It was a brightly lit hall with high roofs. It was already filled when they got there.

It was filled with rich people who were wolfing buffet foods, smoking and drinking alcohol;beer, brandy, beaujolais, champagne and many different more and although they were not late, the men were already quite tipsy.

The hall was also filled with booming laughter, resounding. Waiters were also seen walking about with trays on their hand. They knew their purpose there and refused distraction. Penelope went straight in search of Mr Lewis and saw him at the edge of one of the buffet tables, talking with some men. She went beside him to take a drink and he was attracted to her, leaving his friends.

”Hey beauty. ” His breath smelt of brandy. He had drank a lot but not enough to make him drunk.

Penelope turned to him putting a lock of her hair behind her ear. ”Hi. ” She swirled her glass.

”Hm, can I know you? ”

In the meantime, Robin was watching from the landing, waiting for the perfect moment.

”My name is Ariana, ” Penelope lied, flashing a smile.

Lewis grinned. ”And I am… ”

”Biden Lewis. Who wouldn know someone as important as you, ” Penelope completed. It was more of a statement than a question.

Lewis grinned still. ”You flatter me. ”

Penelope swirled her glass and gulped its remaining content. ”Shall I pour you a drink? ”

”Sure, ”Lewis answered, emptying his glass. ”A drink from a lovely lady will be just fine. ”

Penelope chuckled and poured him Brandy, watching the oily amber slosh in the glass.

”Thanks, ” Lewis said and drank of his glass. Penelope poured him more until he became drunk. Almost immediately, a man in dark suit walked to Lewis.

”Just some seconds, ” Lewis said to Penelope and staggered to the man. He collected a key and kept it in his suit inner pocket before walking back to Penelope.

Robin acted immediately. He walked off the landing in strides and climbed the stairs before heading for Lewis. The latter was having a conversation with Penelope when he got there. He bumped into Lewis a little hard deliberately ,shifting the key up and stepped back.

”Oh my God. I am sorry, ” Robin crooned. ”Very,very sorry… ”

Then he began to dust the suit a little hard,sweeping the key down. He twisted and thrusted his leg forward before lifting the back of his foot off his shoe slightly but enough to make a hole that the key fell into.

” I am indeed very sorry… ”

” You horrible bastard! ” Lewis said as Robin began walk away.

Penelope placed a hand on Lewis chest. ” Let him alone. He must be really drunk. ”

Lewis nodded and returned Penelopes smile.

Robin located Jimmy after their communication with the earpiece.

Robin gave him the keys. ” Now I have given you the tools, you just have to hammer it. ”

Jimmy grinned. ” Don worry Ill use the sledge so I will hammer it just fine. Once again, thanks Robin. ”

” Hey, you still owe me one. Now go carry on your mission. Good luck! ”

Jimmy nodded. Earlier Neil had informed him that the USB had been kept in a black box in a safe down the hallway.

Now as he walked out hall,the music, the noise and smoke seems to fade behind him and he shut the door, it was like he shut a part of him out.

The hallway was almost empty; he could see some men walking out and as he watched, he noticed that there were about five men in suit parading the hallway.

We can take care of them, Jimmy throught and smiled.

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