The 8 Kingdoms of Shaleon

Chapter II: The Beginning (Part 1)

19 moons(30years) ago, there lived a royal family in the east; on an island far from the mainland. These royals had a king and queen along with three adorable children.

Two of these children were boys while the first born was a girl; they were triplets. This family lived happily until King Kris, the father, took the second born son, who was considered the weakest of the children and vanished. Leaving Queen Arsa, the mother, the daughter and the third born son behind.

2 moons(4years) had passed since the father left and the mother was assassinated by a man hired by the father, which started a war amongst all the races for minerals. The villagers of the royal kingdom decided to look after the princess and prince that were left and protected them during the blood shed.

Now, the royals race were called Darklings, strong in dark magix but the royals were known to use all types of magic in their world while common folk could only do ”death ” magix, which made the royals a target. Unfortunately, that was just how things were back in the days of war.

However, royal families were known for everything but it wasn true in the case of the Darklings royals because the prince and princess of the Darklings weren what they seemed. The youngest son was an experimental hybrid of fox and angel while his older sister was an experimental hybrid of all known races; along with the extinct races, and the first prince was an experimental hybrid of Dragon folk. Sadly, no one knew of their experimental attributes except for Darkmoon.

Anyways, one or two traits of these extra races were dominantly shown on each child. The princess has a tail, the first prince has horns and the second prince has an angelic beauty to him, which none raised suspension.

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