Selma speaks to the beginners, and the second day of the guided exploration begins. 

“Orn, you were kicked out of the Hero Party because of your lack of skills apparently. But didnt you say yesterday that adifference in goals was the main reason?” 

Immediately after entering the labyrinth, Logan speaks to me in a mocking tone.

Well, I was the one who found it tiresome yesterday and just gave some sloppy reason…

If only I hadnt tried to hold onto my pride…

I say that, but it couldnt be helped that I did end up using that excuse.

“Dont uselessly flap your gums, concentrate. The demonic beasts here are more troublesome than yesterdays.”

“These upper layer demonic beasts cant even catch up to me, can they? Ah, someone lacking in skill like you would have tough fights even in the upper layers, right.”

Haaa… They say that the smaller the dog, the louder the bark, but they didnt say that the noise would be this jarring to the ear. 

In the first place, I want you to not think just from that article, that your skills are better than mine. 

“I said concentrate, you didnt hear me?”

“–su!? Tsk, I understand!”

When I warn him again while lightly instilling some bloodlust, he finally shuts up. 

Have I not yet grown up?

It wasnt just Logan, but even Carolines attitude towards me has become like shes looking down on me. 

These kids are seriously…

The attitudes of these two are worrisome, but the exploration itself proceeds smoothly and we reach the 30th floor. 

From here on, I will be giving battle instructions. Properly following my instructions, probably not haah…

My worry is proven right. 

Entering the middle layers, the 10th Squads first battle.

The enemy consists of five Goblins at the front and an Orc at a slight distance behind.

“Caroline, attract the Goblins! Logan, support magic on Caroline, Sophia clean up the Orc behind!”

“Haa! What passive directions! Caroline, defeat the Orc! Ill handle the Goblins. Sophia too, take down one Goblin.”

Logan ignores me and instructs the party.

What the, your instructions neglect everything about party roles…

I dont know if Caroline is following Logans instructions, or if she just wants to fight against a strong demonic beast, but she rushes through the Goblins and into the Orc. 

Logan also defeats four Goblins as he declared.

Sophia, in confusion from two conflicting sets of instructions, isnt able to do anything. 

“Tsk! Useless!”

Logan badmouths Sophia while defeating the remaining one.

Taking a bit more time, Caroline defeats the Orc, the battle concludes with everyone unscathed. 

“…What was that battle?”

When Caroline returns, I call out to the members of the 10th Squad.

The nearby Selma isnt trying to stop me, so Ill continue with this talk. 

“What – that was our successful battle strategy. Ended without a single person wounded.”

I hold back my feelings of wanting to shout and am trying my best to calm down so I can speak calmly. 

“Ehhh. For something like Goblins, even I alone can deal with them. If thats the case, then it isnt a strange decision to have Caroline tackle the strong enemy Orc right? Orn, youre a guy too obsessed with going by the book, yeah. With a head screwed on that tight, you cant explore the labyrinth you know? Ah, thats why you were kicked out of your party huh.”

“….Lets assume that the way you just fought was correct. In fact, as you say, there were no casualties.”

“So you can properly understand what I was thinking, Ill praise you for your honesty.”

Who the hell do you think you are, this guy.

“But, your instructions were poor.”

“Huh? Can you say where exactly there was a mistake? Please stop with the unjustified criticisms.”

“Earlier, didnt you ridicule Sophia?”

“Ehhh, thats because it was her bad for just standing there dumbly without listening to my instructions.” 

“Putting your own mistakes on others, you still dare to say things like that huh?”

“There were no problems with my instructions. I clearly saidSophia too, take down one Goblin, didnt I!”

“The only person that can understand that kind of instruction is you, the one envisioning the entire scene in your own mind. Among the five, exactly which four was to be taken by you, which one was to be taken by Sophia? Without knowing that, dont you think anyone in that situation wouldnt be able to target their attacks? In the case of the previous battle where the two of you defeated all the enemies, it might have been a different story entirely if you had actually earlier discussed and coordinated on issues such as like who would be attacking from the right, but since you probably didnt even do that, theres nothing else to say except that your earlier instructions were poor.”


I am being glared at frustratedly, but no reply comes. 

“Logan got scolded~. Ahaha!”

While looking at the Logan that was criticised by me, Caroline laughs. 

“You too, Caroline. Why did you plunge into the Orc?”

“Eh, because Logan said he would defeat the Goblins, and because I want to kill a strong demonic beast!”

“Youre a Defender. Youre in a party, so play your part. If you can do that, still have breathing room, and dont do anything that troubles the party, then you can do anything you like freely, nobody will complain.”


Both of them show facial expressions that theyre not convinced at all. 

If only what I just said can resonate with them. 

“Selma, Im sorry. I ended up taking some time. Lets resume the exploration.”

“Got it. Then, lets carry on!”

We reach todays final objective, the 36th Floor.

Today too, there have been no problems overall, and things proceeded smoothly. 

It was just that those two members of the 10th Squad didnt follow a single one of my instructions to the end. 

If they had struggled even a slight bit during battles, they might have been more receptive to my words. However, even without putting much thought into battle, their individual abilities are high, and after entering the middle layers, even battles that seemed like they would be tough were no challenge at all. 

After returning from the Great Labyrinth, Selma calls for everyone to disperse, and the day concludes. 

I stop the members of the 10th Squad who are about to leave.

“You guys, youve conveyed very clearly your feelings of not wanting to follow my instructions. However, this is your Clans plan. You guys are members of your Clan, and I am an explorer hired by your Clan. This will all be over in one day, so tomorrow, can you not disregard my instructions?” 

Honestly, I want to leave these kids alone, but as long as I am under official request from “Night Skys Silver Rabbit”, I must work for my pay. 

“Haa… Theres no way I will learn anything from someone who was expelled from their party because their skills are lacking. The truth is listening to your instructions will just be a waste of time, wont it?”

Logan utters exasperatedly from the bottom of his heart.

“Then, whether its useless or not, you can decide that after acting according to my commands once.” 

“I can tell before I even try, you know. I dont do useless things.”

Why is this guy so rebellious?

Dont tell me you seriously think youre stronger than me?

I can understand this guy has a rebellious attitude because of his arrogant personality, but what line of thinking exactly did he go through to reach the conclusion that hes stronger than me…

“I, I think following Orns instructions, will be better…”

“Sophia, quiet. After all, were the only beginner party today to not suffer a single loss. Results are everything for explorers! So theres nothing wrong with following my instructions.”

“Certainly, results are everything. I can agree with that opinion. But you guys should still have some leeway. And if you do have leeway to spare, then wouldnt it be good to search for different methods? Try different things. Because theres not only one answer.”

“…su! Shut up! I just dont want to be commanded by a weak guy who got kicked out of his party!!”

Finally Logan explodes.

Apparently no matter what I say, my words cant reach that guy.

Ive already done so much up to now. Isnt it enough?

“Logan, cut it out.”

Selma intervenes, perhaps even she can no longer overlook this. 

Logan flinches, he probably hadnt expected Selma intervention.  

“–su…. I beg your pardon.”

Logan departs without saying anything more. 

Caroline follows him. 

Sophia panics, but Selma tells her to chase after Logan, and Sophia does so.

“Sorry, Orn. ​​I didnt think Logan would make things this complicated…”

I convey to Selma who had come to apologise that Im not bothered.

“Thank you. Afterwards, Ill make sure to explain to them in detail that they are to follow your instructions tomorrow.”

“Theres no need for that.”


“If you lecture them, in the worst case, negative outcomes may arise in tomorrows exploration. So if you want to do so, please do it after the guided exploration is over. For the time being, Ill just make sure that they at least dont die.”

“…………Orn, Logan is one of our important companions. Im aware that its an audacious request, but I would like for you to help him before he gets hurt. I will handle the emotional follow-up. Please.”

To be honest, I dont care if Logan dies, but if Selma is going this far to ask me, I cant refuse. 

“…Understood. However, he seems to want to fight freely, so Ill let him do as he likes.”

“…Ah. Thats okay.”

The conversation with Selma ends, and as Im about to head back,

“Yo Orn, you good for a bit?”

I am called out to, when I turn to the source of the voice, I see the two Defender Officers. 

Next is time for these two to find fault with me huh, I think, while fed up. 

“……What is it?”

“…How to put it, thanks for your hard work. No, how about grabbing dinner together, we were thinking. Hows it? Go for a drink?”

Not criticism, an invitation to eat. 

Since Im currently probably not in the best mental state to be alone, and thinking that it might be a bit of fun, I decide to have a meal with them.

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