ith your leader’s instructions, but you’re still here.
Not only does that not help the girl, you’re also just whining after escaping to a safe place.
That kind of guy is the most annoying.”

“You… saying what, you like…! In that situation, even if I’d stayed back by myself, I wouldn’t’ve been able to save her!”

 The explorer rushes and tries to grab me.  

 But before he can grab me, I grab his wrist and place my other hand against his neck as I turn and occupy his side.

 Then, while kicking the back of his leg, I pull his neck down, spinning him into a beautiful fall.

 I look down at the explorer lying with his back on the floor.

“Like I said, don’t whine, lie down.”

 The atmosphere freezes.

 Ignore it and talk to the leader.

“Where did you abandon the girl?”


“Hurry up and spit out the location where you abandoned the girl.”

“Fr, from here, go straight to the end and turn right, follow along and then take the second path on the left.”

 After hearing the location, to get there as soon as possible, I activate [Agility Up] on myself. 

“O, oi, are you going to help!?”

“If not, I wouldn’t have asked for the place”

 While answering the leader’s question, I head to the location I’d been told about.

 On my way to the objective, I encounter an Orc, probably targeting the party from earlier.
Time is short. 

 I activate the intermediate magic [Rock Bind] and the Orc’s body is immobilised with rocks. 

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 WIthout slowing down, I slip pass the restrained Orc. 

 Following the directions given by the leader, I discover a group of Orcs ahead.

 The Orcs number thirteen.

 Certainly, a low-ranking party can’t handle them, but I can defeat them without difficulty. 

“No… stay away… stay away…! I don’t want to die….

 All the Orcs are facing the same direction towards a wall, and at the end of their line of sight is a girl with long scarlet hair in twintails. 

 Even as the girl’s pink eyes fill with tears, she desperately intercepts their attacks with a protective magic barrier.

 Although she’s whimpering, the look in her eyes hasn’t yet died. 

(She hasn’t given up even in this situation, amazing.)

 I’m honestly impressed with the strength of the girl’s heart.

“…[Aero shock]”

 I calculated the timing of the girl’s magic activation. 

 Then, avoiding the interval between her casts, I activated the beginner magic [Aero Shock].

 The air between the girl and the Orcs expands, creating a shock wave.

 It doesn’t affect the girl who has her magic barrier. 

 However, the same can’t be said for the Orcs, who rather than receiving damage, are pushed back about three steps due to the impact, making space between the girl and them. 


 The girl looks surprised when the Orcs suddenly give ground.

 I lightly kick the ground and jump over the group of Orcs, land in front of the girl’s eyes, and with the aim of blinding them, simultaneously activate [Flash], robbing their sight. 

“Focus on the magic barrier.
I’ll clean up the Orcs.”

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“Y, yes…!”

 After briefly instructing the girl, I cast [Strength Up] and [Dexterity Up] on myself, and [Sharpness Up] on my sword, before starting the Orc extermination.

 Orcs are by nature, low-intelligence magic beasts.

 Because of that, if they lose their sight, they’re no different from lumps of meat.

 Slash the critical points of each and every single Orc.

 Using a sword blessed by support magic, I can’t feel any contact.
It’s almost as though my swings are missing.

 However, in my field of vision, large amounts of blood spout from the places they are cut. 

 While evading the splashback of blood and after swinging my sword about a dozen times, my surroundings are left with only magic stones. 

 When I look back and check on the girl, perhaps still confused by my sudden intrusion, her magic barrier remains unbroken, and she has a blank look. 

 She doesn’t have any visible injuries.
But just in case, I activate [Heal] on the girl, and laugh to reassure her. 

 ……Did I manage to laugh well?

“I’m, alive…? Th, that was scary…”

 Then, the magical barrier dissipates, the girl, releasing her tension, sinks into the ground and starts shedding large tears. 

 Is she probably about 14 years old? 

 What to do… I don’t really know how to handle a younger girl crying. 

 The girl stifiles her voice, but it doesn’t look like she’ll stop crying anytime soon. 

 Saved from a situation she was resigned to dying in. 

 It’s alright to cry. 

(That must have been scary)

 Abandoned by the party in that kind of situation.

 Putting myself in the position of the girl, my chest tightens, and before I even notice, I am patting her head.

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