24: Even So, I Didn’t Do It

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 By Effugium June 29, 2022

In the secret underground base of Ark Dominion where you can’t tell whether it’s day or night.
The clock in the room had already struck 2 o’clock in the morning.

Rintaro Kuriyama was spending a sleepless night on his soft bed.
It was as if he was a child before a field trip, or a junior high school girl in love.
…… that would have been better, he thought.

『Fuhahaha! Rest assured, Rintaro, only I and General Tagaraak know that you are a human!』

(That was what Lord Dragius said, but there’s definitely someone else who knows…….
I’ll be killed if I sleep! I’ll be killed if I sleep!)

Rintaro’s mind was that of a declining dictator who was afraid of assassination.

This is the hive of Mysterious Beings, the headquarter of evil, the center of Ark Dominion.
The place is crawling with Mysterious Beings who hate humans, especially Victor Green, so much that they want to kill him.
If they find out who he is, it would mean his death.

『Death Green-san, Thank you for your hard work!』

『Yo, Death Green-san! You’ve been very active lately!』

『Oo… Death Green-sama… Thank you, thank you…』

Every time someone called out to him in the hallway, he felt his heart shrunk.

He couldn’t help but feel that everyone is a vicious assassin.
Rather, it seems as if they all know Rintaro’s true identity and are just waiting for the right moment.

(I”ll be killed if I sleep! I”ll be killed if I sleep….
I”ll be killed if…)

However, despite the fear in his heart, the injured warrior’s body seek to rest.
Rintaro’s consciousness sank into a deep darkness.

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In the dream, Rintaro is chased by a group of Mysterious Beings that have turned into a Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyakki_Yagy%C5%8D?oldid=491924872).
The demon-shaped Mysterious Beings attacked Rintaro as he ran for his life!

『You bastard! Victim Green will not be forgiven!』

『I’ll never let go of my grudge! I’ll peel off the skin from your whole body!』

『Ukekeke, We’ll be having human karaage(Japanese fried chicken) tonight, ui!』

「No! S- Someone, please help me!」

At that moment, a hero stood in front of the Mysterious Beings rushing towards Rintaro.

「Y- You are…!?」

『Love, courage, and the messenger of Seto Inland Sea, Shark Fin Ranger! Megalodon Kiick!』

『『『Ugyaa! This is Frustating!』』』

The horrible Mysterious Beings exploded and scattered with tremendous power.
Rintaro was able to escape his predicament thanks to the efforts of the mysterious hero Shark Fin Ranger!

「Thank you Shark Fin Ranger! I love you!」

『Ha ha ha, it is the duty of a hero to help the weak!』

「Let me repay you in some way, shark fin ranger!」

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『Then I won’t stand on ceremony and have your head! Gabuuu!!!』


Rintaro woke up in the worst way.
Even though it was already the middle of December, his whole body was covered in a sticky sweat.
He was so scared and anxious that he found himself hugging a pillow(dakimakura) so tightly that it was crushed.

Huh, did Rintaro have a pillow(dakimakura) on his bed?

「Mugyuu! Aniki, it’s painful ssu!」


What Rintaro was hugging was not a pillow, but Samechi.
It seems that she had been hiding in the bed again.

「Why is Samechi here?! I thought you were on absolute bed rest?!」

「Well, it was a serious injury that took a day to heal.
Even Samechi thought she was gonna die this time.」

Rintaro was well aware of the unusual sturdiness of the Mysterious Being, but Sametchi’s toughness and regeneration ability seemed to be exceptional.
He was embarrassed of the him who was so overcome with emotion that he picked her up and said, ‘You did a great job, I’ll take care of the rest’.

「What was that scream just now! Rintaro, are you okay?!」

「What’s wrong Death Green-san! What happened?!」

「Was there an accident?! Death Green-san!」

Hearing Rintaro’s screams, the Mysterious Beings rushed into the room.
What they saw was Rintaro and Samechi embracing and soaked with sweat on the bed.

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「What…… Umm, Sorry, Death Green-san, I seem to have disturbed you ……」

「Iyahaya, Fufu, She did say she prefer the heroic type… Sorry to bother you…」

「Wait, everyone, it’s not like that.
This is a misunderstanding.」

The Mysterious Beings rushed to leave the room.
As for Rintaro, he was caught red-handed, there was no way he could get away with it.

「Ri- Rintaro, Yo- yo- you …… With Samechi, W- w- w- were you sleeping together?」

The one who was most shocked was Swordminas.
She probably never imagined that the two people who saved her would have such a relationship.

「I see, So you’ve been sleeping with a little child that wasn’t of age yet, Rintaro…….」

「Okay, let’s stop for a moment, Swordminas.
There’s been a misunderstanding between us.」

Swordminas was red up to her ears and shaking.
Also, although it was an accident, Swordminas had been pushed down by Rintaro before.

「I can’t believe that Rintaro, who had churned out a lot of those big and thick stuff from my body, would do such a thing!!! 」

「You were talking about sword and knife right?! Look, everybody around are showing an amazing expression right now, Swordminas-san.」

「On m- m- m- my chest… Y- Y- Y- You squeezed and rubbed it into a mess didn’t youu!」

「That’s true, but it was an accident! I didn’t mean for it to happen!」

The eyes of the people around fell on Rintaro as his body temperature lowered.
These are the type of stares that are used to look at a scumbag who will lay his hands on anyone he sees as a woman.
It’s only natural that he confessed that he had no intention of doing so after he had tortured her for so long.

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「Everyone, it’s a mistake, say something as well, Samechi!」

「Samechi is no longer a child, ssu! Samechi is an adult lady, ssu!」

Rintaro grabbed Samechi’s face tightly with both hands.

「Oop, Sametchi that was wrong, that was counterproductive.
At this rate, your precious aniki will be turned into a HENTAI(pervert).
You understand, right? I’m asking you to back me up.」

「Wawa, Understood, ssu……!」

Samechi nodded her head while still having her cheeks held.

「Okay, Samechi! Tell everyone that Aniki isn’t a garbage chimera!」

「That night, Samechi felt so much pain, but Aniki gently embraced me, ssu!」

「Samechi, that wasn’t enough, You just don’t have enough explanation skill!」

The Mysterious Beings were buzzing at the shocking statement.
It was hard for Rintaro to deny it because it was true.

Before the rumor whether Rintaro was a human or not spread, rumors that would make him uncomfortable in another sense were known throughout Ark Dominion.

That night, a big celebration was held to congratulate Rintaro on the defeat of his great enemy, Victor Yellow.

Rintaro performed his signature magic trick in the Mysterious Being hidden talent competition and won a mountain bike in the bingo tournament.

Rintaro, whose heart had been seriously injured, cried until morning on his fluffy bed.

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