Jimmy made for the door of his destination ignoring all call. One of the men walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

”You… ”

”Game changer, ” Jimmy muttered.

”Uh… ”

In a split second, Jimmy grabbed the mans hand and twisted it, attracting a groan from the owner before kicking his leg and pushing him on the floor.

Another ran to him and Jimmy punched his face. He slid down to one kicking his leg, then he stood and kicked the mans face. He dodged a blow and gripped his assailant wrist and twisted it before throwing him.

A blow on his back took him off guard but he recoiled and gave the sender an uppercut that flung him, leaving him to land with a thud.

”SON OF A BITCH! ” The last one hollered and ran at him.

”I think you should choose the right choice of words, ” Jimmy said. ”It should rather be, Son of a gun. ”

He started at the one who ran at him. Reaching him, he turned and backed him swiftly, grabbing his hand and pulling him over him as he had seen judo experts do.

Then all that remained under the roof and on the polished was Jimmy who grinned above them and the groaning and wincing men.

He didn waste time inwardly celebrating his truimph but moved onto the safe door. He held the door knob fishing out the key with the intention to unlock it when the door pushed slightly. He pushed it hard now and it swung open, thoughts beginning to fill his mind; so the key was useless after all. But who was in? Was it someone with his intention or one against him? Earlier had one of the men opened it? He didn think so but if that was the case, was the key gone?

The latter option disturbed him and he walked in. It wasn exactly a safe; there was a large flat television on the wall, a glass table was set in the middle with two chairs. At the place where a bed would have stood, there were cupboards and shelves and Jimmy thought, was I in the wrong room. He will have to check first.

He darted to the cupboard, scattering its contents. It must have been when he touched the shelf for he stopped dead as he heard a feminine voice.

”I see you came to get something, ” the voice said. ”Or rather to look for something. ”

Jimmy turned slowly and saw her. She leaned against the wall in red, flashing a smile and he admitted she was a femme fatale. She was very attractive with a good body shape.

”Who are you? ” he asked with a hardened look.

”Come on don be so serious. And if I may ask, ” she said lifting the very item Jimmy was there to find. ”Is this what you are looking for? ”

”Hmmm. I think so, ” Jimmy said. ”Will you be a cutie to hand it over? ”

”I don know. You might be handsome enough to let me give it up easily. ” She walked to him in a easy stride and placed her hands around his neck, facing him.

”I would confess my work here is to give you a hard time getting it, ” she said.

”Oh I hate to fight ladies. ”

”Thats so gentlemanly. Then leave without it, ” she said.

”Im afraid I can , ” Jimmy replied, thinking: I will have to be careful around this one.

”That hurts to hear. ” She moved closer to him and their face were so close. Then Jimmy pushed her slightly.

”Seems you will be a hard nut to crack, ” she said pulling away finally.

”I really hate to do this, ” Jimmy said.

She threw her fist at him and he dodged. She continued to strike at him with him dodging. Then she kicked him. He was staggering when she jumped and trapped him with her legs. With her hand firm on the ground, she managed to throw him over and he crashed on the television.

He started to stand when she jumped and kicked him and he fell.

” Not too hard, ” she said.

He stood. ”Im sorry lady. ”

He ran at her and dodging a blow, he struck her neck with his horizontal palm and she fell in great pain. Then he took the USB.

”Truly sorry. ”

Upon walking outside the room, Jimmy thought he had made a mistake. Men in blacks were running towards him.

”Crap, ” Jimmy said and thought,ran.

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