The year before.

June 16

Jimmy tapped his head with the pen he held continuously, thinking of something when his phone rang in his pocket. He checked to see it and grinned when he saw that it was his fiancee. He answered it with joy.

”Hey Abigail. How are you doing? ” He asked.

”Not too fine. Can you stop by my house after work? ” She asked. ”We have been apart for too long. I miss you. ”

Jimmy smiled. ”Why not my princess. Anything for you. ”

”Should I cook anything for you? ”

”Its not necessary, ” Jimmy repiled. ”But you can cook my favourite. I will appreciate that very much. ”

”I will do that. ”

”Oh yeah, I have a surprise for you, ” Jimmy announced.

”Really? ” Abigail asked excitedly.

Jimmy nodded from where he sat.

”What is it? I am awfully curious, ” Abigail said.

”Oh Abigail. If I tell you now, it would not be a surprise anymore, ” Jimmy repiled but she pleaded until he gave in. ”You remember your wish for us? ”

There was hesitation as if Abigail was trying to remember. ”What wish? ”

”You have always asked why we never kissed, right? ”

”Yeah I did, ” Abigail admitted, wondering where he was heading to.

”Tonight, I am going to kiss you. ”

”Really? ” Abigail asked, excitedly.

”You know I can lie, ” Jimmy boasted.

”And you will tell me the reason you have been avoiding it, right? ” Abigail asked.

”I will, I promise. ”

Finally, ” Abigail sighed happily. ”Okay now I think its time you get back to your work. I will be expecting you. ”

Jimmy had hardly answered when he heard a gunshot and the line went dead.

”Abi… Abigail? You there right? ” He glanced at his phone and redialed her number.

The customer you trying to call is unavailable at the moment. You can leave a message after the beep.

He tried it again but the same answer; even to the fifth time. Beads of sweat had already formed on his head. He rushed to the Chief office. By that time, Mr Roy was the deputy.

The Chief, Mr Vlad a mean looking old man sat behind his desk, making a phone call with his office telephone when Jimmy entered.

Call you later. Hm, ” the Chief said and replaced the receiver. ”Oh Jimmy what brings you here and in a deadbeat manner? ”

”Uh, sir. I have to quickly get home for a family emergency. I know its not right but please grant me my request, ” Jimmy pleaded.

”It can wait, Jimmy. I am afraid I cannot grant your request. When we close, you go home. ”

”But sir, I just pointed out the fact that I have a family emergency and it is very important and serious, ” Jimmy pleaded still.

”I have said it once and will only repeat it once. I can grant your request. Just wait patiently for the closing time, ” Mr Vlad repiled, sternly and with an austere look on his face.

”But… ”

”You are dismissed Jimmy. I will hear nothing else. ”

Jimmy walked back to his desk with red eyes refusing to talk to anyone, not even Penelope. If something happened to Abigail, he was not sure he would forgive himself. If something…

Present day

Jimmy shook his head to forget the remaining part. It was so horrific to remember.


They were in their white mask and red clothes, kneeling on a knee before a red curtain with a touch of white.

”It have been prepared. ”

”You know how to stage this one. It is not going to be direct. ”

”We understand,sir. ”

”And I detest all mistake. It must be perfectly and wonderfully planned.

”We understand. Success,sir. ”

”Sa5caca2sasa. ”


Four days but no word from Jimmy led Penelope walking to his house.

When she saw him, she was devastated. He looked like a madman; his hair was scattered and he looked dull. She never knew he could look like that.

When he raised up his head to look at her, he lolled his head.

”Jimmy! ” It was more than a scream. She ran to him and grabbed his face.

”What the hell happened to you,Jimmy, ” She panicked.

He released her grip on him and stared.

”Now get up and put on some clothes, ” She instructed.

”Are you my girlfriend, ” he asked.

”Just do as I say okay. ”

Soon Jimmy was dressed with his hair tousled and they went to a restaurant. She ordered snacks and juices for them.

”Why did you return? ” Jimmy asked. ”Why don you guys just quit? ”

”Mr Vlad has been sacked since last year October and Mr Roy is now Chief, ” Penelope started. ”He has been a good boss. very reliable. ”

”Why are you telling me all this now? ” Jimmy asked.

”Look Jimmy we need you even though you don know, ” Abigail pointed out.

”Well I don need you guys, ” Jimmy repiled stiffly, looking away.

”So are you gonna ignore me again, after depriving me of the due care because of what happened? ” She asked. ”Tell me Jimmy. Tell me. ”

He didn answer. he had long stop blaming her in his heart but he felt guilty.

”Fine. if you can do it for me, do it for Abigail. Who knows, you could find out the culprit and the real truth. ”

Jimmy turned to her swiftly and she grinned.


Mr Roy sat expectantly formimg a steeple on his desk and leaning forward muttering prayers when the two people he expected walked in. he sprang up and cried. ”Jimmy you came at last! I feared you wouldn come! ”

Jimmy glanced at Abigail. ”Well someone got my weak point. ”

Abigail smiled and Mr Roy gave her a thump up.

”Now Im here. So whats the deal? ”

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