t the floor with the others but everyone is still asleep I don know what happened to me when I was asleep and suddenly ”he ” came out of the shadows.

Finally someone woke up and its mister lonely-Mark

What do you want from us?-Jade

Isn it obvious I want everyone to play I was very mad when everyone left to their rooms-Mark

Huh? How did he know that we went to our rooms when the game started? I don get it could he be the mastermind. He started walking to my and his hand reached out and squeezed my cheeks saying.

I want you all to entertain me I have been born lately I never had so much fun so I want you and the rest to entertain me-Mark

What? entertain him like hell thats gonna happen can someone please wake up, I can even move my own hands then Tom woke up and Mark was walking directly to him and kicked him and Tom was laying in the floor covered in blood.

Man this weak man is sure annoying but im glad I was at his class maybe it was luck or was it fate well who knows-Mark

You bastard Ill kill you, you hear me Ill kill you!-Jade

After I said that he kicked me and I got knocked out, and when my eyes was about to close he set us free and left and we stayed there like dead bodies.

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