The Legend Of Tang Hu

Mysterious Voice

The Sacred Continent was an Empire existence where respect was earned with martial arts. the weak ones had the strength of tens of thousands of pounds, capable of breaking boulders. And the strong can cut rivers and split mountains.

Within the Sacred Continent there were martial kings who knew everything and could travel across thousands of miles in a single step. Martial arts determine fate, even the life and death of a cultivator. The strong look down on the world while the weak are humiliated.

The sacred continent was a world where the strong bullied the weak. Peoples status is determined by their martial arts level.

Every cultivator fought for the title of the Strongest. Only the strong have the right to survive. In fact, even if you are from the same clan or faction, if you are weak, then you will be bullied and driven out mercilessly.

The Holy Continent consists of 5 Empires:

First the Han Empire to inhabit the territory of the Western Sacred Continent.

The two Qin Empires that inhabited the territory of the Northern Sacred Continent.

The three Shui Empires that inhabited the territory of the Central Sacred Continent.

The four Wei Empires that inhabited the territory of the Eastern Sacred Continent.

The five Ming Empires that inhabited the territory of the Southern Sacred Continent.

Beyond that, there were existences that were unknown to Earth cultivators. Namely, the Sky Empire had no explanation or historical relic about the unreachable Sky Empire.

The cultivation level consists of several Star levels.

The Beginning Star level would be mortals who could crush boulders with their bare hands, those who could cultivate to the Beginning Star realm were highly respected by mortals who couldn cultivate. It would even be revered as the strongest person among mortals. however, they could only be arrogant outside the Sacred Continent, if they stepped on the Sacred Continent they would become like ants.

Star Warrior level, only those who can break through to the Star Warrior realm can be qualified to step foot into the Sacred Continent. however, Star Warriors would only be Dogs under the great clans that inhabited the Sacred Continent.

Star King level, after going through the tribulation of the difficulty of breaking through to the King Star realm a Star King level cultivator would become a person of high standing in the Sacred Continent. yet the Star King must submit to the rule of the 5 Holy Continent Empires.

Heavenly Star Level, not many people can reach this one stage. Only those who go through the process of life and death accompanied by the consumption of certain treasures can enable a King Star Cultivator to break through to the Heavenly Star Stage.

Supreme Immortal Star level, a Myth level because no earth cultivator had ever been able to reach it. yet the Supreme Immorta Star became the life goal for every cultivator on earth.

Tang Hu A genius from the Heaven Empire who was untouched by earth cultivators. Stepping over the corpses of his enemies and bathing the blood of the dead cultivator through his hands. Make Tang Hu the Emperor of the sky and sit on the throne of the Sky Empire.

The existence of the Earth is just a grain of dust in front of the Heavenly Emperor, because without the need to use his true power the Heavenly Emperor can destroy the earth.

Tang Hu ruled the millennial sky Empire with the help of his younger brother who always accompanied his life journey. Also he has a true love, namely Lan Fei who is the only wife of Tang Hu and the Queen of the Sky Empire.

Compared to Tang Hu who only had one wife. His younger brother Tang Min had a dozen wives of peerless beauties.

Tang Hu doesn really care about other women, because he has had enough of his true love Lan Fei.

One day Tang Hus life, which was very peaceful and happy with his eternal life, was destroyed because of a betrayal.

”Feier… Why?… ” Tang Hu had excruciating pain and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

What he drank was poison that could destroy the cultivation of an Immortal like Tang Hu.

The bed was very large with white curtains scattered in all directions. The sleeping Tang Hu didn expect his wife, true love and queen to poison him through mouth and mouth kisses.

”Guakk… ” Tang Hu coughed once more.

”Hahahaha… ” From a distance a man in loose clothes came with his laughter so loud.

”Tang Min… ” It was impossible not to recognize the other party because his sister was always by his side.

Tang Min, who had just arrived, immediately hugged Lan Feis soft waist and the two of them were very affectionate as if they were lovers in front of Tang Hu who was lying on the bed.

Tang Hu was depressed and angry, he wasn a fool and it was obvious the two were having an affair behind his back.

Damn… You two are Hypocrites.

Tang Hu looked at Lan Fei with gritted teeth. Completely beyond reason, the woman who had been with him for thousands of years would betray him.

Pain… Tang Hu felt the pain not because his Dantian was Shattered but rather the feeling of himself being hurt.

Not to mention that the man is none other than his own brother who grew up and grew up together. Tang Hu felt crazy just thinking about it what else if it came true.

”Brother… The person who should be the emperor is me not you, And Lan Fei should be mine not yours… ” Every word from Tang Min was like a thorn piercing every part of Tang Hus back.

”You two… Guakkk… ” Tang Hu couldn say what was in his mind.

Seeing Tang Hu who was in pain the two just looked on with the corners of their mouths raised.

”I won forgive you two… ” Tang Hu struggled to speak.

”Hahaha… ” Both of them laughed.

”Brother… Have you never thought, the reason why Lan Fei can have a child from you?… ” Tang Min asked.

”Don tell me… ” Tang Hu could only guess.

”Thats right because I took the birth control pill to keep from getting pregnant when I had sex with you… ” This time it was Lan Fei who explained.


Tang Hu was very frustrated, he really loved one person, namely Lan Fei. However, the other party didn want to bear his children how could Tang Hu not be angry?… Lan Fei didn love him as much as Tang Hu loved Lan Fei so much.

”Brother… I have to admit that Lan Feis body is more delicious than all my wives and concubines… ” Tang Mins statement made Tang Hu even more depressed, causing him to cough up more blood.

Since when… Those two playing behind my back?

”When Big Brother is away… Lan Fei and I always do it and if you count maybe I do more than you… ” Tang Min confessed with a smile on his face.

Tang Hu was silent.

”Looks like youll never see your nephew… ” Tang Min touched Lan Feis stomach.

”Feier… You
e Pregnant?… ” Tang Hu couldn believe it. She had already taken certain medications so that Lan Fei could bear her children.

But the reality is so cruel because the other Party deliberately prevents pregnancy.

”Brother… This is our child, not yours… ” Tang Min explained.

”Thats because you didn let me use the Birth control Pill… ” Lan Fei said with a frown while being angry at Tang Min.

If Lan Fei wasn pregnant obviously this charade would have lasted much longer.

”Shit… I won forgive you two… ” Tang Hu shouted before finally fainting.

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