I felt bad that I left her by accident. I promise to myself I won do it again, as I got up we started walking and checking our steps for traps, we ended up sleeping in a cave and I wonder to myself how is Tom doing? where is he right now?

The next morning

When I woke up I immediately looked outside for anyone but not even a sight of anyone and when I went inside the cave my enemy was there.

Yo! How you doing Jade its been days since we haven talked to each other right?-Mark

What do you want Mark if you do anything reckless Ill have to kill you-Jade

Woah! chill I want to talk to you about something very important-Mark

I don trust him not even a single bit after what he told me, I quickly took out the katana and rushed at him and I stabbed him in the knee.

You bastard what are you doing?-Mark

Can you see it was you who planned this all along and I know why you are doing this because you are the mastermind!-Jade

Mastermind? what are you talking about?-Mark

Don act dumb I know you are the mastermind-Jade

Jade stop!-Emilia

When I was about to punch him Emilia stopped me from punching him.

Emilia don you get it he is the mastermind!-Jade

What do you mean by mastermind, wait so someone is behind this game-Emilia

Mark do you have something to say-Emilia

As soon as she said that Mark was gone and the katana I used to stab him. I don know why but there was no traces of blood anywhere, a few minutes has passed after what happened we started leaving and tried to find everyone including Tom.

Its been 4 days since we have left from the cave and haven found anyone yet, I started getting tired of searching for them it feels like I gave up on them its like they don exist anymore.

Its like I gave up on hope.

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