nters as people that only cast support magic while leaving the battle to their allies. 

 Therefore, it became common for most parties to leave the task of taking command to the Enchanter, because they look like they’re just watching over the battle and not doing any fighting. 

 The Hero Party was one of them. 

 Well, this way of thinking is probably largely influenced by the appearance of the Genius Enchanter. 

 Count the remaining time of the buffs of each individual ally, reapply the buff before it expires. 

 Furthermore, while activating different kinds of support magic in response to changing situations, to also have to simultaneously give instructions. 

 And finally, because their role is very inconspicuous, they aren’t evaluated very positively.
This is the current state of Enchanters. 

 With all this, you probably wouldn’t stop me from saying that Enchanters are unfortunate. 

 The actual effort they put in is not matched by how they are evaluated by their surroundings. 

 Support magic improves my physical abilities, allowing me to defeat multiple enemies in an instant without any danger.

 After defeating them, I stand by there in alert while waiting for my support magic to expire. 

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“It’s just about 180 seconds, good that it’s easy to count.”

 The duration of my self-cast support magic is perfect for three minutes.

 I’ve used support magic on myself before.

 However, until now, I had prioritised the count of other party members, so I didn’t know my own buff period.

 After grasping my buff period, I tried fighting in various patterns. 

 First, I started the battle just before buff period ended, and tried to re-cast the support magic in the middle of battle.

 In addition, I tried various things such as using attack magic simultaneously along with close-combat fighting, and testing the ease of using my original magic. 

 One of my original magics has the effect of granting a large buff in exchange for lasting only an extremely short duration. 

 Until now, it had been difficult to match my activation timing with my party members’ movements. 

 However, if I use it on myself, I can calculate all of my own timings, so it’s a huge result that I can easily utilize this magic. 

 Closing into nearly 20 battles, I am quickly approaching the establishment of a new style that combined my past efforts as a Swordsmen with my recent efforts as an Enchanter. 

“Jack of all trades, hah…”

 My physical strength is average compared to other explorers.

 It can’t reach the level of advanced A rank explorers. 

 As for magic, for some reason… I can’t activate magic that is advanced level or above. 

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 I’m an average person.

 But even the average me has a redeeming feature. 

 That is, the ability to quickly acquire skills that ordinary people can only obtain through great effort. 

 Although I say I can acquire skills, they only come at the bare minimum level, and I still need to use considerable effort and time to improve the skill from there. 

 After all, just a jack of all trades…

 Still, I had vowed to get stronger and became an explorer.

 That’s why shortly after becoming an explorer and feeling the limits of my own abilities, I didn’t just give up. 

 The only thing I could do was to greedily acquire more knowledge and skills. 

 To go to the limits of what can be done as an average person. 

 As a result, the speed at which I activate magic is definitely much faster than advanced explorers, and with a deep understanding of magic, I have sucess in developing my own original magic. 

 As for physical ability, I have managed to barely keep up with advanced explorers by maximizing my command of my body and learning various martial arts. 

 The term “jack of all trades” used by the current Magician of the Hero party, Aneri, might be correct. 

 ”Jack of all trades” is certainly something that doesn’t always have a positive meaning. 

 However, if such a person were to improve all their trades to the extremes, couldn’t they be said to be “omnipotent”? 

 To no longer be mocked as a “jack of all trades”, someday I’ll become known as an explorer with the mastery over anything and everything – “omnipotent”!


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