but it has to be a big risk.

Hey Tom I want you to help me out and you to Emilia I want to talk to a certain person and you might know who im talking about right?-Jade

You mean Mark!-Tom and Emilia

Yeah I need to talk to him and we need his help so we can beat this stupid and dumb game im sick of it already I don want anyone else to die I want everyone to live and I need your assistance and please lets finish this once and for all!-Jade

[Marks POV]

Its been 2 hours and nothing good has happened hoooooooow boring this game is I had high hopes for this oh well wait a minute I can do something very special but I need *Him* to help me out yes he can finish this stupid game but how do I get his attention.

Hm I know if I can lure him inside my hidden room then I will be able to make him help me then I can be free.

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