The Hunters (Alexander’s story)

Chapter 5: Another dream

I got woken up by the sound of fire fighters siren. Red and orange light penetrated in my eyes. I used my hands to block the light and blinked. I looked properly. Fire trucks were passing. It seemed the school has called fire fighters.

”Wake up. ” I tapped Darrin who was still sleeping despite the noise of the sirens. He opened his eyes and rubbed it.

”What? ”

”Lets go in. Fire fighters are here. ”

”Uh finally. ” He muttered and stood up. As we were about to go, white light entered my eyes.

”Hey you two. What the heck are you doing here? ” A man asked. I couldn see because of the light.

”Sir, please turn off your light. ” I said. He switched off his torchlight. I blinked thrice.

The man was one of our school security man.

”Oh Mr Antonio. ” Darrin said.

”What are you doing here? ” He asked again.

”We can explain. We… ” I started to say, but he cut me off.

”You two are some of the students who usually sneaks out at night from schoo. ”

”What? No. Sir we were… ”

”Im not hearing a single word from you two. Just follow me. ”

He took us inside the school. Students were gathered watching the fire fighters do their work.

Soon, some help service bus arrived in the school. People dressed in blue shirt and black pants came out with some boxes and attended to us.

There wasn much for them to do since the fire affected no one. They just gave us some drugs, asked some questions and left.

The fire didn kill anyone, but a lot of things were burnt—the bunk beds, provisions, clothes, windows.

Principal Matt was busy when Antonio came to him, so he couldn report is. But that doesn mean we were off the hook. He would still report us sooner or later.

We joined the other students in our dormitory, in checking out stuffs that didn get burned.

By 8am, we were told to gather in the auditorium. There, Principal Matt comforted us about the fire. As a result of the damages, we would be allowed to go home and we were to come back the next session. A lot of students—unserious ones in particular—where happy about this.

Before he left, he told Grade 9 students to wait behind and he said, ”Alexander Jones and Darrin Chase should meet me in my office after this gathering. You may all leave now. ”

Everyone went to their dormitory to get their stuffs. Darrin and I headed for the principals office. Antonio had reported us.

”Come in. ” Principal Matt said after I knocked on the door. He was typing his laptop and they were files on his table. Beside the laptop were two envelopes.

”Um sir, you told us to come in the auditorium. ” Darrin said.

”Yeah, take this. ” He said, without removing his gaze from the laptop. He pointed his index finger at the envelopes. We took them.

EXPULSION LETTER was written on it. Darrins eyes widened. ”We are expelled? ”

”Yes. ” Principal Matt said. ”According to Antonio, you both have sneaking out before. ”

”No sir. We haven … ”

”I have other businesses to attend to. So just pack your things, leave this school and never come back. ”

”But sir… ”

”I said leave! ” He raised his voice.

Tears weren flowing out, but Darrins eyes were watery and his mouth vibrated every two seconds, as we went to our dormitory. Poor guy. This was all my fault. But isn it better to get expelled than lose our lives?

”Buddy are you okay? ” I asked.

”This is all your fault. ” He yelled.

”I made us go out to save our lives. ”

”Sure, a fire broke out as you said, but no one died. ”

”Thats because the fire was meant to kill only both of us. ”

”Listen to yourself. Because of you I got expelled. My parents are gonna kill me. ” Then tears streamed out.

”Darrin, Im sorry. I didn mean for us to get expelled. Ill never get you in trouble deliberately. That was a life or death situation. If we hadn gone out, wed probably be in the mortuary by now. I apologized. He didn say anything. He just kept crying. I hugged him. ”Im sorry. ”

He sniffed and said. ”Its okay. Lets pack our things. ”

Most of our clothes didn get burned. Our clothes were in the laundry house. The fire didn reach there after all. But our bags and provisions got burned pretty bad.

We packed them in a big leather bag the school gave us.

By 9am, we joined other students in going out of the estate. The estate was made by the government.

When we reached the gate, I saw a familiar black car coming in. I looked closely. It was my mums car. That means my mum is inside.

She stopped the car beside us and came out. ”Oh Darrin, Alex. Are you both okay? ”

”Yes, we are fine mum. ” I said. ”How did you know what happened? ”

”Principal Matt sent a message to all school parents about what happened. Are you sure you are okay? No burns? ”

”Mum, we are fine. ”

”Thank goodness. What about your things? ”

”Sadly no. Only our clothes survived the fire. ”

”Oh really? No problem. Lets go. Darrin, Ill drop you off at your estate. Your parents will be waiting for you there. ”

Some hours later, we reached Darrins house. His parents were at the gate and they came to our car. As they talked with mum, I talked with Darrin.

”Well see you some other time buddy. ” He said

”Yeah. Ill send you a text in our chats when I get home. ”

I hugged him. Darrin was the best friend Ive had since I was ten. Our friendship is so strong. I don think anything can break it and I hope nothing will break it(don think about trying it cause Ill kill you if you try. Lol. Just a joke. But seriously don try).

Darrin came out and went to his parents. I waved at him as mum drove away

Mum drove on till we reached our house. Our house is a bungalow painted blue with a red roof, in a linear settlement with other buildings. A wooden fence was attached at the back, it surrounded our little garden at the backyard. Mum drove into our driveway. I took my bag from the boot and went inside my home.

Home Sweet Home!!!

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