“This comes after all huh…”

On the morning of the second day of the guided exploration, per my daily routine, I read the newspaper. 

The front page of the newspaper has a headline about the Hero Partys Enchanter being replaced. 

The contents are as follows:

”We have received information that the Hero Party replaced their Enchanter the previous day. 

This newspaper was able to secure an exclusive interview, and the information obtained from that interview will be reported here.

First, the biggest reason leading to the replacement of their Enchanter was because the previous individual, Orn Doula, was lacking in ability. 

The leader of the Hero Party, Sword Saint Oliver, aware that Enchanters are indispensable for challenging the labyrinth, had allowed the Enchanter Orn Doula to remain in the party up to now.  

However, Sword Saint Oliver was unaware that Orn Doulas capabilities were inferior to even the average Enchanter. 

That is to say the Hero Party, while with that kind of inadequate Enchanter, was still able to achieve the unprecedented feat of descending to the 94th Floor of the Great Labyrinth. 

Already from yesterday, an explorer previously active in the Western Great Labyrinth, Philly Carpenter, has joined them in replacement.

The strength of this explorer appears to approach that of the best Enchanter on the continent, Selma Claudel fromNight Skys Silver Rabbit.

With the addition of this new member to the Hero Party,  expectations can only grow for their future challenge of the Great Labyrinth.”

The publisher of this report is connected to a sponsor of the Hero Party with a big fat pipe, so information about the Hero Party is virtually monopolised by this newspaper. 

Nevertheless, I feel like theres no need to be this derisive of me…

There are about two other newspapers that can be called major publishers.

Neither company deals with information on the Hero Party, they mainly write about the trends of other Clans and parties. 

“At least wait until the guided exploration was over, thats the only thing I was hoping for hah.”

The envious looks I got from yesterdays beginners will probably turn into contempt. 

Especially the 10th Squads Logan, heading into the middle layer, Im supposed to be the one taking command, but whether that highly prideful guy will follow my instructions….

“Haaa, thinking of it wont help things. For now, I should go to the plaza.”

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As Im walking towards the assembly point, I was called from behind.

Turning back, there is a beautiful girl with purple-blue hair extending to her waist. 

Her name is Luna Flockhart. She is a Supporter who belongs to the Hero Party.

During the time I was in the Hero Party, amidst the gradual worsening of the members treatment towards me, she was the only one that acted towards me the same way as before. 

When I was expelled from the party, she seemed to have important business back at her family home, and wasnt present in the mansion rented for the Hero Party.  

If Luna had been there, I mightve not been expelled.

With that said, Oliver probably chose that precise timing when Luna wasnt there, and in the end, I guess it wouldve happened sooner or later. 

The way Im thinking about this seems to suggest I still have lingering attachments to the Hero party…

I should have already cut our ties though.

“Its been a while, right? Orn.”

“…Thats right.”

Actually, four days havent even passed, but it feels like its been a really long time since Ive seen Lunas face. 

“Sorry, even though youre about to dive into the labyrinth, I ended up calling out to you.”

Somehow Luna knew about my cooperation with “Night Skys Silver Rabbit”.

Well, since its information related to “Night Skys Silver Rabbit” after all, itll be out quickly huh.

I had been wondering if Oliver would find more fault with me regarding this matter, but as far as I could see from the article, I was out of their sight, and worrying too much about nothing.

“No, its alright. So, is there anything you need?”


Luna lowers her gaze as she pauses for a moment, before returning her eyes to me. 

“Orn, please, wont it be possible for you to return to our party? We need Orns strength!”

I was wondering if she might say that. She values me highly. 

“…Is that the consensus of the party? From what I saw in this mornings article, I dont think thats the case.”

“Its at my, own discretion… But! If Orn, you can come back, Ill do everything I can to convince everyone!”

Her eyes are serious. She intends to earnestly persuade the other members. 

――But, in many ways, its already too late. 

“With that kind of article going around, dont you agree that its impossible for me to return? Besides, I myself have no desires about returning.”

“No way… we promised! To clear the Great Labyrinth together!”

“Thats a promise I made with you and Oliver, the three of us. That Oliver expelled me from the party, so the promise has already been broken.”

“That, might be the case but…”

“…My bad. Im about to be late, so Ill be going.”

Its a little direct, but it would have been difficult if she keeps persisting, so I turn my back on Luna and head for the plaza. 

When I arrive at the plaza, the beginners gazes concentrate on me. 

However, their looks are not like the envy from yesterday, and carry confusion. 

After their expectations had been fanned like that yesterday, to this mornings article. 

It cant be helped that the beginners are puzzled.

“Orn, sorry.”

At some point, Selma had come next to me and apologised. 

“Theres nothing Selma needs to apologise for, Im sure.”

“But yesterday I exploited you like that to stir up the beginners. Their current reaction is probably because of that.”

Selma, who usually cuts a figure full of confidence, has become dispirited. 

She looks like shes really fretting over it. 

“If youre like this, the guided exploration will end up failing, you know. Ill properly provide support, so please be dignified and imposing. Thats more Selma-like.”

“…Huuu, Ive been told. If youre saying that much to me. Then, today too, Ill do it as usual. I leave the support to you.”    

It seems like shes recovered her mood, she releases a powerful voice. 

After all, this fits Selma better. 

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

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