25: Machinery General Tagaraak

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 By Effugium July 2, 2022

A hero’s day comes early.
The day of the leader of Victory Sentai Victor Rangers, Kurenai Retto, begins with him in short sleeves.

「I look great as well today.」

As Retto stared into the mirror, he flicked his toned arms in satisfaction.
His tanned skin was covered with a thick layer of sweat.
The logic is unknown, but just the presence of this man raises the room temperature by about 10 degrees.

It looks like a scene at a beach house in Chigasaki in the middle of summer, but unsurprisingly, it’s already past the middle of December in Japan.
It was the coldest day of the winter in Tokyo, with the lowest temperature falling below 0 degrees Celsius.
No matter how healthy a child is, walking around outdoors in short sleeves is crazy.

「Hmph! Hmph!」

Regardless of this, Retto was hard at work in the neighborhood park doing his daily training.
It has been almost three years since he started going to this park when he was in the hero school.

As a result of his energetic greetings to the children, he once caused a suspicions in the local community.
Birds and cats would gather to warm themselves, and neighbors once reported that ‘a man was feeding the wild animals’.
There were also the time when he invited all of his best friends and juniors for holiday training, and no one showed up on the day of the training.

Heroes are often lonely.
And his best friend, Kuriyama Rintaro, is no longer with him.

It’s not just Rintaro.
Victor Blue, Aikawa Johnny had broken 60 bones all over his body and is currently out of commission.
Victor Pink, Momoshima Ruru had developed an acute stress disorder that causes her to vomit at the mere mention of the word ‘zombie’.
Victor Yellow Kioumaru had lost 80 kilos in just two days and was now living on an IV drip.

His beloved friends had been destroyed by a single Mysterious Being.
That Mysterious Being’s name is the Heinous Mysterious Death Green.

「Uoooo!!! Absolutely unforgivable, Death Green!!!」

The voice of anger echoed through the park at four in the morning.
Retto received a warning for the 15th time by the police officer who received the report of the noise.

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A Mysterious Being’s day comes early.
The day of Rintaro Kuriyama, the Heinous Mysterious Death Green, begins with a life-and-death crisis.

「That was close!!!」

Rintaro, who had narrowly escaped the sharp fangs of the girl sleeping next to him, looked at his own exhausted face in the mirror and sighed.
His unhealthy looking skin was covered with greasy sweat.

Due to the shark Mysterious Being sneaking into the bed every night, he had been feeling a little sleepless lately.

It might be better to be tough to her once, but if she cried when he kicked her out, he wouldn’t be able to avoid being called an enemy of women by the people around him.

「「Good morning, Death Green-sama.」」

「Aah, good morning…… Wait, who the hell are you?!」

Rintaro’s heart rate, which was already high, spiked even higher.
Anyone would be surprised to see a strange man and woman standing in their bedroom.

The man wore a tightly fitted tailcoat and the woman wore a long maid’s uniform.
The faces of the two looked very similar, as if they were elaborate dolls produced in a line factory.

「I am a butler Mysterious Being Batram.」

「I am a waiter Mysterious Being Maidy.」

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「「We are the messenger of Machinery General Tagaraak-sama.」」

Tagaraak…… The name sent a chill down Rintaro’s spine.
One of the three generals of Ark Dominion, the leader of the machinery Mysterious Beings.
And she was the only one who knew Rintaro’s true identity other than Lord Dragius.

She was the most crucial opponent to be wary of currently.

「No, in the first place, don’t just barge into other people’s room without permission.」

「If it bothers you, we will be waiting outside the room.」

「Please do your best to ‘make a descendant’.」

「Wait a minute, you guys.
That misunderstanding is not good.
Not good at all.」

Rintaro had no choice but to prepare as the two Mysterious Beings urged him.

「The shower is ready.」

「Here is a towel and a change of clothes.」

「We have the new pair of glasses here.」

「Breakfast is grilled salmon from Iwate Prefecture and miso soup with wasabi!」

He wondered if there had ever been a morning so full of life.
He can now understand how a wealthy man would feel about having servants in his house.

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Rintaro was taken by the two of them to the ground-bound elevator of Ark Dominion.
Incidentally, Samechi was still asleep, so he left her behind.

He was going to meet someone who knew who he was.
If Samechi was in the room, things were sure to get complicated.

「Wait a minute, how far up are we going?」

The elevator passed through the first floor above the ground and went up to the higher floors.
It finally stopped when the display on the LCD board showed the top floor.

The tallest building in Tokyo.
Naturally, this was the first time in Rintaro’s life that he had the opportunity to visit the top floor of the building.

The carpet completely silenced the sound of footsteps, and the walls were so polished that he could see his face.
He didn’t even know anymore what the massive plaque that read ‘Chairman’s Office’ was made of.

The butler and the maid stood in front of the entrance and motioned Rintaro to enter the room.
At the back of the chairman’s room, there was a lone man with a panoramic view of the city behind him.

「I’ve been waiting for you, Kuriyama Rintaro-kun.」

The man called Taga Kuranosuke, even Rintaro, Who was not familiar with the world of politics and business knew his name.

The Taga Zaibatsu(Zaibatsu is a Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, whose influence and size allowed for control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji period until the end of World War II.), one of the four largest zaibatsu in Japan that grew rapidly after the war, was the predecessor of this super huge group.
‘Tagaden’, as it is commonly called, is a group of top-notch companies that lead the world in a wide range of fields, from general electronics to banking, pharmaceuticals, life insurance, and the automobile industry.
The total sales of the entire group is equivalent to about 10% of Japan’s GDP.

The CEO of that ‘Tagaden’ is Chairman Taga Kuranosuke.

「I guess this is the first time we’re talking face to face.
I am the Machinery General Tagaraak.」

Such words came from the mouth of the man who holds 10% of the Japanese economy.
It seemed like a bad joke.
Rintaro did not know how to respond.

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「……Haa, Hello.」

「I’ve been waiting for you, Kuriyama Rintaro-kun.
I guess this is the first time we’re talking face to face.
I am the Machinery General Tagaraak.」

「I’ve already heard that earlier.」

「I’ve been waiting for you, Kuriyama……Kuri……Kuriririririri.」

Bon! With a bursting sound, smoke spewed out of the head of the don(Spanish honorific, Castilian) who controls the Japanese economy.

「Aryaa, The voice machine was broken.
Hmm, this is not good.
As expected, it’s weak when it comes to‘ra(“ra” column or row of the kana syllabary)’.
That’s right, Rintaro, do a name change.」

An arrogant young girl emerged from the shadow of the buggy Chairman Taga Kuranosuke.
Dragging a too-long white coat, she looked to be at most ten years old, maybe less.

Her blond hair and blue eyes, which are rarely seen in Japan, and her incredibly cute and well-groomed face make her look like a moving French doll.

「How about Kuripipi, Cho very good(slang), right?」

「Absolutely not.」

「You are so boring.
You lack a little humor.」

Although Rintaro had only seen her from a distance at the celebration, he was familiar with this young girl.
This young girl was the head of the machinery Mysterious Beings, and a chief executive of Ark Dominion.

「Once again, I am the Machinery General Tagaraak.
I’ve been wanting to meet you, human.」

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