I do if we get out of here? Hm let me see I don know-Jade

When I get out of here I want write a story about whats happening in this island-Emilia

A story that would be nice I would like to read it but who knows if we can get out of here-Jade

Jade! Is that you!-Tom

When I heard my name I turned back and I saw Tom running straight at me and I started getting tears for no reason.

Tom I thought you were gone forever-Jade

Huh? Dead hey watch what you are saying I wouldn die in such stupid game-Tom

Plus if I have to guess Mark is the mastermind right?-Tom

Yeah we need to stop him before he does something bad-Jade

Wait! What if he isn the mastermind because remember what he said-Emilia

”Mastermind? What are you talking about? ”

What if there is someone else hidden in the island and they are the mastermind of this game-Emilia

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