Death Green’s Tokyo Bombing Operation

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Previously on Death Green! Rintaro’s personal belongings have been turned into a bomb! The End!

“Of course, there isn’t only one, ssuyo.”

Samecchi opens the closet, revealing a pile of tightly packed suspicious boxes.

“Samecchi stayed up all night making the bombs, ssu.”
“Did you make all those bombs with something like the mindset of making a thousand paper cranes?”
“As per Aniki’s plan, we’re gonna use bombs to blow up the Victor Rangers remaining in Tokyo, ssu.”

This shark mysterious being is making a cute expression while saying she will suppress an entire administrative district.

“No, hold on.
Did I say something like that…?”
“You did, you did! Yesterday, Aniki said, ‘This might also be the last time I will see Tokyo…’ ssu!”
“No, I said that, I said that but that wasn’t what I meant!”
“And when you were taking a shower earlier, you were laughing as you said, ‘If I’m going to act, the sooner I do it, the better… should I get to it…’ ssu!”

Certainly, it was like that, but it wasn’t like that.
Rather than deciphering the nuance within Rintaro’s true intentions, it was altered like a mini 4WD RC that was earnestly made by an adult.

“…I’ve been wondering for a bit now but does that ‘Aniki’ refer to me?”
“Of course, ssu! The smart Samecchi is sure of it, ssu.
Aniki will certainly become a great mysterious being who will leave his name in history, ssu! That’s why Samecchi will become Aniki’s first follower, ssu!”

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Victor Green, Kuriyama Rintaro, profession: hero.
At the age of 26, got a mysterious being loli as his sworn sister.

“Fufufu, worrying is unnecessary, ssu.
As can be seen, Samecchi is ultra-competent, ssu.
In fact, the threatening letter was even sent out yesterday, ssu!”
“You already sent it!!?”

—Meanwhile, on the side—

Hero Headquarters, official name, “The National Public Safety Commissions Committee, Local Human Disasters, Special Cases, Special Measures Office” has been in an uproar since morning, just like a poked beehive.

The director of Hero Headquarters, Morikuni, the former leader of Japan’s first hero team, frowns.

“Then, this is all the information available?”
“‘I am going to explode Tokyo.
Death Green’ is all that was written here.
Based on the contents of the letter, it’s most likely a bomb threat.”
“Asaka, who is this Death Green?”

The female aide who had been called reads a report in a like business manner while pushing up her glasses.

“A report from yesterday states that a new mysterious being of Ark Dominion, the underground organization, has declared to have killed Victor Green.”

As the report had been made the day prior that one, each person in the conference room is only then first hearing that Victor Green was killed in duty.
The conference room, filled with the smell of cigarettes, undergoes a tempest of turmoil.

“Ridiculous! That Kuriyama? Was there a mistake?!”

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“The previous year’s top! That that man was really killed?”
“It’s true that he’s a piece of scum who was born not knowing anything about ethics, but he’s not that easy to take down!”
“Ignoring his behavior, he was a man with a perfect track record….
Ignoring his behavior.”

The aide continues reporting to the discomposed executives of Hero Headquarters.

“According to the testimony of the Victor Ranger who received the communication, the content of the report matches.
In further support of this claim, contact with Kuriyama Rintaro ceased after he left for a station in Tokyo early yesterday morning.
The Abashiri branch has also reported that he has not yet arrived.”
“How could such a ridiculous story exist!!”
“While regrettable, it’s the truth.
We have other matters to discuss right now.”

Morikuni, who had received the report in advance, silences everyone with a single word and urges Asaka to continue.

“We can’t make any specific conjectures from the threatening letter of the unidentified mysterious being, Death Green.
However, given the fact that he’s already gotten his hands on Kuriyama, it’s unlikely that he’s just pranking us.”
“That guy is claiming he will ‘explode Tokyo’…”
“It could also be a trap, but whatever it is, we don’t have enough information.
Even with the help of the National Police Agency, we won’t be able to cover the entire Tokyo area.”

A heavy atmosphere envelopes the conference room.
Director Morikuni ponders for a while and comes to a conclusion.

“As expected, they are the only ones who can solve this problem.
Order the Victory Sentai Victory Rangers to mobilize!”


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In another room at Hero Headquarters, the secret base of the Victor Rangers, the members are in mourning.

“Uwoo! I don’t have any formal clothing!”
“Isn’t 3000 yen too much as a funeral offering? 1000 yen should be fine.”
“The accepted rate is about 5000 yen, de gowasu.”
“Ehh, then, won’t it be okay if we all agree to 3000 ye—n?”

No one doubted Rintaro’s death.
That’s when an emergency command comes from Commander Onuki.

“Stop the unidentified mysterious being, Death Green’s, Tokyo bombing operation.”

At that moment, the sluggishness that prevailed within the room tenses as if that had been an illusion.

“We have work to do, let’s get to it!”
“““Roger that!!”””

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The V emblems on their Victory Transformation Gear shine within their hands.
It is the V of victory and the V of their accumulated achievements.

“The red light that makes your heart roar.”
Victor Red– Kurenai Retsuto.

“The blue light that shoots evil.”
Victor Blue– Aikawa Johnny.

“The yellow light that overflows with power.”
Victor Yellow– Kioumaru.

“The pink light that sparkles with intelligence.”
Victor Pink– Momoshima Ruru.

Don’t forget.
They are just like Rintaro who graduated at the top of his class in Hero School, elite members of Tokyo Headquarters.
They are the strongest warriors standing at the top of Japan’s hero organization which has more than 100 branches across the country.

Victory Sentai Victor Ranger.

““““Victor Rangers Dispatch!””””

They put their hands on their weapons storage lockers.
Their lockers are sealed stiff with carpentry glue.

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