It all began because of that man.

”Welcome to the game of survival where you have to escape this island in order to survive or you will be killed by a killer ”

We lost so many friends,When we came to this island it was hell that we experienced even death we couldve enjoyed our vacation but when he appeared everything was in chaos

Present day

Sup! My name is Jade im 20 years old and i got invited to go to a trip with my friends I didn wanted to reject but i accepted his request. I told my mom about the trip but she told me that I had to tell my dad first.

I ignored her and I went to my room and started packing my stuff up but in the letter it didn say where or what type of trip we are going to and for some reason I had a bad feeling about it, but I have a feeling that this trip will be fun for sure.

It was late at night I started thinking about stuff in my head and im nervous to go to the trip and I have to get there at 8:30 in the morning well I guess ill go to sleep for now. My eyes started getting sleepy and as I was about to shut my eyes a shadow figure pointed his finger to me saying

”You young man will be the mastermind of the survival game i will see you soon ”

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