Victor Green’s Death

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A Victory Transformation Gear tumbles out of Rintaro’s luggage.
No matter how it’s look at, it belongs to Rintaro.
And he is in a secret base of mysterious beings where tens of mysterious beings, all of whom hold grudges against Victor Green, have gathered in one building.

The mysterious beings who were making a ruckus fall silent as if they had been hit by water.

“Wawaa! I am sorry, ssu! Phew, thank goodness, ssu, the mug is safe, ssu.”

That’s great, but that’s not the problem right now.

“…Isn’t that, the thing from when Victor Rangers transform…?”

As soon as someone says that, a wave of turmoil swells and spreads.
One after another, spear-like gazes pierce Rintaro.
Those stares are so dense, they don’t leave an open gap on him.

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Shit, shit, shit, think, think, think! Right, this is a replica.
I made it myself in order to research that detestable Victor Green.
I’ll tell them that.

The identity of heroes, as a rule, are kept secret to protect their personal safety in case of emergencies.
They do not have any confirmation that Rintaro is Victor Green, yet.
Other than somehow deceiving them and pushing through, there is no other way to survive.

The moment Rintaro is about to open his mouth and painfully make an excuse,

Pipipi popopo pii!

[Ah—, hello, Green? It’s me, Red.
Have you reached Abashiri yet? You know, I think I forgot to return the 1000 yen I borrowed from you the other day.
I’ll treat you to something next time you’re here, like a beef bowl.]

Let me explain! The Victory Transformation Gear has a function for communicating with comrades! Even if the person is thousands of meters underground, beyond Earth’s atmosphere, or on the opposite side of Mars, it’s a great device that will connect without question!

“Red? Then that really is an actual Victory Transformation Gear…?”

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“…More than that, Green….”

A waterfall of cold sweat has soaked Rintaro’s glasses, allowing them to slide to the bottom of his nose.

Memories of his younger days cross his mind.

During winter vacation in the first year of primary school, he once turned in his father, who was dressed as Santa Claus, to the police for trespassing.
On Valentine’s Day during his second year of junior high school, he put chocolate filled laxatives in the shoe boxes of the other boys in his year.
It was revenge for not being able to receive any chocolate.
At the hero school’s cross grade sports festival, he once made a junior girl cry by childishly getting a score triple hers at a competition.

[Hey, hello? Huh? It should be connected, though.
Green? Can you hear me? What’s going on, hey?]
[Ooh, you can hear me after all.
How is Abashiri? Is it cold? Wait, you haven’t arrived yet of course.
According to the weather forecast, it’s very cold in Hokkaido.  It’s apparently minus 10 degrees.]
“I… I am…., not… Green….”
[Huh? What are you talking about, Kri- Green?]

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These words are Rintaro’s last resort.
However, there is no other way left.

“Fu, fuhahahaha! What a shame, Victor Red!  This Victory Transformation Gear is certainly Victor Green’s, but I am not Victor Gre—en!”
[What was that?! Who are you! Where did you take Krillin?!]
“I am ‘The Heinous Mysterious, Death Green’-sama who can even frighten crying children into silence! Victor Green is already in my stomach—! That’s right—!  Victor Green has already been disposed of—!”

Rintaro shouts out making his voice as guttery as he can while holding his barely aching stomach.
Settling in his stomach is not Victor Green, but a grilled onigiri he bought at a convenience store that morning.

“Fuhahahahaha—! That’s why my having this Victory Transformation Gear isn’t suspicious in the slightest—! Because I’m the mysterious being Death Green—! I’m going to hang up now—! If you get lonely, you can call me again—! Hahahaha—! Haha……”

Rintaro glances around at all the mysterious beings with trepidation.

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Everyone in the room, including Rintaro, stiffens like stone.
The Arc Dominion Leader Dragius the 3rd is who is opening his mouth first.


Cheers erupt.
Confetti from out of nowhere flutters down.
One expresses delight by flying in the air.
Another juggles split limbs.
A third is so deeply moved, the floor melts under the rain of sulfuric acid tears.

That day, the secret society Ark Dominion hastily organizes a, “Congratulations on the Great Success of Eliminating the Enemy Victor Green and Grand Welcome Party for the Heinous Mysterious Death Green-sama” that lasts late into the night.

Rintaro performs his forte magic tricks at the mysterious being secret ability competition.
He also wins a 60-inch LCD TV at the bingo tournament.

Rintaro is allocated the finest suite, where he cries until morning on a double bed that is softer than the one in the hero’s boarding house.

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