The Legend Of Tang Hu

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Yangzhou City, home of the Su family.

In the backyard of the Su familys house there is a small shabby house, in front of which is a handsome young man in loose white clothes sitting with his legs crossed.

A few people passing by the back of the Su familys house could see it in bewilderment at hearing the young mans strange words.

”God… are you listening to me?… ”

”God… are you there?… ”

”God… please answer my question?… ”

Everyones assumption is only one, namely the son-in-law of the Su family has gone mad.

Tang Hu sat in the front since last night where he had just had a soul transfer. Currently he is taking over the body of the son-in-law of the Su family who died because of his wifes poison as well.

Tang Hu who was currently sitting and kept asking about the whereabouts of the God that made his soul move. Right now his mortal self wanted to speak again with a mysterious voice claiming to be the existence of a God.

If that was before Tang Hu would never have believed in the existence of Gods, he thought that transferring ones soul could be done by certain techniques. but the result was not as good and natural as he felt.

Tang Hu could only believe that the mysterious voice earlier was the real God, who was observing the order of the universe. it means the existence of all life is in the palm of Gods existence.

The reason why Tang Hu wanted to speak again in a mysterious voice was that he had a thousand questions running through his mind. because God didn respond Tang Hu could only give up.

”Looks like… God just looked at me and doesn want to talk to me anymore… ” Tang Hu sighed.

Tang Hu recalled the reason he lived in this shabby little house, Its true that he is now the son-in-law of the Su family.

Ten years ago to be exact when Tang Hus father became a Patriarch, had helped the Su family to face quite a formidable opponent.

Tang Hus father, who had an Eight-Star Beginning cultivation level, was the strongest person in Yangzhou City. However, it was unfortunate that his opponent had a Nine-Star Cultivation level and was half a step into the Star Warrior cultivation realm. Tang Hus father perished but was able to pull his opponent into the same situation of death. .

Thinking of this made Tang Hu hate the Su family even more, even though his father became a hero and the Su family and Tang family made a marriage contract to repay Tang Hus fathers great sacrifice.

But now, because he was unable to cultivate and was only a Mortal, the Su family did not recognize Tang Hu as a son-in-law and abandoned him in the backyard.

”Su family, I will remember this debt… ” Tang Hu said coldly.

After his fathers death, Tang Hu had no one, and the Tang family did the same. Patriarch Tang Murai did not keep his promise to Tang Hus late father.

Before his death, Tang Hus late father entrusted his 6-year-old son to his brother, Tang Murai. also entrusted the Tang family to him. But what did Tang Murai do to Tang Hu?

Ten years ago, after the death of his father, Tang Hu, who was then 6 years old, was no longer given special treatment like the young master of the Tang family. He was moved to a small house while his old residence was taken over by his cousin, Tang Zen.

Not only a place to live, Tang Hu also didn get an education like his cousin and he was also banned from touching cultivation manuals so he couldn cultivate.

Right at the age of 16 without any cultivation it was clear that Tang Hu could only be trash and a delay in cultivation, while his cousin Tang Zen not only got education and cultivation, he also got a lot of treasures from the Tang family.

What a pitiful treatment, compared to Tang Hu, his brother Tang Zen was able to cultivate to the Five Star Beginner cultivation realm and was said to be a thousand year old genius, and was now an outer disciple of the Yun Hai Sect.

Tang Hu who thought this could only curse in his heart, if only the owner of his old body received the same treatment. at least won lose to his cousin Tang Zen.

”Did you hear? He is the trash of the Tang family… ”

”Shit… Trash like him doesn deserve to be Miss Sus husband… ”

”Hes just handsome, nothing more… ”

”I heard that Miss Su is going to divorce her… ”

”It would be good if that happened… He doesn deserve to be with Miss Su let alone be her husband… ”

Tang Hu could hear the conversation of some passersby passing by the Su familys backyard.

”I heard he went crazy… ”

”How can it not be crazy?… He has a beautiful wife like Miss Su but instead of sleeping in the same bed, he sleeps in a shabby and small house… ”

”If it was me… I would definitely kill myself… ”

Tang Hu didn care what the passersby said and thought of it as a fart. By now he had focused his mind and started to meditate. Slowly, world essence began to flow into Tang Hus limbs and bones while nurturing his body and martial spirit.

As the former Emperor of the heavens cultivating like breathing, Tang Hus understanding of cultivation was deeper than anyone else. His mortal body without any physical defects, but his body has its own uniqueness.

Tang Hu felt that the mortal body he was currently in was the body of a rare genius, and he had to admit and be surprised that it was better than his old body as the emperor of the heavens at the same stage.

”Hahaha… Geniuses like this don cultivate, what a waste ” Tang Hu laughed then continued his meditation.

As Tang Hu continued to cultivate his body was unconsciously sucked into the vortex of the dimensional portal.

”What happened? How did I get to this place? Aren I in the backyard of the Su family?… ” Tang Hu asked confusedly.

Previously, he meditated in front of a small and shabby house. Now when Tang Hu opened his eyes again he was in an unknown fertile plain with a purple sky.

The place had no one, and there was only one big tree growing in the center. no house, and no other plants. as Tang Hu walked to the edge, he could see that the place he was standing on was an island floating in the sky with a single existence.

”Its not that this is a spatial dimension… But its very different from what Ive understood so far… ” Tang Hu was very confused.

Usually a certain Dimensional space has a fixed existence or has a certain treasure to open it, why would he be able to enter a dimensional space without using a certain treasure or Array door.

If Tang Hu lived in this dimension forever it was clear he didn want it, for that Tang Hu thought of a place and that place was the Su familys residence in the backyard.

In the process of moving Tang Hus body was sucked into the vortex of the dimensional portal.

In an instant, Tang Hu stood back up in front of the shabby and small house he had been living in for more than a week.

”Hahaha… I see now, That place is within my soul sea and I can enter and exit instantly, It seems that God gave me a dimensional space gift… ” Tang Hu smiled from ear to ear.

”I will name the Realm Violet Immortal… ” Tang Hu was very happy, if in the Sky Empire he had to use a treasure that was used once every few years, to enter the dimensional space.

Now he could instantly enter the Violet Immortal Realm which meant the Purple Immortal World.

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