Snow-covered the Severe Mountains are at the top of the highlands of the Eastern continent. At the foot of the mountains, there are several valleys beneath which there are several human habitations. Since the large-scale invasion of the Abyss who controlled the small forests in the land of Newtra, some humans–one of the creatures with the least magical powers–Non-Myth–had a hard time surviving. They spread out in cities, near the borders of the Monarchs or the Kingdoms. While Myth is a creature that has the Orb of either the God of Light or the God of Darkness, living in several areas with their respective clans. Myths with the Orb of Light are called Eaven, while Myths with the Orb of Darkness are called Abyss.

Newtra land itself is divided into two major continents, namely East and West. The East has a cooler air cycle. Not infrequently many valleys and mountains surround the border of the continent. While the West, the air cycle is hotter. In fact, humans mostly moved to the West because the Abyss was rarely controlled. For the most part, the Abyss who targeted the forests and sources of life were in the foothills of the mountains and remote valleys.

It was not uncommon for Han Zhong himself to monitor the movement of people in the valley. But because of his frequent attention to humans, Han Zhong became close to some humans as well. They were always amazed by the strength that Han Zhong had. As the Most Noble Dragon Child, Han Zhongs arrival was always respected by everyone.

Even though Han Zhong was only seven years old. And not infrequently he just wants to play with other human children. Despite his appearance, Han Zhong always looked handsome and dashing–with his dark blue silver cloths, a silver crown made of the 1st Trixon Dragons hooves, and some of the royal trinkets he possessed, humans were captivated.

But as the dragons only child, Han Zhong just needed another child to socialize with.

As he passed through the border wall of Mount Severe, a very bright light appeared from behind the dark forest. Just as Han Zhong had guessed who it was, from behind the approaching light, a thin-haired little boy with long silver bangs appeared, leaping around with his lithe and then flying through the air before his feet hit the adjacent wall.

Han Zhong narrowed his eyes and snorted.

A Flinch–the guardian of Mount Severe and the Dragons most trusted right-hand man. Basically they were humans who were bestowed single orbs from direct Dragons.

”I think I can guess where you
e going, ” said Jing Lung. The handsome young man who was one year younger than Han Zhong. Jing Lungs eyes were sharp and pointed. Eyes capable of monitoring a forest of three hundred and sixty degrees. With a thin and lithe body, a sturdy posture with a long sword in his left hand. The Flinch is famous for its very skillful swordsmanship.

”Don bother me, Jing Lung. You still have to watch over the mountains until grandpa comes home. ”

”Ah, ” Jing Lung complained, ”actually since I put the transparent shield in front of the forest, not a single Abyss has ever dared to approach. After all, if there was any– ”

”There will always be, Jing Lung. You must not underestimate the Abyss. ”

Jing Lung giggled, ”Oh, are you now going to turn into a wise little boy like your grandfather? ”

Han Zhongs eyes narrowed. ”Grandfather is an honorable person. You
e just jealous of a place higher than a border wall. ”

Han Zhongs words made Jing Lung stop laughing and his face turned sharp. The eyes that gleamed in the moonlight stared at him coldly.

”You are right. The castle is the highest place. And Im still trying to reach your place, Han Zhong. Well see at the Dragon Fight next week. Ill make sure you come down here. ”

”Thats impossible, Jing Lung, ” said Han Zhong as he glanced down the border wall. Behind Mount Severe, to be more precise, behind the border of these high walls, scattered dark forests before descending into the valley where human settlements were located.

”Okay. I have to go away for a bit. ”

Jing Lung lowered his sword and leaned against it. ”Ah, meeting that girl? ”

”Who? ” asked Han Zhong.

”The girl you met the other day. ”

”She is my friend. They
e all my friends. ”

Jing Lung rolled his eyes, ”how nice it is for a Supreme Dragon descendant to even walk around in human settlements. ”

Han Zhong paid no heed to Jing Lungs words. Maybe he had a point. Because walking out of the castle is a new way of socializing. If Han Zhong wanted to master balance in this world, books were not the only information center he had. Instead, they gather and play with the weakest humans in this world to learn their weaknesses and make those weaknesses a turning point for new strengths.

Of course, a Flinch like Jing Lung would not understand this lesson Han Zhong was seeking.

”Whatever you say, Jing Lung. ”

After saying that, Han Zhong jumped down from the high border. Leaving Jing Lung exclaiming goodbye. With his sword slung back, he started running through the forest. Stepping over rocks and large branches that cross. Dry grass and lined tree branches filled the sky.

When Han Zhong reached the edge of the valley, he walked down through the tree roots that cut through the cliff. The roots formed a rope that helped Han Zhong descend into the valley. The human settlement was a few kilometers from the edge of the cliff, but the lights of the houses and the lighting around it made the boundaries of life even clearer.

He landed his feet on the wooden roof of the house. At night, things have turned quiet. The bluish moonlight swept Han Zhongs gaze across the settlement.

The settlement is quite spacious. In this valley, there is a river that flows from Mount Severe. A place where humans fetch water. Then in the middle of the settlement–like the city center, there is a Dragon statue that was carved directly from a hundred centuries ago. The statue is the 2nd Trixon Dragon that allows local humans to live there.

Life thousands of years ago was a hardship for mankind. And Han Zhong who was facing them now knew what it was like to not have any strength to defend against the Abyss attack.

As he crouched on the edge of the roof, observing the silence of the night that engulfed the deserted settlement, Han Zhong heard the cries of a human baby from a distance. He immediately got up and approached the source of the sound. From the houses nearby, Han Zhong approached one of the houses with the windows open. He peeked out of the window, then his eyes fell on the figure of a cute baby who was being held by his mother.

A human child has just been born. Han Zhongs lips curved into an arc, for some reason, the babys smile made him blush.

But at the same time, suddenly, the babys eyes met hers. The babys smile faded and was immediately replaced by screaming cries. Before Han Zhongs presence was noticed, he jumped back up onto the roof. Avoid anyone who could see it.


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