, for real!」

Rintaro’s aimless muttering melted into the darkness of Tokyo Bay in the deep night.
The siren of a fire truck wailed in the distance.

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