The large lizard-like footprints stomped on the wooden floor of the spacious library room. The Great Dragon Trixon squirmed once as the light enveloped him and transformed him into an adult human with silvery blue hair. Han Zhong, who was watching his Grandfather transform into form, immediately knelt down in salute.

”Grandpa, you called me? ”

A strong gust of wind crossed the dark castle passage. As the library doors moved shut, Han Zhong rose to his feet following the 6th Trixon Grandpa who walked into the library. Not much explanation here. There were only torches hanging on every meter. The wooden floors creaked against the castle walls made of black stone, the library looked dim.

”Han Zhong, you are already seven years old, right? ” asked the old man in his trademark baritone voice. The 6th Grandpa Trixon brushed off his dangling sleeves.

”Literally, Ill be eight next week. ”

Grandpa Trixon smirks a bit. That expression gave Han Zhong a good feeling that maybe his grandfather wanted to celebrate his birthday just like the normal creatures out there. Birthday celebrations are an honor. But for Han Zhong who was born as the most glorious descendant in this Newtra land, the respect for him was Grandpa Trixon himself. Nothing more, and nothing special than a birthday celebration.

”Would you like to celebrate a birthday for me? ” asked Han Zhong playfully.

”If only Grandpa could. But there is something more important than that, ” Grandpa said seriously. His hands are sturdy and if turned into dragon hands it will be as strong as tens of tons of iron, Grandpa grabbed a book from a row of cabinet shelves. He put it down and handed it to Han Zhong.

”You didn forget this, did you? ”

The cover of the book was made of tree bark from the Barewoods Forest. Its surface felt alive when it touched Han Zhongs smooth palm. In front of the cover is written ”The Bible of Darkness ” which means the Book of Darkness. As a descendant of the Supreme Being, from birth Han Zhong knew why he was created. There is a fate line that has been passed down by the God of Light who is outside the universe.

”Remember, that this country will see the greatest darkness every two hundred years? And ten years from now is the time, ” whispered the grandfather.

Han Zhong then stuttered. He was a bit shocked and at the same time dead style. ”But grandpa, its still ten years away. Do I have to study this now? What… will something happen to… you? Grandpa, are you all right? ”

Dragon extinction occurs when the health and light possessed by each Dragon weaken. The light on each dragon could weaken if they gave all their strength to neutralize all forms of darkness in this land. As a counterweight to the land of Newtra, the land of life bestowed by the God of Light, the Dragons should carry out this task. But for Han Zhong who was only seven years old, he was sometimes still not ready to one day lose his grandfather.

”No. Grandpa is fine. Merely, grandpa was worried that the darkness that was invading this land wasn from the Abyss. But from the human race. ”

”You mean grandpa, there is a human child born from the Darkness? ” Abyss is a dark group believed to be the destroyer of Newtras land. They dug holes in the ground and then cleared the forests that used to be the habitat of other living things.


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