>Yo Jade! -Tom

You two take care alright-Toms dad

Alright dad-Tom

When I locked around the place looked like a bay and I asked Tom where are we going.

Hey Tom do you know where are we going?-Jade

I heard there is this cool island so I invited you and my classmates so we can go together and plus that makes us 25-Tom

So we are going to a island wow not bad Tom-Jade

When I heard ”island ” I remembered something but I forgot about it but I do remember that shadow figure when I was sleeping.

Jade whats wrong?-Tom

Oh its nothing really I was just thinking about stuff-Jade

When it was time to go inside the boat I went to the assigned room that I had plus I never knew this boat will have rooms. So I unlocked the room and put my stuff in the room and I jumped to the bed and I was thinking about stuff then I went to the restroom and washed my face and wiped my face with the towel but when I looked at the mirror.

The shadowy figure came back once again saying.

”I hope your ready for death and pain you will suffer major losses in life and the island your going will be hell and I will be waiting for you there ”

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