Perhaps because of her personality, she can’t be proactive in battle, but this can probably be improved if she starts opening up to her companions. 

 Compared to advanced explorers, of course they’re still a long way off, but their flaws are not flaws you’d usually find in beginners, and they’re kids that leave you looking forward to their future growth. 

 The 9th Squad… yeah, in the future they might start showing promise. 

 While thinking about that, the Officers, excluding Selma and I, defeat the 20th Floor Boss. 

 For the time being, that concludes today huh.

 I’d thought more problems would arise, but I guess the Clan had made sufficient preparations. 

 Even when they encountered situations where it was difficult to make straightforward decisions, no one panicked and they were able to deal with them.

 To be honest, I didn’t think it would go this smoothly.

 It seems I had underestimated this organisation called “Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit”.

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 Though I say that, from tomorrow we will be entering the middle layers. 

 There will be fewer levels to traverse than today, but it’s definitely going to become harder. 

 Arriving at the 20th floor, the newcomers take turns to hold their Guild card over the crystal.
After they finish, we all transfer to the surface. 

 Even though we end earlier than planned, the sun has already set.

 I catch sight of many among the beginners who have reached peak tension and fatigue.

 Today’s exploration is really terrible on the beginners.

 Seriously to make this kind of plan, I really want to lecture that thoughtless, idiotic aristocrat. 

 All of us moved to the plaza where we had gathered in the morning.
There, Selma expresses her thanks to the beginners, and today comes to an end. 

 Naturally, even I was a little tired, so I was thinking of finishing a proper dinner and quickly hurrying to bed, when Selma called out to me. 

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“Orn, how were the beginners?”

“Well, the 9th Squad might show future promise, the 10th Squad, just as you said, Selma, are promising rookies, but they are entirely incapable of coordinating.
Especially Caroline, who honestly does nothing but worry me.”

“Hahaha… That’s already much better than before.”

 Selma murmurs with a vexed face.

 If that’s better, how exactly was it like before…

“Then, I’ll be counting on you tomorrow too.”

“Yeah, good night.”

 I part from Selma and walk around the city to arrange dinner.

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