flict good damage, but it would be definitely different compared to someone who deals damage as their main job. 

 I have nothing but worries about this plan…

 I need to follow-up as much as I’m capable of. 

“Well, the four of you, for the next three days, let’s work well together! Then, I need to greet the beginners.”

 The five of us head to the place where the beginners are gathered. 

“Everyone! Morning! Just as you all know by now, from today on we’re aiming for the 51st floor of the Great Labyrinth!”

 Standing on stone steps a level taller, we are able to look at all the beginners. 

 And Selma was speaking to all of them,

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 All the explorers who hear Selma’s voice are paying attention.

 Some of them are the kids I was talking about earlier, but they seem to have been properly educated. 

“Huuu, everyone looks so tense.
After all, is it scary to suddenly go to the middle layers? But rest assured! This time the one in command is the best Enchanter on this continent, I myself.
What’s more, to deal with any unexpected situations, I’ve also prepared a powerful assistant.
Let me introduce him, his name is Orn.
He’s an explorer that has achieved something even we are not capable of, reaching the 94th floor! How’s it? Surely you now have the spirit to go to the 51st floor?”

 The newcomers who had been silent while listening to Selma’s speech started buzzing. 

 That’s what you meant by relieving anxiety huhhhh!? 

 Look! Your three Officers’ mouths are wide open

 You’re definitely not just saying this to have some fun, right!?

“He’s already left the Hero party, but he knows more details about the Great Labyrinth than anyone else here.
So let’s start exploring the labyrinth.”

 The newcomers cheerfully resound with an “Oooh!” to Selma’s call

“In ten minutes, move to the Great Labyrinth, form lines according to your parties and stand by!”

 Selma gets off the stone step with a satisfied expression as though saying “I’ve said everything I wanted to say.”

 Please cut me a break…


“Now then, Officers, make the final checks.”

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 Everyone got off the stone step and gathered in one place.

“A, apologies.
The attitude I adopted earlier when speaking to you was rude.”

 The Defender who had been previously looking to evaluate me, apologises.  

“No, I’m not bothered by that.
And I’m the one that’s younger, so you don’t need to speak politely.
Please speak normally.”

“I, I see.
Got it.
Still, is it alright for a person from the Hero Party to cooperate with our plan?”

“Former, you mean.
I don’t belong to the Hero Party anymore, so there’s no problems.”

“My bad for while you’re speaking, but we’re pressed for time.
Start the final checks.”

 With Selma’s one voice, the atmosphere of the three tenses up.

 The final checks are the same as what I had been informed yesterday. 

 After finishing the final checks, each leader is to head to the beginner parties they are responsible for.

 I am in-charge of the 9th and 10th Squad.

 As I too, was about to leave, Selma called out to me. 

“The 10th Squad comprises our promising rookies.
If they can polish their party cooperation, then they will have the ability to handle even the middle layers without difficulty.
I look forward to you guiding them.”

 Don’t entrust such promising rookies to an outsider, come on…

I’ll do everything I can.”

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