The Kings Novel

The King\'s Prologue to a Prologue

—At the beginning of the Lexus World…

In the beginning of the Lexus World—or any Worlds in the Universe, a God is appointed by the God of the Universe, UGA, to rule, regulate, and protect the World that UGA gives to the Gods that he chose and appointed, if they die, another God will be chosen and be appointed to replace the previous God of a World.

But if a God went astray to the path that UGA showed them, UGA will send a chosen warrior to kill the strayed God so that UGA can replace him because once UGA chose and appointed a God of a world, he cannot take back the God position and power from them, they will need to wait for them to die naturally or be killed by UGAs chosen warrior.

Though he choosing a warrior to kill a God of a World is something like a Legend in the Universe, something UGA has to do once every million light-years.

But… after UGA chose and appointed Lexus—a being from a different Universe, to rule a human world, all normal have changed in the Universe, he named his world Lexus World, ruled his world like a tyrant, and have begun massacring all of humanity and returning them all to life with his God powers bestowed to him by UGA.

UGA sent his first chosen warrior to stop Lexus. But he underestimated Lexuss sheer power and got his first chosen warrior slaughtered by Lexuss hands, he didn even sweat when facing UGAs warrior.

He has already sent a dozen of his chosen warriors to kill Lexus. But they were all in vain. But UGA figured out something, something he needs to ask for permission from the Watchers of the Universe be

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