Everyone started waking up and we were in a storage room with weapons and there was a note in the table.

”You will have to play the game and I left you some weapons since the storage room had useless items so I gathered and created weapons for you guys and well good luck and try to survive and don lose hope ”

What does he mean don lose hope sounds suspicious to me but I don know what everyone is doing but I had no choice but to grab the katana that was there in the table.

Are you really going to do this Jade?-Tom

I told you we had no choice but to do it-Jade

I walked away and went outside and went straight to the hotel and went to grab my stuff that I need to use and when I was done I washed my face in the restroom, but when I was about to get out of the restroom I heard footsteps in the hall and chains.

I wanted to get ready to attack but my heart was going fast as flash and I couldn calm down I was so scared. I don want to die someone please help me.

*knock x2*

Someone is knocking on the door who could it be? As I was getting closer to the door I opened the door and there he was.

Oh my, my little baby Jade is scared-Mark

Mark what are you doing here?-Jade

Im here to tell you that 5 people have already died and there is 20 alive time is ticking my little poppy bear-Mark

Poppy bear? Wait 5? How do you know?-Jade

I saw them die with my own eyes they all separated into I don know how many groups but one of the groups died-Mark

Already but why did they split up why this makes no sense it doesn make sense I kept on thinking and thinking I can do this anymore I want to give up and die.

Hey Jade just to tell you something if I was you I would go find them and think about a plan-Mark

When he said that I left from my room and went to the elevator and went to go find them.

Puhuhu my plan is going well now the fun starts now!-Mark

A few minutes have passed and I haven even seen anyone I really want to give up but when I turned around I saw a bush shaking and when I got closer a cute girl was there.

Um hello the names emilia nice to meet you!-Emilia

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