28: Red vs Green

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 By Effugium July 14, 2022

The heat haze swayed, and Victor Red’s fist burned bright red.

「One-shot deadly move, Burning Heat Gloooooove!!! Ah, Hey, don’t dodge!」

「Of course I’d dodge!」

The red trails tore through the sky, and dead trees were engulfed in flames, exploding and scattering.

Victor Red’s unique weapon, the Burning Heat Glove, burns everything it touches from the inside out.
Even though Rintaro’s Victory Suit, also known as Death Green, had been magically modified, The inside was still a flesh and blood human being.
This means that if he took even one hit, his internal organs will be roasted and he will die instantly.

In addition, Rintaro, who uses his sword as his main weapon, is a bad match for Red’s infight style.

「You keep running away, Death Green! Come, you should attack me as well!」

「I would do it, if I could.」

Said Rintaro who then threw a plastic bottle at Red.
When Red reflexively struck it down with his fist, the water in it burst out.

For a brief moment, the flames of the Burning Heat Gloves go out.


「Got you! Ninja Poison Sword!」

Rintaro held Victor Green’s unique weapon “Ninja Poison Sword” in his hand.
As the name suggests, the blade is coated with a lot of neurotoxin.

It is no longer a weapon, but rather a tool for torture, as even the slightest graze leaves the user unconscious and in pain, and deprives the user of all freedom.
Because of the insidious nature of its function, it was very unpopular among his friends, who called it the “nympho(ninpo? nimpo?) sword” behind his back.

The tip of the nympho sword touched Red’s body, causing sparks to fly.

「Guh, that hurts! But it’s useless!」

「Damn it, as expected, it couldn’t go through.」

It’s a different story if the opponent is a mysterious being, Victor Red wears a hero suit that does not allow blades or ammunition to pass through.
In other words, the nympho sword’s characteristic of infusing neurotoxins is not utilized at all.

In this case, the nympho sword is no more than a hard steel rod, and while it may hurt if it hits, it is not something that can compete with the Burning Heat Gloves.

「Uooooh! Reignite!!!」

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Immediately, a new flame dwells in Red’s fist.
It is true that water is effective against fire, and that is not wrong.
However, 500 milliliters of water was just a drop in the bucket in the face of the Burning Heat Glove’s blast furnace level of heat.

「Hahaha! It seems like in this fight, I’ve got the upper hand! I will defeat you here, and avenge everyone!」

「Oh man… This is more than just a bad match.」

Avoiding Red’s onslaught, Rintaro fled in all directions throughout the vast Yoyogi Park.
Each time he did so, the flames spread, and right now, the park had already been scorched.

「What’s wrong!? Just running away!?」

「Damn, I’ m not really a do-nothing guy, you know!」

Rintaro swore bitterly and went through the same motions again.
He threw a second plastic bottle at Red.

「You fool! Don’t think that the same trick will work twice!」

Red’s fist bellowed as the Burning Heat Gloves burned even redder and bigger.  The fire was so intense that it vaporized everything before the water could burst.



Immediately after, with a roar, Red’s body was wrapped in flames that were brighter red than his suit.


「Who said that was water?」

The liquid that filled the second plastic bottle.
It was not water, but gasoline.

Red was hit by an explosion of gasoline ignited by his own flames, and was flung into the air like a kite with a broken string.

In addition to being stab-proof and bullet-proof, the Victory Suit also possesses a certain degree of heat resistance and shock resistance.
However, it is not designed to withstand a gasoline explosion at zero distance and without protection.

Red’s body drew an arc in the air and rolled on the dead leaves, unable to control his body, and drew a rut of fire on the ground.

「D- Damn it…… That was cowardly, Death Green!」

「I don’t want to hear it from someone wielding a one-hit kill cheat weapon.」

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However, it is not possible to be the leader of the Victorious Rangers if you fall apart at this level.
Red’s eyes were once again filled with hot flames.

「I… can’t lose just yet!!!」

A loud voice roared into the sky.
Red’s roar shook the burning trees, and the dead leaves were dyed red and soared.

Kicking up the ground, a red trail quickly closed the distance with Rintaro at the speed of a blast.

「Got you! Be burned in red and burst, Death Green!」

The moment the red-hot fist was about to touch Rintaro.


Red’s feet sank into the ground, which was covered with dead leaves.


Red’s foot was caught and he fell to the ground.
Then, the palm of his hand on the ground was swallowed up by a sticky substance.

The sticky substance entangled Red’s entire body, and the more he struggled, the thicker the strands became.
In an instant, Red’s mobility was completely deprived, and he finally noticed that a puddle of highly viscous liquid had formed under the ground covered with dead leaves.

「Uooh, I can’t move! It smells! What the hell is this?!」

「Yo, How’s the bath quality in the “Torimochi(don’t know what this is, maybe zoopagales?) Bath” which we scraped together from nearby factories?」

The mucus that trapped Red like a spider’s web was actually a large amount of torimochi.

「Damn, That’s cowardly! Fight fair and square!!」

「Oi oi, despite how it looks, I’ve had a lot of trouble setting this up.
Do you have any idea how hard I’ve worked fair and square to get you into this cool kill zone?」

From the very beginning, Rintaro’s goal was not to settle the matter with sword and fist.
All the running around in Yoyogi Park was just a stepping stone to lead Red into this despicable trap.

「Guoooo! N- Not yet…… I can still stand up!」

「Hoo, You can still stand even in that state?」

「I am not alone! For the sake of my dead friends, I will fight! Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!」

No one died, but Red, who had received some kind of energy, howled in the center of the Torimochi swamp.
Even though his whole body was sticky and his feet were trapped in the swamp, he slowly and surely made his way to his hated enemy.

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It was a feat of unparalleled perseverance and passion for his friends.
Aside from the fact that one of those friends was the man in front of him.

「Even if you take away my mobility, your sword is no match for me! No matter how much you cut me, I will endure! The battle is yet to be won!!」

Towards Red, who clenches his fists again, even though they are soggy, Rintaro said coldly.

「It’s all right to be passionate.
But if you’re still going to stand up to me, I’ll at least make you pay for making Samecchi cry with your annoying heat.」

「You’re the one who will pay, Death Green! I will not be stopped by mere Torimochi!」

「Oya, Didn’t you hear? I told you right? This is the K.i.l.l.z.o.n.e.」

Slowly, Rintaro raised his sword to the sky with one hand.
Then he shouted as he swung it down quietly.


Dopapapapapapapapapapapapa! ! ! ! ! !

With Rintaro’s command, the sound of gunfire echoed through the burned-out park.
The muzzle flashes were so intense that the flames in Red’s fist appeared dark.
Lead bullets were fired at Red’s defenseless body from every possible location and angle.


Sparks fly from Red’s entire body until he could no longer be seen.

When the great concert of gunfire had stopped, suspicious-looking people dressed in what looked like black tights appeared one after another from behind trees and burnt-out bushes.
All of the Ark Dominion Noob fighters were holding dangerous-looking rifles in their hands.

It’s not a toy, of course, and it’s not supposed to be aimed at people, but it has no other use than to shoot at people.

「Is such a thing…… Allowed……」

「I wasn’t asked to come alone from the start.
Then we should use whatever we can, right?」

「No, just because of that…… You… Isn’t that unfair……?」

Rintaro wasn’t the only one who saw the pillar of fire used to lure Death Green.
Lord Dragius and Tagaraak, the economic king who holds 10% of the Japanese economy, naturally saw the scene as well.

On top of that, it would be a failure of a superior to leave the task to Death Green alone.
The team dispatched was Rintaro, the heinous mysterious Death Green, Samecchi, and 30 noob fighters.

They were the elite who had been thoroughly trained by Death Green back in the day.

「We did it, ui! Death Green-san!」

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「As expected of the undying Death Green-san, ui!」

Putting aside the stupid mysterious beings who doesn’t have a plan from the beginning, this Kuriyama Rintaro is “a man who would choose to kill even peace for the sake of peace”.
If he’s a naïve guy who cut corners just because his opponent is only one, he won’t crush seven mysterious being organizations in a year.

「……Damn you…… Death…… Green……」

Even if it is a Victory Suit, a gunshot wound can hurt as much as a needle prick.
After nearly 300 shots, the strongest warrior in the red suit, Kurenai Retsuto, fell to his knees.

「Violence in numbers is not the privilege of heroes, you know.
Use this as a lesson.」

Rintaro’s words no longer reached Red’s ears.
The red suit, which had fallen into the swamp of Torimochi, was sinking slowly.

After the victory, the heinous mysterious Death Green turned on his heel and clapped his hands, calling out to the fighters.

「Let’s move, Everyone! With this fire, the fire department’s probably out in full force.
Somebody tell the paramedics where this idiot is.」

「That’s amazing, Death Green-san! This is the first time I didn’t get hit, ui!」

「Absolutely, ui, Death Green-san! I wish it was this easy every time, ui!」

In the midst of all this, a fighter stepped forward slowly.

「Umm…… Death Green-san…… I’m sorry to say this, ui, but……」

「Nn? What’s wrong? Could it be that you want to have a head-on fight?」

「No…… It’s not that, ui…… Actually……」

The fighter opened his mouth slowly, apologetically.

「Samecchi-san…… got kidnapped, ui.」


At that moment, an electric current ran through Rintaro’s wicked brain.
The only question he had was why Red had made such a conspicuous provocation.

「……Damn it, So that’s how it is!」

Rintaro had thought that Red was obsessed with settling the score with Death Green.
However, Rintaro was the one who was obsessed with settling the score with Red.

In other words, it was not Death Green who was summoned.
From the very beginning, the Hero Headquarters was aiming for “Death Green’s subordinates”.

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