One person was seriously injured in the massive explosion at the former chemical plant in a Tokyo suburb.
Was it caused by degrading chemicals?

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That headline graces the top of the internet news in the evening of that day.
Even social media platforms, which usually have minor accidents trending on them, are abuzz with the day’s topic.

Because that one seriously injured person—

“In this accident, Victory Sentai Victor Ranger, Victor Blue-san was seriously injured and is still undergoing intensive treatment at the hospital he was transported to.”
“Well, what do you all think about this?”
“This, is definitely the work of a mysterious being.
Yeah, I have no doubt.”
“I’m scared—.
I hope Hero Headquarters will catch them as soon as possible—.”

Continuing from the day before, a grand party is being held at the Ark Dominion secret base.
The guest of honor is, of course, our great mysterious being, Death Green-sama.

Twins with insect like horns perform on a trapeze.
A girl whose mouth is one with a trumpet plays loud music.
A big man who looks like a mix between a bear and a lion who is drinking beer as if taking a shower is displaying his belly.

“Following after Victor Green is Victor Blue.
I can’t believe they were dealt with so quickly!”
“Man, there’s totally not enough alcohol.
Are you planning on emptying the wine cellars of Ark Dominion?”
“Thank you very much, jyaa…….
Death Green is our god, jyaa…….”

The absentminded Rintaro is being celebrated.
A flower decoration that stiffened his shoulders hangs from his neck while large and small kiss marks fill his cheeks.

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“You don’t look too pleased with yourself, Death Green.
No, Rintaro.”

The one sitting beside Rintaro while swaying a glass is Dragius III, the leader of the Ark Dominion.
His voice which seems to echo from the depths of the earth sends chills down Rintaro’s spine.

“Don’t be so stiff.
I’m a little shocked.”
“……Excuse me.”
“Kukuku…… I’m just teasing you.”

Apparently, the leader of the organization is trying to be open with the newcomer.
However, despite appearances, this elder is the ring leader of great evil.

Rintaro, who has destroyed many organizations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, was unable to even catch the tail of the secret society Ark Dominion.
The SSS-grade internationally wanted mysterious being who exerts full control over it is Dragius III.

“Hmm? Your glass is dry.
Are you perhaps unable to drink? How about some juice, then?”
With those words, Dragius swallows the dark red liquid in his glass.

“Don’t worry, mine is also grape juice.”

Despite the joke and his childlike smile, Rintaro still feels uncomfortable with the elder gentleman.
It’s not because of his strength, but because he has a fearfulness that not even Rintaro, a man who has seen many mysterious being, can see the bottom of.
Even now, as they stand there making small talk, him already knowing Rintaro’s true identity is possible.

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“I’m still grateful to Rintaro for this.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see the smiles of these beautiful children.”
“…… I’m obliged.”
“You are also one of them.
Let’s take our time talking tonight.”

Dragius and Rintaro exchange toasts with grape juice.
It was Rintaro’s assumption that Dragius was scarier than he seemed, but perhaps he really was just a friendly, family-oriented, gentleman.
Such a thought suddenly crosses his mind, but Rintaro quickly shakes the supposition away.

That’s impossible.
All mysterious beings are evil.
Just wait, I’ll arrest everyone here once I return to Hero Headquarters…….!

Contrary to Rintaro’s resolution, the fame of the mysterious being Death Green is skyrocketing.

“Samecchi saw it with her own eyes, ssu! Aniki noticed that despicable Victor Blue tailing him from the beginning and set up a trap.
It was even kept secret from Samecchi, ssu.
Then this is what he said, ssu.
‘With this, that blue eyesore will be smashed to bits…’”
“I see.
So Blue was lured over with the Victory Transformation Gear, fumu fumu.”
“Oooh, what a plan! Death Green-san must have clairvoyant eyes!”
“No, that’s wrong, Death Green-san can see the future!”

The mysterious beings intently listen to the first sworn sister, Samecchi, someone who witnessed the entirety of the day’s activities.
Rintaro himself can only watch as the image of Death Green grows in their minds.

“And then this is what Aniki said, ssu…… ‘It’s an early Christmas present.
Give thanks to Santa-san, baby’…… Boom! Victor Blue was blown about 100 meters high into the sky, ssu!”

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“Th, that’s exciting……! Let me call him “Aniki” too!”
“Aah! You can’t, ssu! Aniki is Samecchi’s Aniki, ssu!”
“Death Green-sama is wonderful! Hug me! I’ll hug you tight too, with my six arms!”
“You can’t, ssu!”

The ‘Congratulations on the Great Bombing of the Arch Nemesis Victor Blue’ celebration continues late into the night.

Rintaro performs his signature magic trick in the mysterious being’s secret ability competition and wins an astronomical telescope in the bingo tournament.

When Rintaro returns to his first-rate suite, he dives onto his fluffy double bed without saying a word.

I’ve done something terrible to Johnny…

Johnny was an irrepressible womanizer who always used Rintaro as a test pawn at mixers, but he was not a bad guy.
Especially in his duties, he was the very eyes of the Victor Rangers, and his scouting had saved Rintaro’s life many times.

Rintaro stares at his Victory Transformation Gear, remembering the miserable face of the detestable man who had been his colleague just a few days ago.
Johnny…… Victor Blue had been at that place.
That meant headquarters had an idea towards Victor Green’s location.

But if that’s the case, why haven’t they raided that secret Ark Dominion base?

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The only reason I can think of…… is the radar.

The radars built into the Victory Transformation Gear for locating each other’s positions cannot identify three-dimensional space, in other words, it cannot grasp altitude.
They have two-dimensional radars that only display relative distances like the air traffic control radars of old.

They are good for tracking moving targets like today, but are lacking in regard to the Ark Dominion’s secret base which is several hundred meters underground.
In other words, as long as Rintaro was inside the secret base, they would not be able to discover and protect him.

Except under Samecchi’s surveillance, I can’t directly return to Hero Headquarters.
I can only depend on the radar of this Victory Transformation Gear…… What should I do? What would work? Think, think, think……

Rintaro puzzles to come up with an idea as he stares at the Victory Transformation Gear on the bedside table.

“Fuui—, Samecchi is so tired, ssu.
Samecchi’s throat feels so dry, ssu.
Hmm? Aniki, is there something on Samecchi’s face, ssuka?”

It happened that very moment Samecchi opened the door to the room after having finished telling the heroic saga of Death Green.
A new revelation alighted onto Rintaro’s evil mind.

“Hey, Samecchi.
I have a suggestion.”
“Aniki came up with another plan, ssuka!? Samechi will do anything for Aniki, ssuyo!”
“Let’s go on a date tomorrow.
The destination is… Ikebukuro.”

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