When I blinked the shadow figure wasn there anymore so I washed my face once again and just went straight to bed i got nothing so Ill probably go take a little walk around the boat.

I was walking straight to the kitchen to grab a water I saw a someone getting ganged up so I grabbed something that was close to me and it was an apple and when I threw the apple they quickly turned around and started chasing me.

I ran as fast as I can to get away from them and I quickly went to my room and just stayed there for a little while and a couple minutes later my doorbell rang and I opened the door and it was Tom holding a bag of food.

Hey Jade I saw you getting chased by some of my classmates-Tom

If you saw me then why didn you help me-Jade

Ah I was grabbing a water bottle and thats when I saw you-Tom

Next time if you see me you better help me out-Jade

Don worry I will-Tom

Tom gave me the food he had and I just started eating and when I was finished I felt dizzy and I went straight to bed, With my eyes closing I felt like someone was watching me and I knocked out.

The next morning I woke up and went straight to get breakfast and there was a announcement the captain said that we are almost at the island and I thought about how the island would look like and i went outside it looked like a normal island.

But what I noticed about the island is that there was buildings and I found that weird but I do see islands with buildings so i just ignored it and I forgot about my breakfast and the cafeteria was closed.

1 hour has passed and the captain told us that we reached our destination and when i3 started getting my stuff and left my assigned room. When I was leaving my heart was beating fast and I was getting nervous and more nervous and someone gave me a pat in the back.

You don have to worry about anything Jade-Tom

Ahh Tom it was you I thought it was someone else-Jade

Don worry I don think my classmates will pat you in the back-Tom

Well meet you there im going on ahead-Tom

When Tom left I was getting out of the boat and when I set foot on the island.

I felt danger

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