The Legend Of Tang Hu

Realm Violet Immortal

Tang Hu opened his eyes, he could still feel the excruciating pain in his stomach.

If it was a mortal it would definitely perish instantly after consuming the poison earlier. The Immortal Tang Hu though lost his cultivation due to the poison. He will not die but is vulnerable to death.

A novice Star level cultivator could kill himself so easily, why didn Tang Min as well as Lan Fei kill him?

Tang Hu walked while holding his aching stomach, he looked around and could see that he was on a hill. while the land he stepped on was no more than 2 by 3 meters with steep cliffs around him.

On each side there was a yellow light flashing so clearly it was an Array specially created to restrain Immortal Cultivators.

Tang Hu started to recall exactly where he was at the moment. The Cliff of Eternal Retribution was a place to hold Eternal Cultivators who committed crimes.

Usually Tang Hu punished criminal immortal cultivators by first crippling his cultivation and then imprisoning him in the Cliff of Immortal Retribution.

Tang Hu didn expect that one day it would end up like an immortal cultivator committing a crime. He took off the clothes he was wearing to see if he had the red snake seal

Seeing the red snake seal on his stomach made Tang Hu even more depressed. The seal of the red serpent was to prevent the immortal villain from committing suicide.

Now Tang Hu couldn get out of the Cliff of Eternal Retribution and couldn commit suicide either.


Tang Hu could only sit quietly by himself as he thought of his self-hatred overflowing. There was only one wish that Tang Hu had which was revenge.

Since he was immortal would Tang Hu just accept his fate? Staying on the Cliff of Eternal Retribution for good?

Damn… I don want this…

”Tang Hu Do you want to leave this place?… ” A voice could be heard clearly.

Tang Hu was very confused because the Cliff of Eternal Retribution had no one but himself. Tang Hu circled the place but found no party except Himself at the place of the Cliff of Eternal Retribution.

”Who are you?…don hide ” Tang Hu asked flatly.

”Who are you looking for?… I am intangible, you can call me the Observer who sees all the universe… ” The clear voice came again and now Tang Hu didn go around but stood still.

”What is an observer?… ” Tang Hu asked.

”You can call me the God of Observation and the creator of the Universe and its contents… ” The Mysterious Voice came again.

”God?… ” Tang Hu said in confusion.

After becoming the celestial emperor who has the power of a god, he does not believe in the existence of the creator god of the universe.

Immortal cultivators were determined by their cultivation level, Those who were strong and stood at the peak would be able to rule over the weak, gaining the highest honor. There are no rules to submit to anyone, including even gods.

”Hahaha… I must be crazy to even be able to listen to an intangible voice and claim to be a God… ” Tang Hu laughed.

”So you don believe in the existence of a God… The Creator of Heaven and Hell, Who rules the life and death of all Eternals and Mortals… Do you think it was created by itself?… ” A mysterious voice asked.

”Forget it, As a God I intend to help you… Since I feel sorry for your fate, the Existence of a God should not interfere with the interests of its Beings… ” The mysterious voice added.

Tang Hu started to think hard if the existence of Gods really was where they had been all this time, why turning a blind eye didn provide any help.

”Wait… ” Tang Hu said in a hurry.

His only wish was revenge, even if he sold his soul to the devil Tang Hu didn care.

”Fortunately as a God, Im very Forgiving otherwise I wouldn have spoken to you again… ” The mysterious voice sounded again.

”God… Are you strong?… ” Tang Hu asked with interest.

”Strong!!!… Hahaha… If Heavenly Emperor Tang Hu was in his peak state, he would be like a grain of dust in front of the existence of Gods. Even the Heavenly Empire that you are proud of and its contents, I can eliminate it in a matter of seconds… ”

”I can negate something that you think is eternal and also create something from nothing… ” A mysterious voice explained.

”Are all Gods like you?… ” Tang Hu asked again.

”Hem… I regret talking to my own creatures… too many questions… Usually I give second chances to certain Creatures, even moving souls from other places without saying anything, Now… ” The mysterious voice stopped for a moment.

”God… How do I get out of the Cliff of Immortal Retribution?… Also will you be able to restore my Dantian Form so I can cultivate again?… ” Tang Hu was very happy, now that he had the chance to take revenge.

”Not what you think… Your destiny line ends at the Cliff of Eternal Retribution… If I do as you say then your destiny line will change… Talking too much, I will move your soul… ”

”Wait s- ” Before Tang Hu could ask again, a bright white light suddenly engulfed the world, obliterating his vision.




Yangzhou City, home of the Su family.

Immediately after being blinded by the white light Tang Hu opened his eyes again and stared at the shabby space that was around him, his eyes revealing a hint of bitter frustration.

”Where is this?… ” The place was so foreign to Tang Hu.

Tang Hu took this moment to quickly search through his memories.

In his memories, he discovered that he was in the body of a mortal Human who was unable to cultivate. had the same name as Tang Hu, and had the exact same appearance as his old yet younger self.

As for how he got into this situation, Tang Hu slowly remembered everything about the poor body owner he had taken over.

Yangzhou City was a city that was outside the Sacred Continent, one could say the city of Mortals, where Beginning Star level cultivators were highly respected and feared greatly by Mortals.

The strong command the weak and the weak can only submit. Tang Hu remembered that he was the young master of the Tang Family.

His father was a Patriarch but perished while protecting the Su Family from his enemies. His mother also died while giving birth to Tang Hu. Now the new Patriarch of the Tang family is taken over by his uncle, Tang Murai.

The Su Family and Tang Family had a marriage contract and it was between him and the daughter of the Su family. Because the Su family and Tang familys marriage contract cannot be cancelled. For that his uncle, the Tang Familys Patriarch, sent Tang Hu to the Su Familys residence, as well as banishing Tang Hus presence from the Tang family.

During Tang Hus stay in the Su family he only slept in a small and shabby house located in the backyard. Then exactly one week without meeting his wife, the daughter of the Su family. Tang Hu got a drink from Princess Sus personal maid.

Because she couldn cultivate the Su familys daughter didn want to marry Tang Hu. It is very clear that the drink is poison and instantly kills the owner of his old body.

Damn… Not in this life, nor in the previous life. I was poisoned by my own wife.

”There is no true love, there is no true enemy… ” Tang Hu said coldly.

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