[Marks POV]

Why did he stab me that bastard he doesn know who he is messing with plus I can walk that much, damnit what a lucky guy he is but its not over yet I have a big advantage to win this game and I will make him lose hope and feel despair.

[Jades POV]

I had given up hope, I don want to find everyone else anymore I just want to die already. There is no way we can survive I was positive that we could survive but it was just a lie, a BIG fat lie. What is the purpose of living on there is nothing I can do.

Hey Jade are you alright-Emilia

Huh? Oh yeah im alright don worry about me hehe-Jade

Im not doing alright Emilia I know that you a positive person but im not I just gave up and even if you try to cheer me up its gonna be no use, your just going to waste your time.

Hey Jade what will you do if we get out of here?-Emilia

Huh? What will I do if we get out of here? Hm let me see I don know-Jade

When I get out of here I want write a story about whats happening in this island-Emilia

A story that would be nice I would like to read it but who knows if we can get out of here-Jade

Jade! Is that you!-Tom

When I heard my name I turned back and I saw Tom running straight at me and I started getting tears for no reason.

Tom I thought you were gone forever-Jade

Huh? Dead hey watch what you are saying I wouldn die in such stupid game-Tom

Plus if I have to guess Mark is the mastermind right?-Tom

Yeah we need to stop him before he does something bad-Jade

Wait! What if he isn the mastermind because remember what he said-Emilia

”Mastermind? What are you talking about? ”

What if there is someone else hidden in the island and they are the mastermind of this game-Emilia

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