”Be healthy, kid! Surely one day father and mother will bring you home, ” said Fang Yin as he hugged Fen tightly.

It has been five years since Fen was forced to live apart from his parents. Having a tattoo of a wolfs eye on his shoulder made Fen exiled and it was reported that he had died since childhood. Considered to be bringing great disaster to King Komo-Hoacun, Commander Zhang and Fang Yin were forced to exile Fen in order to stay alive.

”Just entrust your son to me! I will definitely take care of him until I die, ” said Grandpa Zhang.

Zhangs grandfather was the father of Commander Zhang, a great fighter of his time who now chooses to live alone on the top of the mountain after Commander Zhangs mother died.

”Father! Please take care of Fen, don let him go down the mountain alone, ” said Commander Zhang.

”Stay cool! He is a good boy, ” said Grandpa Zhang while stroking Fens head.

”Youd better get home soon! Im afraid that someone will see that you are here, ” added Grandpa Zhang.

Being a warlord in the Komo Kingdom, of course, made Commander Zhang likely to continue to be monitored by both the kingdom and the enemy.

”Okay, Dad! ”

Placing two boxes containing food and money for the two of them, Commander Zhang and Fang Yi then said goodbye to go home. Just a few steps from leaving his father-in-laws house, Commander Zhang smelled something suspicious from behind the bushes to his right.

”Dear! Stop first! ” Commander Zhang whispered to his wife

With his fighting instincts, Commander Zhang then drew his sword and threw it with all his might towards the suspicious-looking bushes.

”Who is there? ” Fang Yin whispered after hearing his husbands throwing sword hit something.

”You wait here! ” said Commander Zhang.

A foreign man dressed in all black complete with a mouthpiece and head was lying on the ground with a sword pierced through his chest. Commander Zhang immediately opened his mouth and examined it.

”It turns out to be a Mesui! Thank goodness not a royal person! ” said Commander Zhang after seeing the eggplant flower tattoo on the mans chest.

The Mesui group, a group of brutal criminals who have always wanted to seize and take over the Komo Kingdom. I do not know since when and from where the man followed Commander Zhang and his wife. Commander Zhang also tried to observe the situation around him to make sure things were safe and no other Mesui people were stalking him. After confirming that the situation was safe and that the spy was truly dead, Commander Zhang drew his sword from the mans body and pushed the mans corpse into the abyss. He went back to his wife.

”What is it? What did you kill earlier? ” his wife asked.

”Its okay, just a bobcat, ” replied Commander Zhang.

Forced to lie because he didn want his wife to worry. It wasn about the safety of the two of them, but rather the safety of Fen. For his wife Fen is everything, he will definitely give up his life for the sake of his childs safety. Not wanting to stay in the wilderness for too long because he was afraid that other Mesui people would come, Commander Zhang immediately invited his wife to hurry home.


A few hours later…

Commander Zhang and his wife, who were sitting casually together in the courtyard of the house, their eyes shifted after see

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