The Hunters (Alexander’s story)

Chapter 1: Dylan is in trouble, as usual

My day was fine and good until Dylan pulled on one of his schemes. He really hates me. He and Mr Clark. I was just chatting with my friends and he came to tease me, as usual. I got angry and held his shirt collar with my fist in the air. Just then, Mr Clark was walking by and Dylan pretended to be innocent. He even involved my best friend, Darrin. Mr Clark didn let us explain. He just gave us punishment to clean the cafeteria, at which was dirty as a junkyard.

Before I continue, a little introduction. I go by the name, Alexander Jones, Alex for short. Im a fourteen years old student of Fox Boarding School, the best in Fox City. I have a fair complexion, with black hair and brown puppy eyes(why the raised brows? My eyes are as cute as a puppy. You are just jealous). I have just my mother. What else do you need to know? I don have any siblings and um….. thats all. So where were we? Oh yes!

Most students here behave like animals. The cafeteria floor was filled with soda cans, snack packs, cartons and pieces of food. Angela and Sue—the cleaners in charge of the cafeteria—always suffer like this everyday in cleaning the cafeteria. It was worst on Fridays, which unfortunately, was today. Thanks to Mr Clark, they don have to worry about cleaning today(thanks a lot Mr Clark).

Other students weren making the job easier. As they passed, they threw whatever refuse they held. Biscuit packs, bottles of drinks and cans.

”Hey dumpster boy, I got something for you. ” Mabel said as she threw her soda can. She was one of the bossy girls in school.

”This ain fair. We are getting punished for nothing. ” Darrin complained. He had gray eyes and brown hair, which was sticking with sweat now.

”Life isn fair, buddy. ” I replied.

”Mr Clark just supports everything Dylan says or do. ” It was true. Mr Clark never punishes Dylan. ”Do you think they are related? ”

There was nothing similar with Mr Clark and Dylan. Dylan was short with red hair (I think he dyed it even though he said it was natural) and a buff body. His face had bruises and scars from fights. Mr Clark was in his mid fifties. He was fair complexioned and his face was a bit wrinkled, especially around his eyes.

Dylan was bossy, troublesome, stubborn, wicked. In a general term, he is a big bully. He steals students lunch, money, stuffs students in lockers or force them to do his homeworks, laundry and chores (someone told me his underwear smelled worse than garbage, yuck! Its just an exaggeration to show how bad his underwear smells).

”I don think they are related. Mr Clark is just being partial. ” I said.

”Yeah, way too much. Maybe I should talk to Principal Matt about transferring him. ” Darrin said and I chuckled. ”Lets hurry up before dinner time. ”

By the time the bell rung for dinner, we were done with the cafeteria and had taken a bath. We took our plates and cutleries and went to the dinning hall which was already crowded with students. Each class had their tables which was long and rectangular. Two long benches were placed at the two opposite longest sides.

We went to our class table. The first bench was occupied fully. After we sat down on the second bench, there was a little space left. I looked at everyone to see who was missing and guess who it was. Dylan. Unfortunately, we happened to be in the same class, Grade 8.

He was in Grade 8, yet he is the worst bully in school. Older students even fears him,. probably because he was stronger than most of them. He had fought with a Grade 9 student and the poor guy n

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