p>“Speaking of which, I heard that a labyrinth nearby opened the other day.
Since it’s a good opportunity, let’s check it out.”

 I decide to head to the newly found labyrinth, and after preparing the equipment for adventuring, I left the inn.


 The reason for the existence of labyrinths is unknown.

 More than a hundred years ago, it seems that they suddenly appeared in various places.

 The interior structure of labyrinths vary widely.
Some have artificial stone passages, some are like caves, and some are similar to the wide spaces found above ground.

 Labyrinths are organised similarly, ranging from 10 to 30 floors, but on this continent there are four known exceptions.

 These are the giant labyrinths said to be composed of 100 layers, otherwise known as Great Labyrinths.

 In the Great Labyrinth, the environment changes as you go up certain levels, and what you can obtain also changes greatly.

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 Because of that, it is said that if you challenge the Great Labyrinth, there is no need to challenge other labyrinths – all types of magic beast materials, magic stones, plant species, and minerals can be obtained.

 In actuality that isn’t the case, but I won’t mention more here.

 Therefore, it is said that the lowest floor that you can reach in Great Labyrinths is one kind of status among explorers.

 Arrival at the target labyrinth.

 Explorer Guild staff are managing admission at the entrance to the labyrinth.

 You can enter the labyrinth by showing a Guild card to the staff managing the entrance.

 I walk up to the Guild staff and show my Guild card.

“Um… are you diving alone in the labyrinth …?”

 A female guild employee looks around me.
And then she asks this question after confirming there was nobody but me.

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“According to the regulations there are no problems.
But labyrinths are very dangerous places, you know? It’s reckless to go alone.
If you go to the Guild headquarters, there are explorers gathering members for parties, so I think it might be better if you party up first.

 The Guild employee gives me advice in a gentle tone.

 What this person is saying is correct.

 However, I’ve heard that the strength of the magic beasts in this labyrinth is about the same as or weaker than the upper layers of the Great Labyrinth.

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 In that case, I can deal with them alone without any problem.

 I know this person is giving me sincere advice, but at least check the Guild card before deciding if the recipient is someone you should be giving advice to.

“I appreciate your warning.
However, I will have no problems being alone.
I think you can understand if you take a look at my card.”

“Card…? …Eh…”

 The face of the Guild staff who checked my Guild card froze.

 The only use of a Guild card aboveground is to verify that the owner is an explorer.

 To that end, what is displayed is the owner’s name and the lowest floor reached in the Great Labyrinth… only these two things.

 In other words, my Guild card shows that I have reached the 94th floor of the Great Labyrinth in this city.

“9, 94th floor challenger!? I beg your pardon! My apologies for being rude!”

 The attitude of the Guild staff who checked my card changes completely.
With great vigour she bowed her head.

“No, it’s alright.
Well then, is it okay if I enter?”

“Of, of course! Please proceed.”

 Receiving entry permission, I take a step into the labyrinth.


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